Is Enhanced Mouth Any Better For Sex Dolls? Here's the Answer

Is Enhanced Mouth Any Better For Sex Dolls? Here's the Answer

A sex doll with an enhanced mouth gives you a better feel. It is a special kind of built in tongue that many people prefer to have in their sex dolls. With enhanced mouths, they can experience maximum pleasure. Apart from that, having another hole elevates the overall level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Therefore, if you seek intense sensation during a session, enhanced mouths on sex dolls won't make you feel dissatisfied. Still, wondering whether or not these improved mouths are worthy. For people who want to experience every aspect of having sex, enhanced mouths can fulfill their desire.

However, the mouths are quite difficult to clean and that's the only drawback they have. So, if you are fine with it, there is no way why you shouldn't leave out this intuitive feature on sex dolls. Let's learn more about sex doll enhanced mouth in this post.

What does it feels like inside a sex doll's mouth?

sex doll mouth

When it is about oral sex, people wonder what it feels like inside the sex doll's mouth. Whether you are excited about getting your first or sixth doll, there are many things you can do to improve your sexual experience.

Because of that, sex dolls available today are better than the old, blow-up vinyl dolls. These days, sex dolls include smooth, realistic vaginas, breasts, and mouths. Hence, a sex doll's mouth is going to give you a human-like mouth experience.

However, it might lack saliva and real sucking. Also, you would miss tongue movement, unlike real humans. Despite that, sex dolls can help you experience oral sex differently. As said, sex dolls come with regular and enhanced mouths. So, you need to know the difference between them and which one might suit your needs better.

Difference between normal and enhanced mouth:

sex doll mouth

Because of the development in technology, the sex doll industry is witnessing much progress. These days, love dolls come with soft skin that feels more like real women. Besides, they are flexible so that you can enjoy different sexual positions.

Moreover, manufacturers are constantly improving the designs and adding features to make sex dolls more appealing. Even when it is about oral sex, these dolls can give you the right kind of pleasure you need. As such, you get the option to choose between regular and enhanced mouth.

When you buy a sex doll, you can choose between a regular or standard mouth and an enhanced mouth. So, what's the difference? A sex doll with a regular mouth looks beautiful and real. They look great from the outside. They have white teeth and full lips.

But a regular mouth doesn't include a uvula or tongue. Still, the regular mouth of any sex doll comes with 6 inches depth. In addition, the stretch is tight and you can have oral sex with ease. But the problem is that you may not experience intense feelings by using regular mouths.

The enhanced mouth, on the other hand, includes beautiful teeth and a soft tongue. In addition, they come with a natural-looking uvula located at the doll's throat. It is a great option for sex dolls and would cost you a little more.

But if you are willing to pay the extra money, it can improve your oral sex play to a great extent. The features provide you with a refined look and feel. That way, you can have an unmatched experience both in terms of kissing and having oral sex.

The enhanced mouths used in silicone sex dolls come with hard silicone teeth and an artificial tongue (there is a flexibility to the hardness, it won't feel like real teeth during oral sex). They can stimulate realistic blow jobs without issues. Keep in mind that a regular mouth is only a hole. Enhanced mouths are available as a separate option for TPE dolls as well.

In that case, they come with TPE tongue and teeth. Besides, some TPE doll brands tend to include the teeth on their models as a standard accessory. Still, you can upgrade the tongue with an enhanced mouth upgrade.

Therefore, sex dolls come with regular mouths and you can have an option to upgrade it to an enhanced mouth by spending a little. If you are looking for a deep throat sensation, you should wonder how deep the mouth of a sex doll goes.

Keep in your mind that sex dolls never get tired and never says no to oral sex, unlike a human partner. In general, the oral cavity of almost every sex doll comes with an average depth of about 6.1 inches. As a result, you can always enjoy deep-throat sensations when having oral sex with sex dolls.

What are the benefits of having oral sex with an enhanced mouth?

oral sex enhanced mouth sex doll

In case you are wondering whether getting a blow job from silicone or TPE sex dolls having standard or enhanced mouths are the same or not. You have now understood that there is a difference between a normal and an enhanced mouth. In terms of extreme satisfaction, enhanced mouths on sex dolls are better compared to ordinary ones.

