Cheap Sex Dolls ($500-$1000) vs. High-Quality $1000+ Sex Dolls

Cheap Sex Dolls ($500-$1000) vs. High-Quality $1000+ Sex Dolls

We decided to write this article because our customers always ask us questions about the differences in prices between various online retailers. We find it important that you are aware of the various issues that can happen when you purchase sex dolls online.


There are many cheap sex doll manufacturers that produce poor quality sex dolls for less than $500. In this article, we will compare the differences between a $500 sex doll and a $1000+ plus sex doll including why prices are lower, the difference in quality, how they compare to promotional images, how to find a trustworthy vendor, and why you should spend a little bit more for peace of mind.


To briefly summarize, a $500 sex doll is not a good purchase because you will usually buy a lower quality product that can be hazardous to your health as well as completely different from the promotional images because vendors use stolen promotional images to sell their poorly made product. Instead, opt for a smaller, but higher quality sex doll that will fulfill your needs and give you peace of mind through quality and likeness to promotional images.


Now to show the difference between a cheap sex doll and a well-made sex doll:

Source for image on the left: Sex Dolls Review


As you can see, by using our popular model (Velma), you can see the difference between a legitimate sex doll and a fake sex doll. Our image on the right is one of our sales to a customer, the facial features are more realistic, resemble the promotional images, and the skin tone has a more realistic and clean finish. The wig also matches the one in the pictures (although not professionally made). Whereas the other sex doll is more crudely finished, doesn't resemble the promotional images, has flimsy fingers and joints, and is overall much less realistic in terms of closeness to a real woman.


There are a lot of things that go into manufacturing that make it seem complicated, but it's not. What follows is a breakdown of all the issues related to price, including the most important one-should you take a gamble by buying one of the many cheap sex dolls on the market, or spend the money for a higher-priced sex doll who will look exactly like the pictures?


Price Points

Let's start with a breakdown. What are the various price points for different levels of quality when it comes to cheap sex dolls and their more expensive counterparts?


There are several clear lines of demarcation. Start at the low end. You can find cheap sex dolls for a couple of hundred dollars or less, but these are mostly toys that are barely worth mentioning. They're not made to be used extensively, and if you try, they'll likely break in a matter of weeks.


The next step up gets you up to around the $1000 mark. This is where the quality starts to get genuine, so the price range for cheap sex dolls can basically be defined as anything that costs three to four figures.


There is another price point for luxury sex dolls, but that's a whole different world. It starts around $3-4K and goes up from there, but most of what's happening in this category is cutting-edge materials made to create perfect replica of human beings. These are usually expensive because of the vast amounts of research that are built into these sex dolls.


Cheap Sex Dolls vs Expensive: The Features

A common scam run by cheap doll companies is fake pictures on the website that don't match up with the real doll. The source of most of these issues is China, where some companies have been copying the design of legitimate sex doll companies who are also in China. This makes the distinction between legitimate manufacturers and fake manufacturers difficult. The solution to this is relatively simple—use a trusted vendor to source your sex doll from a genuine manufacturer. More on that below, but the key takeaway is that a trusted vendor will always have all the legitimate brands listed on their website and on each sex doll so you as a consumer can make an informed purchase.

Look at the above, the vendor lists the sex doll on their website which is a WM Doll model. Yet, they have her price below cost (we know the cost it's more than the price they are listing), and they don't even mention the brand (probably because they have no idea what the brand is). These are red flags that the company you are buying from is selling a replica product.


So, what's the difference biggest difference between cheap sex dolls and their more expensive counterparts?


Simply put, it’s the way they look and their physical features. Some of the sex dolls on the cheaper sites just look cheap, and who wants that given the fact that you want your time with your sex doll to be a fun, intimate experience?


Let's talk about the details, though. There's a higher level of craftsmanship in the facial features of the higher-priced sex dolls, and that extends to breasts, nipples and other intimate parts.


So, if your major turn on is big nipples, for instance, you'll notice the difference to the touch. The hair on the expensive sex dolls will feel real, and it may even be real hair, versus the cheap wigs that are often used on the less-expensive sex dolls.


Even the vagina will be a lot more realistic than the cheap counterpart who often lacks lips and detail. The interior vagina cavity will also be boring and without interior lining to add realistic sensation to sexual penetration.


Here's a picture highlighting the key differences between a cheap sex doll and high quality sex doll:

The real decision you're making, then, is what kind of experience are you going to have with your sex doll? Is it going to be built around a fake-looking cheap sex doll, or a sex doll that's designed made to resemble her human female counterparts with your needs in mind?


