Sex Dolls in Alberta - Where to Buy

Sex Dolls in Alberta - Where to Buy

We have had many customers from Alberta, Canada which convinced us to write a localized article just for them. A lot of people find that the Sex Doll market can sometimes be overly complicated, this is why we decided to make this clear article about where to buy them from and what to expect exclusively for Albertans!

We here at Sex Doll Queen are Canadians. We are owned by Canadians and operate in this beautiful country we call home. We have the knowledge and the experience to guide you on your purchase of a sex doll in Alberta, Canada.

Sex Dolls in Alberta are not always easy to find. We've found that the best places to purchase sex dolls in Alberta are online from trusted vendors or in specialty shops across the province.

In short, the best places to buy a sex doll in Alberta, Canada is through local online retailers who offer better prices than traditional stores as well as free shipping and unlimited options. Alternatively, there are many sex stores in Alberta that offer sex dolls for sale.

Here are the best places to buy sex dolls in Alberta:


There are not too many online stores that offer free worldwide shipping of sex dolls to Alberta. We've scoured the top online Canadian stores and have found no store that can compete with what we have to offer, a superior price on name brand sex dolls, free worldwide shipping, and outstanding customer service.

Sex Doll Queen is the best place to find sex dolls online in Alberta. This is because we offer much more options than you would find in stores. We offer customization options for wigs, skin color, height, weight, eye color, and much more. We also have close relationships with sex doll manufacturers who we directly source our sex dolls from. This means that unlike brick-and-mortar stores, we are always up to date on new models, promotions, or any other relevant information. We are also located in Canada and therefore are always up to date with changes in Canadian laws regarding sex dolls as well as changes in regulations that might affect shipping times.

Online stores offer custom made dolls at the tip of your fingers. You can choose from the head, to the body, to the eyes, wigs, nails, and pretty much anything you can think of. We also have multiple suppliers which means a high variety of options. This is much different to traditional stores who have pre-customized models that you will not be able to tailor to your unique needs.

Additionally, we offer convenience and discretion. By ordering online, you will not have to pick-up the doll locally which will require massive car space and you will also not have to discuss your taste and options face to face with an in-store helper. Instead, we offer email and chat, where we can answer any questions you have quickly and discreetly. Additionally, our packages are unmarked and unlabeled which means no one will know what you ordered. As a bonus, we offer free shipping which means that there are no price advantages to in-store purchases.

Another important consideration is price. We are a Canadian store, and therefore our base prices are in Canadian dollars. This means that the prices of our sex dolls do not fluctuate with changes in other currencies. You will be able to check out in Canadian dollars which also means no unfavorable exchange rates in USD as other online stores will charge you. On top of that, because we don’t have high overhead costs such as a store and sales floor employees, we can save on costs which is transferred to you our customer by offering much better prices on sex dolls than you can find anywhere in Alberta.

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In Stores

There are many sex stores in Alberta, and we have contacted each of them personally to find out which ones offer sex dolls and which ones don’t.

Each of these stores has a sex doll catalog in stores which you can select and design a sex doll from. However, very few of these stores actually keep an inventory of sex dolls. It will be difficult to find a store that has a sex doll in inventory. We recommend personally contacting them to find out if they have one in inventory before visiting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You go in store and ask for the sex doll catalog
  2. You will choose a base model from their supplier catalog (they usually only keep one catalog)
  3. From the base model, you will choose your options and customization
  4. They will order the doll in store for you where you will be able to come look at it before taking it home
  5. You will be assisted by a sales person through the entire process. They are not experts in sex dolls but will be able to answer common questions.
  6. You should have your doll in 1 month as they will be ordering other products in your shipment to save on shipping costs.

I found these stores in Alberta that offer sex dolls directly in stores:


Many locations in both Calgary and Edmonton.

Little Shop of Pleasures

3812 Macleod Trail SE | 6411 A Bowness Rd NW

The Traveling Tickle Trunk

9923 82 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 1Z1


I’ve tried to provide some of the stores that had the best responses to our emails as well as locations scattered across major Albertan cities. Unfortunately, not all these stores have all their models on their websites. You will have to organize to visit in person to get their full offerings. Additionally, if you live outside major cities, getting a sex doll in person will be slightly harder, you may have to check if you have any local stores or try purchasing a sex doll online which can be delivered to any address in Alberta.

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Second Hand Marketplace

In Alberta, the most popular online marketplaces for sex dolls are Kijiji and Craigslist.

Sex Dolls can't always be found on the second hand marketplace. This is why you might have to place your own wanted ad online. There is always someone who may be moving or their life circumstances have changed and they no longer need their sex doll who might be willing to sell theirs.

Here are a few pointers to look out for when shopping a sex doll on the second-hand marketplace:

  • Make sure that she is in good condition, test the flexibility of the joints and look out for any tears on the skin
  • Make sure that each of the holes are intact and clean
  • Prepare your vehicle to carry the sex doll without damaging her. This includes bubble wrap around the doll as well as a mattress on the bottom of your car.


Sex Doll Rental

There is also the option to rent sex dolls in Calgary.

A company known as Natrl Dolls in Calgary offers the option to visit their business and use one of their dolls for $189 for 2 hours or $289 per night. You can find their website here.

They do provide deep cleaning on the dolls which helps prevent the spread of disease.

Their rules for the use of sex dolls are are simple, you sign a liability agreement with them which states that if any damage comes to the sex doll you have to pay for it. This allows you to do anything you want with the sex doll as long as you don't misuse or damage it.

Renting a sex doll is a great alternative way to having your first experience with a sex doll before making the purchase of your own model. It can help you explore your tastes and find out whether sex dolls are for you.



I hope you found this article useful for your search for sex dolls in Alberta. There are many options which you can consider and we hope that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Sex doll laws in Canada can be complex, if you are not aware of them, click here to find out what you need to know before purchasing a sex doll.

If you are ready to make a purchase, click here to see our best deals on sex dolls today.

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