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sexdollqueen.com Coupon Codes (Discount on Sex Dolls!)

sexdollqueen.com Coupon Codes (Discount on Sex Dolls!)

Hey there! You probably found this article because you were looking for a coupon code for our website.

Well congratulations because we have just what you are looking for.

Here at Sex Doll Queen we pride ourselves on offering superior customer service along with a quality product. No matter what product you are purchasing on our website, you can rest assured that we have made sure it is up to our strict standards of quality and that you will be satisfied.

Now, I won't bug you much longer, I know you want some sweet discounts for the sex doll you are about to purchase so here goes.

Please note that we do offer shipping to every country where Sex Dolls are legal. However, our store currency is in $CAD and therefore if we offer cash discounts they will be in $CAD when you apply them to your cart.


This coupon code is for 5% off your entire order. Depending on the price of the doll, this will can amount up to quite a substantial discount. This code is open to everybody including non-subscribers.

Coupon Code: 200OFF

As of right now, this is the only alternative we have for you. It is a $200 off coupon for the purchase of a sex doll. This coupon will often be better than the 5% off depending on your total purchase. However, please note that this is only for e-mail subsribers, meaning that if you haven't signed up to our website yet, please do so, then our system will recognize your e-mail when you use the code.


That's it for coupons right now. Please note that if you are not purchasing your sex doll today and instead found this article by some other means, then you may want to sign-up to our newsletter, you never know when a good discount may pop-up.

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