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16 Reasons Why Sex Dolls are Better Than Real Women

16 Reasons Why Sex Dolls are Better Than Real Women

It is easy to wonder why people buy sex dolls at such high prices when they can easily find a good woman and have real sex instead.

But there are many valid reasons why so many men buy sex dolls. One of them being women. Surprisingly, the men who do buy sex dolls love women, they love their body, their figures, and their femininety. However, women today are becoming increasingly hard to date for men. There has been a large evolution for women which has created some very bad situations for the men who date them.

This article was created to explore some of the very real differences between sex dolls and what a toxic relationship with a bad women can bring.


  1. Dating is Harder Than Ever


Today dating is a lot harder than it used to be. Women have such high standards when they themselves aren't worthy of the standard they set. Dating can be a stressful experience and that just isn't fun. With the advent of internet dating an additional set of problems now exist such as ghosting and girls just not showing up to dates. What's worse is often times you'll get a really terrible date. Good girls are a rare thing nowadays.


  1. Sex is Guaranteed


Sex dolls will always have sex with you when you want to have sex with them. You don't have to jump through hoops and make huge efforts with little reward. With sex dolls your needs come first where you want and when you want.


  1. Sex Dolls are Honest


Sex dolls will never lie or cheat on you. Many women nowadays just suck. Too many of them will upgrade to a better guy or lie about where they go and who they hang out with. Then they'll tell you they love you and turn around and stab you in the back. Sex dolls will always be faithful to you.


  1. Sex Dolls won’t judge you


Sex dolls will never judge who you are or what you say or what you have done. They are the perfect confidant. Many girls will say they like you until you show them who you are and then they will leave you because they have judged you. Sex dolls with always listen to you and they will never judge you. It is a great way to take out your frustrations and to let go.


  1. Sex Dolls will always prioritize you


You will always be a sex doll’s priority. Many women have jobs today or they are busy hanging out with their co-workers that they don't give you the time of day. They might also be self-obsessed or stuck on their phone. A sex doll will always be there for you, she will be ready when you are ready, she will be there when you want her to be there. You are the only thing that matters to sex dolls and nothing else.


  1. Sex Dolls aren’t complicated


Women need so much attention. They have mood swings. they have their time of the month, they want things that they don't need, and they need things that they don't want. Women always leave you guessing, and they often lie. With a sex doll none of that will matter because she is what you want her to be: not complicated. Sex dolls are a nice stress reliever, not a creator of stress.


  1. Sex Dolls will always be there for you


Sex dolls will always be there for you because they are yours: no one else gets your sex doll. Whenever you want her you can take her out and do what you want with her whether it is for companionship or for sex. A sex doll is there when you need her, she will be there to listen to you, if you want to do something exciting, she will be there to do it alongside you. A sex doll will not have other things to do she is 100% there.


  1. Sex Dolls don’t have sexually transmitted diseases


Sex dolls don't have STIs. Today many women have no standards when it comes to men and so they carry around diseases that may be transmitted to you. Even condoms don't work as well as they used to. With the sex doll you know that you won't get anything because you and her are the only ones having sex with one another. She will never cheat on you and she will never bring back a disease. You can live a worry-free life with a sex doll.


  1. Sex Dolls are low maintenance girlfriends


Sex dolls are low-maintenance because they don't demand or want anything from you. It is all about what you want to give her and what you can give her. Some girlfriends are so demanding that it puts stress on you and undue pressure on your life. It is annoying when a girlfriend acts like a little princess. Your sex doll will not have a sense of entitlement, she's happy where she is and does not want more. She will also not need your attention whenever she wants it. You will be able to give her your attention when you want to give her your attention.


  1. Sex Dolls won’t nag you


Sex dolls won't complain, nor will they nag. Women are notoriously known for being huge nags and a sex doll will never ask you to get a better job, she will never ask you to work harder or to do more than what you want to do. If you are perfectly content with your life, then a sex doll will be happy as well. She will never nag you to clean the house, she will never nag you to stop playing video games or to stop watching movies or to stop hanging out with your friends. You are a 100% free. A sex doll is the perfect girlfriend.


  1. Sex Dolls will never break your heart


Today women have no consideration for relationships, they do not care about you, the only care about is what they can get from you. A sex doll will never break your heart because a sex doll will love you for as long as you want her to love you. A woman can easily find another man or dump your ass without letting you know what's wrong. With the sex doll you know that there is a 100% security as a sex doll will mate with you for life.


  1. Sex Dolls can do anything you want in the bedroom


No matter what your desires, a sex doll will do anything you want whether it be anal, sucking your dick, doing bondage, or even something as simple as making out for hours. A sex doll is down for anything you want. There is no stress when it comes to sex with your doll and there is no judgment, you are in control of the bedroom.


  1. You are in control of the relationship


With sex dolls you call the shots There are no compromises or power struggles, a sex doll knows her place, you are the man in this relationship, and you know what's right. She will not question your authority, nor will she question your decisions. Sex dolls will never emasculate you or make you feel like less of a man. What's best for you is what's best for the sex doll.


  1. Sex Dolls are less expensive


Sex dolls are less expensive than women. Everyone knows that women are after security because all they want is for a man to have the most money, he can so he can buy her and her children everything they want. Going on a date can cost as much as $100 and if you don't treat her right, she won't have sex with you. That means every time you want to have sex with a woman you should spend at least $100!


That means if you want to have sex with her 10 times in a month you have to spend at least $1,000! If you want to have sex with her 20 times you will have to spend $2,000 on average. That's f****** crazy.


Now you might be thinking that when you start dating it doesn't cost as much, but are you sure about that?  She will want brand new furniture, brand new rooms, new paint, she will want nice clothes and she would want to go out to the best restaurants, travel to the best places. A woman will cost you more than what you spend on yourself! So, let's say you spend $30,000 on yourself a year, a woman will cost you at least $50,000 a year. That means you'll be spending a total of $70,000 a year on your life. A sex doll will cost you maybe $2,000 at most if you get the average model and there no more expenses, no more demands, no more stupid needs.


What she cost upfront is what she will cost forever. You can have sex with her as much as you want and never spend a dime.


  1. Sex Dolls can’t get pregnant


Too many women today try to latch onto men by getting pregnant on purpose so they can take your money and you can provide for their child. That will never happen with the sex doll, you will never get duped into taking care of a child you didn't need or want.


  1. Sex Dolls won’t make false accusations against you


In the era of the #metoo movement, there are way too many women trying to blame men for their problems. They are ruining men’s reputations and taking them down. As men, we don't even know what harassment is anymore. Maybe saying hi and smiling at her for too long could constitute harassment and you could lose your job. Maybe your girlfriend decides she doesn't like you anymore and wants a payday she could accuse you of rape and take everything you have. This is too much of a risk and a sex doll will never do this to you, she is faithful, and she is kind. She's everything you want and more.


Hopefully you enjoyed this article and if you disagree or want to add to any points, we made we would love to discuss it in the comments below. Please note that this article is made to highlight the differences between what a sex doll can provide versus being in a toxic relationship. Being with a good woman will be better than anything a sex doll can give you, but today, good women are rare and if you are one, we hope you don’t feel attacked by our article.


Here at Sex Doll Queen we're dedicated to quality customer service. Take a look at some of our best dolls. Trust us, they are better than what any tinder date could give you.

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