However, people who seek a different kind of sensation might opt for enhanced mouths instead of regular ones. And, there are good reasons for that as well. Check out the benefits that you can have when using sex dolls with enhanced mouths.

  1. Get the ultimate feeling

sex doll mouth

There is no denying that regular mouths on sex dolls can give you a decent amount of pleasure when it comes to blowjobs. However, when you use a love doll with an enhanced mouth feature, it gives you an intense feeling of experiencing a blow job.

Because standard mouths on most sex dolls don't have teeth, tongues, or even uvula, the intensity that you can have during oral sex is much low. On the flip side, enhanced mouths are equipped with tongue, teeth, and uvula. Depending on the type of doll, the enhanced mouth is either made of silicone or TPE.

When you engage in oral sex with an enhanced mouth love doll, you can feel the tongue and uvula as your shaft moves back and forth. You can move with ease and it feels soft and elastic. Now, that's a very realistic and exciting feeling that you get, unlike the regular ones.

  1. You don't get tired

The soft and realistic feel that you can have when using enhanced mouths isn't compared to that of regular mouths on sex dolls. As such, you feel more excited and the urge to have oral sex increases. In short, you would love to have more and more oral sensations through enhanced mouths.

Besides, sex dolls give you a nonstop experience without the need to take breaks. That way, you can have more pleasure as well. Although you may not get a real tongue to roll your genitals, the doll's tongue and uvula are designed to provide you with maximum satisfaction.

All these things make the situation favorable for you to have a few oral sex sessions with your love doll. Again, enhanced mouths are for people who seek something different from the normal and this is why manufacturers include them as extra accessories. Not everyone feels the same way.

  1. More customization to satisfy you

resin teeth sedoll

No wonder, enhanced mouths are one of the intuitive customizations that sex dolls come with. However, you can even customize more things to achieve what you are looking for. You can customize the doll's enhanced mouth for a more relaxing feel while having oral sex.

For example, you can remove the tongue or even the teeth. Furthermore, you can keep your mouth open during the session, too. To make things even better, you can have a sex doll that could be customized to keep the eyes shut.

The choices are endless when you choose an enhanced mouth for your love doll. You don't have to use them as they are. Instead, you can modify them to whatever you want. No doubt, enhanced mouths help you become more creative.

  1. No trash talks

sex doll mouth

When it is about having blowjobs, most men like it simple. They want their partner to keep giving them the pleasure that they seek without any kind of disturbance. However, many women tend to do random things during oral sex and that makes the experiences bitter and terrible for men.

But with enhanced mouths, you don't have to worry about them. With realistic sex dolls that come with enhanced mouths, you won't face a similar situation. The dolls keep you going while you enjoy the session.

Besides, there won't be breaks in between. As such, your experience becomes triple when you perform oral sex on enhanced mouths. Sometimes, real women might have issues with blowjobs. But realistic sex dolls are always at your service. They won't say no and are always ready to give you their best.

  1. Experience a heart-warming climax

sex doll climax

No wonder, enhanced mouths give you an unmatched feeling compared to regular mouths when it comes to having oral sex. The stimulation that you get when using an enhanced mouth makes everything intense, especially when you are about to have a sexual climax.

Therefore, chances are higher that you cum in the mouth. Also, this is another important aspect because most women don't like cum in their mouths. However, it is a great feeling to reach the climax and put cum in the mouth of your love doll.

But don't forget to keep your doll clean after the session. Although cleaning enhanced mouths is a bit difficult, keeping the doll clean is equally important to use for another sexual experience.


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Are there any disadvantages?

Love dolls offer you many benefits. Still, there is one biggest disadvantage that you may have to face when it comes to having oral sex regardless of using a regular or enhanced mouth. Sex dolls don't generate temperature on their own. It becomes important when having oral sex.

Even the best sex dolls don't come equipped with temperature settings. And, this is the only drawback you would face from sex dolls. Women are warm and you can feel the same when you come close to them. And, you can feel the same when you put your shaft inside her mouth.

