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Are Sex Dolls Legal in California?

Are Sex Dolls Legal in California?


California has not banned any kind of sex dolls so any type of sex doll is legal in the sunshine state. Adult sex dolls are legal in all 50 states of the United States but child-like sex dolls are banned in 3 states-Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

The Congress has a bill pending for criminalizing the import and distribution of child-like sex dolls and robots in the United States. Introduced in 2017, the bill has still not been passed by the country's parliament.


Be on Safe Ground

As a Sex Doll user, you need to be aware of the laws governing the trade of sex dolls and robots. Before you start using sex dolls, it's good that you join some groups to discuss with other California sex doll users on social media and keep up to date with changes in laws in California.

You should know even having a child-like pornography image can land you in serious trouble. A child-like sex doll can be too dangerous in places like Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss different aspects of sex doll trade in California including potentially illegal sex robots and dolls so you can avoid making wrong purchasing decisions.

Buying from Sex Doll Queen

As a consumer of Sex Doll Queen, you are always safe when you order a sex doll from us from anywhere in the world including California in the US. Our products will always conform to the laws of the land. We have taken a stance against child-like sex dolls. We do not sell or condone the purchase, sale, or photographic distribution of such products.

We have already said that child sex dolls or sex dolls with even some resemblance to a child can be legally extremely dangerous in the US. Having a child-like sex doll attracts the wrong kind of attention for sex doll owners.

Adult Sex Dolls

Purchasing, selling, using, or transporting adult sex dolls or robots is legal across the US. There should be no difficulty with these dolls at the borders with government and custom officials. There is virtually zero chance that an adult sex doll would get seized at the California border.

Sex doll trade is treated as business as usual in the country. There are many sex toy manufacturers and stores in California and elsewhere in the country. These businesses are all accepted as normal.

Are Sex Dolls Legal in California?

Yes, sex dolls are legal in California and in all the 50 states of the United States. In California, even child-like sex dolls are legal (or not considered illegal). But the federal government is considering a ban on child-like sex toys, robots and dolls across the 50 states.

In 3 states including Florida, sex dolls should not resemble a child. In other words, child sex dolls are illegal in these states. For more on sex doll laws in California on this subject, read on! 

Even though California does not criminalize child-like sex dolls, as a responsible citizen you should avoid having anything to do with child sex toys, dolls, and robots.

What are Child-like Sex Toys?

Buyers should be aware that it's illegal to buy or sell pre-pubescent sex dolls in some of the states in the US. According to the CREEPER act, sex dolls that looks like young kids encourage the tendencies of pedophilia. This is a psychiatric condition characterized by sexual attraction to children.

Although some people can still be engaged in the purchase and sale of such sex dolls in California, being at the wrong end of the law can have serious and embarrassing fallouts.

A bill for a more effective and comprehensive prohibition of import and transportation of child sex dolls was introduced in the US Parliament in 2017. According to the draft bill, there is a link between the possession of child sex dolls and child pornography.

Even normal sex dolls can be morphed to convert it into a potentially underage sex charge. Some makers and owners of sex dolls have made their kids interact with the child sex dolls as if they are part of the family.

The Congress in its report found that child sex dolls and robots lead to rape, exploitation, and objectification, of children. It puts mannequin, robot, and anatomically correct dolls with features resembling minors and intended for sexual acts under the category of child sex dolls.

The bill is called The Creeper Act. The bill seeks to ban import and distribution of child sex robots and dolls.

Child-like Sex Doll Laws

Although there is no federal law at the moment that criminalizes child-like sex dolls in the US, some states (but not California) have laws against child sex dolls.

As per the law, anything that shows a person under 18 years as being explicitly engaged in sexual activity is illegal. A child sex doll will likely become federally illegal because it depicts child in an object of sex.

American customs officials are duty bound to inspect packages that contain mannequins because these packages often have the chance to contain sex dolls. It is, therefore, not easy to get away with trying to import a child-like sex doll in any of the US states that have banned these products.

American customs officials often seize sex dolls that they believe can be used for child pornography. There are set norms for custom inspectors to suspect, confirm, and decide to seize a doll for being a child-like sex doll.

Because of these laws, the import or transportation of child-like sex dolls in the US can result in prosecution by the government for distribution of child pornographic materials. A first-time offender is often handed down a 5-year jail term, which increases to 7-years for the second time offender.

What is a Child-Like Sex Doll?

According to the American customs department, sex dolls depicting under 18 years or pre-pubescent girls with small height and underdeveloped breasts are child-like sex dolls.

Even a picture of what may constitute a child-like sex doll could invite laws and prosecution for child pornography. So, we cannot show you what a child-like sex doll may look like. But here is a general guideline that will tell you whether your sex doll will be caught by the customs officials for being a child-like sex doll.

Your Sex Doll Should be over 140cm

Your doll should not be so small that it resembles more a child than an adult. For this, the minimum height of your doll should be 140cm or 4'6". But this is just one of the criteria. You need to verify other criterion to ensure your doll doesn’t get stuck with the custom office.

Your Sex Doll Should not be Flat-Chested

If your doll does not have the large breasts and is below a certain height, it is one of the indicators that it may potentially be a child-like sex doll. Your sex doll must have the minimum levels of chest and breasts for them to qualify for as an adult sex doll. But if you want a flat-chested sex doll, it's ok and you can totally get one. But you should make sure the sex doll clearly looks like an adult sex doll. You can do this by increasing the height of the doll to say 150 cm which would be okay with a flat chest.

Your Sex Dolls' Hips Should be Curvy

If a doll has tiny hips, this could be a child-like feature. If the doll is also short and has smaller breasts, it's going to hit all the wrong boxes. The hips of your dolls should be curvy like those of an adult. If you want to go with flatter hips, you should make sure that your doll has an adult height of over 150 cm.

Short Sex Dolls

You may have many reasons to buy a short doll. The price can be one of the factors. Everybody wants to have an economical and less expensive option. If the doll is tall and heavy, it's going to be pricier because it uses more materials. A short doll has the risk of being termed a child-like doll. But there are other features that can make your short doll look like an adult doll. 

For example, if your doll is less than 140 cm tall, you can choose an exceptionally curvy body feature. This will ensure the custom agents don't misconstrue your doll as a child-like doll. If your doll is stout but has big boobs and a big ass with a thin waist, it's not going to look like a child-like doll. There should not be any difficulty in importing a doll like this.  

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In November 2019, a 64-year-old man was arrested with child-like sex doll in Florida.

Another man in Kentucky was charged with child pornography for receiving images of "child sex doll".

Recently, a mother in Florida was horrified to find a child sex doll on sale at Amazon among other websites that looked exactly like her 8-year-old daughter.

It turns out that her photograph was stolen and her likeness was turned into a sex doll. The mother said when she looked at the doll, she could not believe it because it looked so much like her daughter.

It took 4 days after the mother complained to Amazon to remove the product from its site. This triggered a renewed call for banning child-like sex dolls in the entire country.

Final Thoughts


Sex dolls are legal in California and all across the US. But some states have banned child-like sex dolls and robots. If you are found to be in possession of such a doll in any of these three states, you will be prosecuted. Although, child-like sex dolls California is legal, it's better you should avoid dealing with child-like sex dolls altogether. Otherwise, you should always feel comfortable purchasing an adult sex doll in California or in the United States. It is a sex toy and there are no restrictions on adult sex dolls.

If you are ready to start browsing some sex dolls, you can click here to see some of our best sellers and feel comfortable that all our sex dolls will make it safely wherever you live in the world.

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