Construction and Materials

Now let's pull back the curtain a little, so to speak. What are the differences between cheap and expensive sex dolls when it comes to how they're built? And how does that affect their longevity, durability and the experience you'll have with your sex doll?


Start with an example. Let's say you buy a cheap sex doll for $500 that feels like a great bargain. You think you've scored big time, so you're ready to party down and celebrate.

But it doesn't take long before the problems start. For one thing, the cheaper sex doll feels flimsy right from the start, so you cross your fingers and hope that's just your imagination.


But it's not. Soon your sex doll starts falling apart, and in a matter of months it breaks down completely. When that happens you no longer have a sex doll to enjoy, and the $500 you spent represents a sunk cost that you can't get back.

Now let's take the opposite experience. You buy a sex doll that costs twice that $500, maybe more. You get all the features you want, and you spend time with the company's reps making sure all your needs are fulfilled.


When you quickly realize its everything you hoped it would be, and you're loving every minute of your time with your new sex doll.


And that experience continues to get better. You form an attachment to your sex doll, and it becomes your personal version of a successful relationship. One that will continue for years, given that the predicted life of your sex doll is likely anywhere from 2-10 years.


Suddenly, that extra money you spent doesn't seem nearly as risky as it might have at first. In fact, as time passes, you come to realize it's a bargain, and after a while you can't begin to count the times you've reminded yourself the value you got for spending more for a great sex doll.


Okay, so those are two possible experiences, so let's delve a little more into how and why they happen. To do that, we'll need to go through some of the details of how sex dolls are built to give you a better, more complete picture.


For starters, many of the cheap sex dolls have weak inner skeletons, with poorly cast fingers and toes. The skin and hair don’t feel nearly as authentic, and the lack of steel joints is part of the reason they feel so flimsy.


The better sex doll companies and vendors go about their business in a completely different way. There's craftsmanship in the facial features, the hair and the body parts, and the TPE or silicone they use is of the highest possible quality.


The more you're with your sex doll, the more you start to understand the differences, and that's when you realize that you've gotten a great value. Which is way different and way better than just getting a great deal.


Additionally, cheaper sex doll companies sometimes use dangerous TPE. As TPE has different grades, the only one that is safe to use is medical TPE for humans. If you have a lower quality TPE, over time your body will develop negative symptoms from the continued use of toxic materials that can seriously damage your health. Trusted quality manufacturers use medically graded TPE and undergo strict government regulation and inspections of their factories to guarantee a safe product. This is more expensive but also results in a safer experience for you the user.


The Business Side of Sex Dolls

Now let's go a little deeper and talk about the folks who make and sell your sex dolls.


There are two different areas to explore here. We'll start with the manufacturers-there are about a half dozen or so quality manufacturers, and their names are known throughout the industry.


The better companies that buy from these manufacturers know this full well, and they list the premiere manufacturers on their web sites where they feature their sex dolls.


The companies selling cheap dolls, however, often do something entirely different. They often use fewer of these quality manufacturers, or in most cases none at all.


If you visit a certain website, and you see the same sex dolls on this website as all the other websites over and over again with ridiculously low prices, this should be a red flag, as fake manufacturers often use the same promotional images that they share will all the fake vendors across the internet. These websites all look like copycats of one another selling the same garbage repeatedly to new and unsuspecting clients.


These vendors will also charge 2x-3x less than the standard going rate for these quality sex dolls, luring them in with the promise of cheap sex dolls that will fall apart in a matter of months.


There are several other telltale signs to look for that will tell you if you're dealing with a quality company or not. One is the longevity of the company itself-how long have they been in business, and what's their history and their reputation during that time?


The unfortunate truth is that many sex doll companies go out of business in just a few years, and some don't even last that long.


It's worth your while to look deeper into their reputation, too. Do they have quality reviews? Can you find photos and quotes from satisfied customers showing the sex doll they purchased? Do their positive reviews talk about specialized features that made all the difference in the world, or do they seem made up out of whole cloth?


The websites of these companies tell a story as well. The better ones display a variety of normal features you'd expect from any quality eCommerce company.


These include customer service options, contact information, chat bots that allow to ask initial questions, a quality blog with updates and industry news, pictures with quotes from satisfied customers showing the dolls they bought, contact information and an explanation of purchase terms and return policies.


