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What to do with a sex doll? Here are a ton of things to do with a sex doll besides sex.

What to do with a sex doll? Here are a ton of things to do with a sex doll besides sex.

One of the most interesting questions that come up with sex dolls is what else can you do with one beyond, well, the sex. While sex and recreation are at the end of the day the main purpose of a sex doll it doesn't mean that it's all they can do or that owners will want to limit themselves just to that either.

A sex doll is at the end of the day a fully poseable and often life-size human model, which means they are far more than just your standard sex toy. So whether you want to take your passion or hobby to the next level or feel the need to maximize your investment by finding more uses for your new sex doll; today we have a blog just for you. Today we'll be answering what to do with a sex doll and what kind of alternative uses owners all across the globe are enjoying with their models.

Bring Dress-Up to the next level

While it's all too easy to focus on the "sex" part of "sex doll" at the end of the day we shouldn't forget that sex dolls are still dolls. Dolls have long been one of the most popular and enduring kinds of toys in the market, and that's quite simply because a lot of people genuinely enjoy dressing up dolls and coming up with new outfits.

If you have any kind of interest in fashion then a sex doll can be more than bedroom company, and instead, it can become the next model in your fashion show. If your sex doll is a regular height model you can simply pick up clothing from any women's aisle or retailer, and you'll have access to any possible attire and look you could ask for.

Coming up with new ensembles and coordinated looks will be much easier when your model is a stunning 10 who doesn't complain about any clothing choice. Those of you with an inner fashionista will love a sex doll because they are one of the best ways to enjoy fashion on a doll, being the right size for real clothes and far more versatile than a mannequin.

If fashion hasn't been a consideration for you then keep in mind that any look you can come up with it is ultimately for you to enjoy. Just like how a woman's look changes considerably by her choice in dress, a doll can completely change appearances and reinterest you if you go for a brand new attire. So dress-up is an alternative use for dolls that also has benefits in the bedroom, and that's a double win.

Have a leisure partner

Something that we like to mention when it comes to sex dolls is that unlike other alternatives in the sex toy market a doll offers more than just pleasure, it's also a great source of companionship for those that desire it. And that's why sex dolls can be incredibly useful as an unwinding partner after a hard day of work or during the weekend.

Now, a doll won't be able to comment on your favorite film as you watch it together, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot you can do to make seemingly simple tasks more endearing and intimate. Committing to watching a film or a TV show can be hard if you are tired, but now picture you lying in bed while cuddling with your sex doll and enjoying the best of entertainment on your TV.

The advantage of lifelike motion is that sex dolls can easily lie on your chest, hug you in bed or even lean their head on your shoulder while you do other things like watching Netflix or playing games. They are the perfect company for any household activity, and sometimes just having that weight near you can be a good way to recharge after a stressful day.

So if you are having trouble investing time in some of your hobbies consider adding your sex doll to that routine, having company always goes a long way to enjoy your free time and you have 24/7 access to it in the form of your love doll.

Practice your sex moves

Practice your sex doll moves

Sex is of course a huge aspect of what a sex doll entails, so if we are asking what to do with a sex doll this is one use that has to come up in the article. However sex can also be approached in many ways, and this means that you can use your doll for more practical purposes even when it comes to sex.

Practice makes perfect, and this is true even in sex, and you won't find a more willing practice partner than your trusted sex doll. Sex is a complex and layered activity when you come down to it, and this means that a lot of people might notice a few areas where they are lacking or would prefer to improve. Running out of breath for example is something that happens all too often in sex due to the physical effort it demands. But with a sex doll, you can prove various paces and find out which intensity is best for you to make the most of sex without draining yourself.

A huge advantage that sex dolls offer is that there's no pressure involved, and this means that they can help boost your confidence in sex. While many men worry about factors like premature ejaculation constant practice and exposure to sex through your doll can help build up your resistance to orgasm and enjoy longer and more fulfilling sessions.

Kink it up

kink it up with your sex doll

We all have fetishes, it's a basic aspect of sexuality and when you have a sex doll at hand it's so much easier to indulge in your fetishes than it is with another person. Fetishes are very personal things, and it takes a lot of trust as well as persuasion to confess them to a partner and get them to agree. But a doll is ready for everything, and that means that it can be an amazing partner even if you have other venues for sex.

A doll won't complain about facials, bondage, foot worship, or anything else you can come up with. So if you have a very clear fetish then a sex doll is the best way to bring it to the spotlight and indulge in it like you haven't before.

Additionally, a sex doll is a wonderful opportunity to try out certain kinks or fantasies that you might have never considered before, after all, if you have the chance why not go for it? Maybe you have never thought about flogging or bondage as something you'd enjoy, but a sex doll allows you to try them out with no consequences so why not? You might awaken to a new fetish and if not then it's something you managed to write off from your list.

