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How to Own a Sex Doll When You Have a Girlfriend

How to Own a Sex Doll When You Have a Girlfriend

Sex toys typically find a place at the back of the drawer or discreetly tucked somewhere to be never found by anyone. There's no denying that we have fancied owning a sex toy at one point and some lucky ones could also lay their hands on these delicate pleasure troves.

Though the scenario is changing, for the better, with every passing day, the prospect of introducing a sex doll into the relationship would probe a shoot in adrenaline levels due to anxiety and apprehension.


In this article, we will go through how to own a sex doll with your girlfriend, tips, and tricks to manage your passion and your relationship at once. Keep reading to learn more.

Is the sex toy going to bring an end to your relationship?

breaking up over sex toys

Well, experts opine, definitely not. The belief that owning a sex toy can replace your partner is a general misconception. And to dispel these unwanted feelings and consternation, it's important to have healthy communication with your other half. Let's not forget the odds of your girlfriend owning a box of her own!

Sex toys can never make you better or replace your partner. And there is nothing to believe that they are going to present a better pleasing experience, it's just going to be a different one. Whether it's a remote-controlled vibrator or a sex doll, it is surely going to spice up your couple's play.

You will be surprised to know the findings of a study conducted by David Frederick from Chapman University in 2016. Couples who have claimed sexual gratification were more inclined to experiment with a variety of sexual activities which also include the use of sex toys together. Having sex toys on board will give you a chance to come closer and explore arenas you never knew existed.

How will you introduce a sex doll to your girlfriend?

How will you introduce a sex doll to your girlfriend?

Even though you have been beating around the bush for a long time, clear communication is all you will need. But easier said than done. If you are curious and excited about starting a conversation with your partner while dating, we have some brilliant tips for you.

  1. Understand the importance of timing

Many people commit the same mistake of suddenly whipping their sex toys out of the blue at the peak of sex. Unless you are certain that your girlfriend is comfortable with these kinds of surprises, it's better to steer clear of them. If you are clueless about how your partner is going to feel, chances are you will make her feel stressed unnecessarily. Over time, it can lead to the creation of conflicts, or still worse, dredge up worries and insecurities.

So what's the best way out? You must keep time for conversation with your partner outside of physical intimacy. This is far easier when you are new to dating. During this phase, ideally, you must be already talking a lot about each other's sexual preferences and can effortlessly bring them into your conversation.

But it's worth mentioning that talking about sexuality and related issues requires a certain amount of vulnerability which you may not feel in the early days. Even those with it may not be comfortable broaching their inclination for sex toys.

This is normal though since there is no adequate time in a partnership to communicate about bringing sex toys. It may take a few months or years on end to be open to one another. And when you think you have achieved such depths, mentioning pleasure toys can function as a hook to pave the way for broader intimate conversation. If you are trying to figure out how to strike this conversation, try framing it in a way as if you have encountered it in a podcast or a blog, or while chatting with your friend.

  1. There's nothing to apologize for or criticize

Regardless of how you are weaving the conversation, never link your fantasy about having a sex doll to your frustration or critique of the intimacy you share with your partner. This will unnecessarily tap into your girlfriend's underlying stress and insecurities that she may hold.

You should never shy away or apologize for your desires as it will prevent the accumulation of stress and anxiety on either or both sides. So you can strike a conversation in a way as if it is stemming from your quest for exploration. It should be as if the sex doll is one of the numerous exciting things which you may try out together to determine what more you can add to spruce up your sex life. You will always want your partner to derive pleasure from sex and you should make her feel that you are intending to reach a higher realm of pleasure together.

  1. Never force anything

If your girlfriend is not open to this idea or continuing a conversation regarding this, you should never force this stuff with insistence. You should rather work with them to find out why this idea brings them discomfort. Then it will be easier for you to find ways down the track and address any underlying stigma or trauma about sex or pleasure toys that may have remained in their hearts for a long.

Talking about pleasure toys like sex dolls can be particularly sensitive. And it's going to be hard and your partner may feel vulnerable. This is particularly true if you are not sure whether or not your girlfriend will agree to try out new things. But this is the right juncture where you can begin it. If you are willing to introduce these toys into your love life, you need to be okay with discussing the reasons why you want to have them.

  1. Be honest about everything

Getting your partner to accept your sex doll is going to be daunting and calls for overwhelming efforts. This is because you can never be 100 percent sure how she is going to react. No matter how it turns out, being honest and upfront is something that you will never regret.

Nobody would ever want to be lied to, let alone your girlfriend. So without thinking about how awkward the situation turns out to be, you must brace up and get it done since everyone would prefer to know the truth rather than be comforted with a lie.

Your girlfriend may freak out initially and they may declare that they are not interested in anything that involves a pleasure toy. But you should never give up on your efforts and try to explain your views about the physical and emotional gratification it brings.

In case you are considering a sex doll since you are having a hard time with your performance or focus or virility in bed, your girlfriend must be aware of it. You shouldn't let your girlfriend become distant or shut you off just because she is not agreeing with you.

  1. Try to alter your girlfriend's view about sex toys

It may so happen that you already own a sex doll. And in such an instance, your partner deserves a reasonable answer why you have felt the need for a sex doll. Make sure you are elaborating while explaining your points instead of sounding as if you are giving excuses.

While you should be honest about your experience with the sex doll, it would be brilliant if you can explain how having a sex doll has enhanced your pleasure experience. For this, you will have to think of some key aspects that you have to bring up before the girl you are dating. It is your credibility to make her feel your position even though she might be upset about the entire thing.

It could be that if there was not a sex doll, you wouldn't have lasted so long in bed. Or maybe it would have been difficult for you to strike up a conversation with the girl that has led to this relationship. That's why you should make sure that your girlfriend knows what the sex doll means to you. This will also give her a clear notion that it's going to be difficult for you to get rid of the sex doll.

Chances are that your partner may feel inferior and consider the sex doll as her rival. So it's your sole responsibility to ensure that your pleasure doesn't contribute to this unwanted stress and anxiety for your girlfriend. Last but not the least, you may also propose that you are considering involving the sex doll in the bedroom for shared pleasure. Trust your instinct and make the move when you feel that the time is in your favor.

Final Thoughts

Introducing a sex doll into your bedroom will improve your conjugal life. It will prolong foreplay and intensify the build-up and paves the way for an unforgettable experience. It is also a convincing way to bring your self-pleasure into your communion with your girlfriend. She will have an insight into what turns you on and makes you feel good. And you cannot have a more experiential and fun way to learn about each other's bodies.


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