It's a good bet that the companies that make the cheaper sex dolls won't have at least some of these features. And some of them may even be fake, selling their products on sites like Amazon or Aliexpress to attempt to create trust using established brands. The truth is Amazon or Aliexpress do not vet their sellers, anyone can sell on those websites. There are NO legitimate vendors on Aliexpress or Amazon because of the sheer amount of online sex dolls and customization options, a more complex website is needed for sex dolls. Buyer beware.


Moreover, if you look at their websites over time, you'll probably discover that they're rarely updated, whereas the better companies are constantly offering deals, newsletters, new dolls and price updates.

Choices and Options: It's All About You

Now let's go a level deeper. Let's say you've decided to spring for a more expensive sex doll. How do the better companies help you get your money's worth when it comes to the shopping experience?


Simply put, it’s all about the choices you have. If you want a cup size, the rep will assure you that it's possible and tell you how to get it. If you've never owned a sex doll and are embarrassed or ignorant about some part of the experience, that same rep will talk you through it.


This makes all the difference in the world. The analogy's a bit crude, but it's almost like the difference between going into a used car lot and buying a functional car that runs (for now) versus purchasing a luxury car in which every detail of the car is carefully customized for you.


The Experience

If you're looking for a quality sex doll, is one of the best companies around, for several reasons.


Start with the quality of the dolls. They're made with the best TPE or silicon available, which means you can get whatever combination of strength, softness and durability you want. The hair and features are hand-crafted and realistic, and tailored to meet your specific needs.


The customer service experience is superb, too. It includes price matching, great deals, access to the best brands, custom options and constant availability to answer questions and provide updates while your sex doll is being built.


We only use legitimate, verified manufacturers, including WM Doll, 6YE, HRDOLL, ILDoll, Piper Doll, and more. They all produce the highest quality sex dolls on the market using medical grade materials and the promotional material reflects the product you will get because they are built using the same molds used to build your custom sex doll.


Although we don’t have cheap sex dolls, we do have reasonably priced sex dolls on our website. The trick is to look for certain sex doll features that usually go for less:


  • Go for a sex doll with a smaller height, because the doll is not as tall, she will be less expensive because she uses less materials. Click here to see small sex dolls.
  • Alternatively, go for a lighter doll with a small cup size or smaller build. These also use less material leading to cheaper prices. Click here to see lighter sex dolls.
  • Another way you can find cheaper prices for sex dolls is going for TPE instead of silicone:
    • TPE is softer to the touch.
    • More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc).
    • The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
    • Good heat retention.
    • Less expensive.
    • Safe for human contact
    • Less durable than Silicone - more care is required to clean and care for it properly.
  • Finally, you can also aim for less expensive brands, such as HRDOLL and ILDoll who make some great, realistic models for less expensive than other more well known brands


By making these compromises, you will be able to get a quality sex doll for a cheaper price from a trusted vendor and the sex doll with match the promotional images. does offer some cheaply priced sex dolls, though, so let's take a look at several of those and how their quality and features weigh in against some of the issues discussed earlier.



Krystal is the least expensive doll we sell right now, and to some extent you can see why. Her facial features aren't as expressive as those of many of our more expensive dolls, the eyes especially, and the balance between breasts and body may not be for everyone. Still, she's a beautiful doll, and far better than any of the $500 cheap sex dolls on the market.


Click here to see more pictures of Krystal.



Bianka's facial features aren't quite as realistic as those of our more expensive dolls either, although her girlish appearance does appeal to some. She will however be an exact match to the above pictures which means that you will get exactly what you see when purchasing this sex doll.


Click here to see more pictures of Bianka.



Crystal isn't an expensive doll, but if you're into her casual look you'll adore her, and she's got a body that's built for sin from day one.


Click here to see more pictures of Crystal.



Steph's a classic bombshell doll, and at this price she's a great bargain. Check out those pouty lips, thick thighs and big boobs-how do you not love a combination like that?


Click here to see more pictures of Steph.



Hannah's more than a bit of a bombshell, too, but what sets her off is her fabulously wide, curvy hips, which are absolutely guaranteed to get you thinking about pleasure from the moment she arrives.


Click here to see more pictures of Hannah.


We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it! Getting reasonably priced sex dolls is always something important, but knowing the difference between a good deal and a scam is always important and we hope you will know a bit more about the sex doll market before making your purchase.


To start browsing some of our sex dolls click here, we have tons of reasonably priced sex dolls for you. Don't forget, we offer free shipping worldwide!

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