Turn your doll into a muse

turn your sex doll into a muse

Right now we are probably living in one of the best eras for artistic endeavors. Do you love photography? Well, we all now carry high-end cameras in our pockets at all times. Want to try painting or sculpting? There's no shortage of online classes and tutorials and supplies are more abundant than ever. So if you have ever thought of picking up a more artistic hobby there's no time like the present.

But what does this have to do with sex dolls in specific? Simple, a sex doll can cover one of the few things that are still scarce in the modern world of art: A willing model. If you are interested in painting portraits a sex doll can be a perfectly still model for all of them. Want to try sculpting? You won't find anything more lifelike to base your work on than your doll. And if you are a fan of human photography a sex doll is a model that is willing to participate in any shot and at any hour.

Being able to count on a model at any time of the day is huge, and is something most artists don't count on. So if you are still wondering what to do with a sex doll why not make it your next muse? Who knows, it might spark the creativity you need to either step up your game or discover a completely new passion.

Go for a drive

go for a drive with your sex doll

Many people enjoy a leisure drive away from the crowds and bustle; a more personal ride that lets you enjoy driving for the sake of it. However, driving alone can be tiresome or feel pointless, so why not bring your sex doll with you next time you feel like driving for fun?

Having your doll next to you will help the ride feel more like a fun outing, and you might find yourself casually discussing your day and unwinding as the day progresses. Driving is also one of the most private public activities you can do with a sex doll, so if you have felt the need to find new locations to enjoy with your doll then your car is a great pick.

If driving is a way for you to unwind there's no reason not to bring your doll with you one of these days. Companionship always changes the way we approach things, and chances are you'll enjoy your drive much more this way.

Go for a complete makeover

sex doll makeover

We have all seen that movie scene where the unpopular girl gets a heavy makeover and becomes a stunning beauty right? Well, this is more true than it appears, and with some dedication, any person can completely change their look for the best with some hair styling and makeup.

So why would you want to change the look of your doll? Well, there are many potential reasons. First and foremost variety is the spice of life. Changing the looks of your doll allows you to rediscover its beauty and reignite the passion that made you pick it in the first place. And on the other hand, you might discover that beautification is a far more enjoyable hobby on its own than you might have imagined.

Hair styling will allow you to completely change the look of a doll, and the process itself can be enjoyable as it's a hands-on activity where manual skills shine through. Makeup similarly involves color coordination and precise brushes, so if you have ever enjoyed manual hobbies chances are you'll get hooked. And if being a stylist isn't quite your calling that doesn't change the fact that going the extra mile for your doll will help make that night more special for you both.

Enjoy a bath with your sex doll

enjoy a bath with your sex doll

Taking a bath with your sex doll is an idea that is just full of advantages. Bathing with someone is one of the most enduring fetishes and fantasies so it's something you'll want to try at some point. On top of that, it's also a deeply intimate activity that can bring back a lot of enjoyment to your bathing routine and make it something you look forward to again. And then last but not least it allows you to clean your doll and keep her in perfect shape, so taking a bath with a sex doll is just perk after perk.

That said before you go headfirst into your bathtub there are a few important considerations you need to keep in mind to make the most out of this activity. First and foremost keep in mind the temperature. Silicone is fairly resistant to heat, so a silicone doll will be able to keep you company even if you enjoy really warm baths. On the other hand, TPE is much less resistant to heat, so you'll need to make sure to keep temperatures low if you plan to bathe with your TPE doll.

And while bath bombs are undeniably refreshing you should steer away from them if you plan to bring a doll to the tub with you. The impact of artificial colorants on a doll's skin is something that experts still have mixed opinions about but at the end of the day why risk it? Some people believe that colorants in beauty products can stain the skin of sex dolls, and that's a bit too large of a risk for a simple bath.

So remember, just keep in mind the temperature and avoid bold colors and you will be able to enjoy a great bathing session next to your favorite sex doll.


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Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Having a sex doll isn't always just about sex. There are many enjoyable ways to spend time with your sex doll outside of the traditional methods and we hope this article gave you some inspiration on what to do with your sex doll.


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  • Photography is a big part of owning a doll for me.
    The girls are some of the most beautiful on earth, and their figures are perfect !
    Plus you can dress them off the rack and pose them any way you like. You won’t get a complaint about holding a certain pose or need to go to the toilet.
    If after a while the photo session gets you wanting some more intimate action with your model, she is a very willing partner !
    These gorgeous models are more than happy to give you oral pleasure or let you penetrate their other love holes for some very intense lovemaking.
    When you enter her vagina it will almost grab you to pull you in deeper. As you thrust in and out, she will moan with pleasure. (if you have added that option)
    With practice you and her, (your doll) can achieve orgasm together for a mind-blowing experience.
    You will find a Doll from Sex Doll Queen will be one of the best purchases you will ever make and will probably end up buying more dolls as you end up taking delight in the pleasures of these beauties’ various bodies.


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