Despite that, there is a piece of good news. Although you won't feel the same heat as a real woman, your doll can give you warmth thanks to the USB heaters that many sex doll manufacturers tend to sell or provide for free.

These USB heaters work wonders when it comes to heating the holes in your sex dolls. And, that even includes mouth as well. Another remarkable technology that comes from reputable vendors is the inclusion of self-heating options on these dolls.

They make sure that the body of your sex doll remains warm when you are having the most intense moment. In addition, the self-heating option is available for the mouth, too.

Still, if you are looking for the warmth that a real woman has, you may not get what you want from a sex doll.

How to use your love doll for unforgettable oral sex:

how to use a sex doll for oral sex

A sex doll enhanced mouth is the closest thing to experiencing real oral stimulation. And, it has significance in all kinds of intimate relationships. So, it barely matters whether you are indulged in oral sex with a real woman or your love doll.

However, to improve the oral sex experience with your doll, you should now use the mouth in every possible way. Check out the ways of using your doll for a memorable session of oral sex in the section below.

  1. Don't forget to use lube

sex doll lube

Before you engage in a blowjob from a silicone or TPE sex doll, you should use lube. Dolls require lube when you perform oral sex because they don't have saliva. When you apply the right amount of lube, it helps you realize the experience like a real woman.

Make sure to apply the lube in an appropriate amount so that the mouth becomes slippery. It is wise not to overuse the lube, or else you could make her mouth too slippery. The idea is to make the mouth of your petite doll moist.

  1. Choose a position

sex doll oral sex position

When you are done with the lube, it is time for you to choose a suitable position. That way, your love doll can give you the right oral sex that you want. To get the best out of enhanced mouths, you can make her kneel while she faces you.

And, you can sit on any surface such as a couch or a bed. In addition, you can customize the eyes of your love doll so that she can look straight into your eyes while giving you oral sex. Eye contact during oral sex is important because it stimulates you and makes you feel more excited.

Typically, men want that their partner to look at them when getting a blowjob. Another position that you can try is to make the doll lay on your bed or couch with her face up. You can dig deep into her mouth while she looks into your eyes.

These positions work wonders and provide you with a great sensation, unlike other positions. Also, the enhanced mouth elevates the sensations and makes you feel satisfied. Both silicone and TPE skin offer similar feelings that you experience when entering a real woman's mouth.

  1. Get along with your love doll

get along with your sex doll

Sex dolls come with realistic pressure and weight that almost replicate a real woman. As such, you can place her hand around your hips while you work hard with her mouth. The pressure and weight of the doll would be natural.

And, you would continue receiving the same for many years to come. Even when you use dolls with enhanced mouths, they won't go out of shape. Moreover, they won't offer you dull sensations because of wear and tear.

Apart from that, you don't even have to worry about having oral herpes or other illnesses after a few entertaining sessions of oral sex. Getting intimate with your love doll during a blowjob fills your mind and soul with contentment.

  1. Work with her hair

If you want to improve your experience when getting a blowjob from a sex doll-enhanced mouth, you can gently grab her hair when you put your shaft deep inside her mouth. It gives you a more realistic feel. So, gently grab her hair as you penetrate her.

As such, it turns you even further and helps you get a deep-throat blowjob. Most men use the technique to get the best blowjob experience from the enhanced mouth of their sex dolls. Therefore, grab her hair gently so that you can go deeper.

Because of this intense feeling, you would cum in less time and have immense satisfaction. However, make sure that you don't go too rough. Or else, it can damage your doll's head or hair.


Regardless of your experience with an awesome sex doll and what you believe about having sex with them, you can't ignore the significance of oral sex. Rather, it is one of the most popular sexual practices that people have with their sex dolls.

While a standard mouth doesn't help you much, an enhanced mouth with a built-in tongue allows you to enjoy the moment a hundred times. It is a new mouth style that you can choose when building your love doll. You can always get the original mouth style.

Yet having the tongue and uvula working together to provide you with a more realistic feel during oral sex is something that you shouldn't miss.


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