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Best Ways to Safely Hide Your Sex Dolls (All the Information You Need)

Best Ways to Safely Hide Your Sex Dolls (All the Information You Need)

Now that you’re the proud owner of a brand spanking new sex doll (or maybe you’re preemptively preparing), one of the most important things a doll owner must consider is how to store the sex doll at home.

Based on experience, the two most important factors for sex doll storage is protection of the doll and discreetness of the doll. This is because your sex doll is fragile and storing her in a proper place is important to maintaining your doll for as long as possible. Additionally, you want this storage to be as hidden as possible from guests such as friends and family as your sex life is exactly what we just said, yours, and your privacy is important.

Now, we’ve listed a few ways we’ve found to be the best to store sex dolls in your home, as well as the pros and cons of each method.

Best Ways to Store Sex Dolls:

Storing Under the Bed

If you are able to, storing your sex doll under your bed is one of the simplest and easiest way to both protect and hide your sex doll.

A cheap way of doing it is to keep the original cardboard box that the doll comes in and storing and sliding the doll under the bed when she is not being used.

Being in a lie down position is important to maintaining the joints of the doll as there will be minimal stress on them.

The bed is also a good option because guests will very rarely look under your bed, and if they do, the sex doll should be successfully concealed by your cardboard box.

Here is a list of types of boxes that you could use to store your doll under the bed:

  • Factory Cardboard Box: This comes with the doll and is a free option. The cardboard box will eventually wear and may become unusable, but is a great option for the first few months of ownership.

  • Tupperware Box: A large human-sized storage Tupperware box may be hard to find, but is usually one of the most reasonably priced options for a sex doll storage box. It will last a long time but will also be see-through. Make sure to cover the doll in blankets which will make the box just seem like extra blankets you keep under the bed.

  • Lockable Box: Now when it comes to secrecy, a lockable box is probably the best storage option. A lockable box will ensure that no one can even access the contents of your box to find your secret awesome sex life. However, a lockable box of this size will usually cost quite a lot of money. This is usually the best option for people who don’t live alone. Look for travel or ATA cases as these come in big sizes and are already padded.

  • Storage Couch Bench: Depending on the size of your doll, using a storage couch bench is another great way to successfully hide your doll while keeping it in a safe space. It is also a practical furniture piece for your home. Use it at the foot of your bed or in your living room and it will look good and inconspicuous. Unfortunately, guests may go looking inside it unknowingly and storage couch benches usually do not lock.

You should also remember that using padding is very important when using a box. This is because you want to prevent yourself from scratching the sex doll against the box or to put too much pressure on the TPE or silicon skin for long periods of time which may damage both the skin and the inner skeleton.

Great padding could be:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Memory Foam
  • Anything soft that can fit in a box

Storing in Your Closet

Now depending on the size of your closet, there are two ways you can store the sex doll inside it.

You can store her lying down as you would under the bed, in which case, I would follow the advice as given above.

Alternatively, she can be standing up in a dark area of the closet. Just keep in mind that you should not have clothes that brush up against your doll for long periods of time as the skin is porous and may absorb the color of the clothing, thus staining your doll and ruining your big purchase.

To effectively hide your sex doll without having people snooping around is to install a lock on the outside of your door. This is an effective way to keep your sex doll hidden and curious cats away.

You must also remember to always keep your sex doll as straight as possible when storing her. In a stand-up position, keep her arms and legs extended. This will prevent too much pressure on the joints which may weaken them over time.

An additional important note: If your doll weighs more than 35kg, keeping her standing up for long periods of time may put pressure on the standing feet bolts which will deform and damage the TPE. Simply put a cushion under the feet when storing her in a standing position to prevent this damage.

Storage Room

Now, storing your sex doll in a storage room is a great option to prevent clutter in your own room but not the best option for safety and secrecy:

  • Guests may eventually wander into your storage room while they most likely will never enter your room.
  • You will have to carry your doll all the way to the bedroom every time you use her which can be a real pain in the butt especially if it's a heavy one. This increases the odds of a bad accident and some damage to your doll.

However, if you are dead set on the option, it can be an easy way to store the doll especially if you live alone and don’t use her everyday. This way she is out of sight and out of the way when you don’t use her.

Just make sure you use a box and don’t just leave her on the floor or in the sun as this may damage your doll.



Whether your doll is kept standing up or laying down in a box, you want to make sure she is appropriately covered.

I already mentioned lining your box with a padding, but using a covering around your doll is another good way to successfully store your doll.

For extra protection, you can get a plastic covering that is sometimes used for suits and wedding dresses. This may protect the doll from water and moisture damage if you store her for long periods of time.

Alternatively, you can use a muslim dust bag (may be hard to find in the size of the doll). A muslim dust bag will protect your doll from dust, light, moisture, and pollutants. It is a 100% cotton option that will not damage the skin of your doll.

Not Storing Your Sex Doll at All

Now this may seem counter intuitive, but most sex doll enthusiasts (those with multiple dolls) often claim that they use no storage at all. They do follow instructions such as keeping her in positions that will not damage the doll and away from sunlight, but otherwise they use no storage at all.

Meaning that they leave the doll in places like their bed or their couch waiting for them after a long day. For someone that lives alone, this is not only a great option, but probably the best way to maximize your time with the doll. Keep in mind that storing and unpacking your sex doll takes time and might put you off from using her often. Just keeping her on your bed makes it so much easier to use all the time.


Other important notes

  • Always clean your sex doll before storing her away.
  • Depending on the brand, your doll may come with a hook for your closet, this is a great way to store the doll without any pressure on the body, however make sure to keep the feet touching the ground as too much pressure on the neck may damage the doll.
  • Best place to store a sex doll is in a dry dark place.
  • Use clean and color free fabric for covering your sex doll and padding the box to prevent discoloration.
  • Silicone toys cannot touch in storage, if silicone touches for long periods of time, it melts.

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