Guide to Sex Doll Laws in Canada

Guide to Sex Doll Laws in Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen and looking to buy a sex doll from outside the country, maybe you should know about the prevalent sex doll laws in Canada. Although sex dolls are legal in Canada as of now, there have been issues regarding the physical appearance of love dolls, especially in regard to the perceived age of the sex doll.

To cut to the chase, when it comes to sex dolls in Canada, the ones that look like a child are considered obscene items by the Canadian authorities. In addition, importing these items is prohibited by law. Which is why you should avoid purchasing any sex dolls that would potentially fit the description of an underage sex doll in Canada.


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Are sex dolls legalized in Canada?

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In general, inflatable dolls or sex dolls are legal in Canada. You can find them in select adult novelty shops that you come across. Additionally, you can have them from online stores as well that are spread across Canada.

However, you may wonder about the existing laws on selling high-end TPE and silicone sex dolls. At present, Canadian laws have nothing to do even with the type of material that dolls are constructed with. But there is a strict law about the appearance of these dolls.

A child-like adult sex doll is considered an obscene item in Canada. As such, no one can import them or have possession of the same. Even the CBSA or Canada Border Services Agency inspects the shipments upon arrival in the country.

They would make sure that the shipments don't contain any kind of obscene content. So, whenever you buy love dolls from other countries, make sure that they don't portray a child. Therefore, it is wise to buy sex dolls from vendors in Canada because they won't deal with love dolls which might attract legal issues.

There could be models offered by manufacturers, especially for the Asian market. As such, they won't deal with those dolls that would cause problems for the customers. These are the so-called obscene items.

In addition, it is obligatory on part of the CBSA that they should inspect the shipments when products are being imported. They do so to ensure that all the packages are free from obscene content. If they find anything, it is a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada.

So, whenever you buy sex dolls from a reputable vendor in Canada, you are completely isolated from the inspection process. Besides, there won't be any mention of your name on the import document. That's because the CBSA works directly with the vendors and resolves any issues with them if there be any.

If a Customs Officer believes that a certain doll resembles a child-like figure, they would investigate the matter further. However, if concerned authorities agree that the imported doll resembles a child, the importer has to face a serious legal issue.

Sex doll specifications concerning Canadian law:

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By now you have understood that sex dolls are legal in Canada. But beware, because there is a specific rule in Canada. Keep in mind that only adult-sized or clearly adult-looking sex dolls get through Canada Customs without hassle.

Besides, if you are a Canadian citizen, forget about having a pleasure doll that looks like a child. In short, importing or possessing mini-sex dolls is prohibited in Canada. The authorities will destroy the package as soon as they arrive in the country.

In addition, you should forget about the medium and small-sized sex dolls that are below 135cm or 4.4ft. Also, dolls with small A or B cups are prohibited (if they are below 140cm). Regulation in Canada that concerns the import of sex dolls is strict. Love dolls that resemble teenage bodies won't be able to set foot in Canada.

Mini-sex dolls come with juvenile measurements and are similar to that of a child's face and body. So, when you order a mini love doll, it can become a nightmare for you. The legal grey area for small-sized love dolls is less than 4.4ft. This is why some of the most trusted vendors in Canada don't include them in their catalogs.

What can go wrong when importing sex dolls into Canada?

The laws around importing sex dolls outside Canada are constantly evolving even after the global pandemic came to a halt. As such, you should be aware of the present laws when it comes to purchasing sex dolls. Here are four reasons that can land you in a deep mess.

  1. You made the order from a website outside Canada

  1. You ordered directly from a manufacturer in China

  1. You placed the order from a website in the US or even Canada without proper customs importation service

  1. You have purchased from a drop shipper probably due to the low price tag

Whatever the reason, it may result in unwanted headaches, stress, and delays. Furthermore, the chances of a penalty increase.

Canadian Customs Proof of Purchase Rejection:

It is a common type of rejection by Canadian authorities and is categorized as a Y50 Reject. This kind of rejection is caused by Canada Customs when they find irregularities in certain shipping documents. Typically, the irregularities occur when the exporter hastily fills out the paperwork.

Most sex doll manufacturers offer low value for your shipment so that they can reduce taxes and duties during import. It is recommended not to fall into the trap because it increase the risk of Y50 rejection. Also, it attracts penalties for the importer if the value seems suspicious or unreasonable.

Canadian Customs Obscene Materials Rejection:

If you bought an item that is considered obscene by CBSA and not permitted in Canada, you may have to face serious consequences. Being an importer, you could face confiscation and destruction of the items. Besides, they would charge you with a potential criminal offense.

Because this is a serious matter, make sure from where you are buying the items. You would be held responsible and not the company or person from where you purchased the item at the best deal price.

Hence, it is wise to choose a sex doll company that has never faced criminal charges by Canadian Customs. Only a reputable manufacturer or vendor knows how to import products while staying within the guidelines set by the Canadian authorities.

Safe ways to buy a sex doll while avoiding hassles

Although most people are aware of the guidelines set by the Canadian government regarding the import of sex dolls, a majority of people still don't understand the whole process of importing. As such, they learn only when something goes wrong. Here are some ways to avoid unwanted troubles and make the purchase of sex dolls a pleasing one.

  1. Be cautious and double-check when you are purchasing love dolls from resellers who aren't based in Canada. This becomes important if you are importing the items into Canada.

  1. You should be more cautious when dealing with those in Canada, especially those without a valid physical location. It may result in shipping damage, unwanted delays, and damage due to customs intervention.

  1. Never fall prey to low prices. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to service.

If you are willing to buy your favorite love doll from China or other companies overseas and want to do the paperwork and take the risk, here is what you should do.

  1. Ask the seller for a copy of the commercial invoice before making the payment. Also, you should insist they display the correct product description along with the correct pricing. Make them realize that you aren't buying a mannequin.

  1. Make sure that the company or brand is listed on popular sex doll forums or that they have verified reviews from customers. It is unwise to get fooled by doctored reviews that allow the vendor to alter the reviews sometimes.

  1. In addition, make sure that you are using a payment method that comes with a Buyer Protection feature such as a major Credit Card or PayPal. Also, make a thorough research on how to perform a Chargeback in case you are ripped off or didn't receive the same item as advertised.

Why do reputable brands in Canada refuse to sell mini-love dolls?

The reputable brands don't sell mini love dolls simply because the Canadian Customs authorities forbid them to import any kind of sex doll that represents pedophile orientation. They don't want their customers to go through the harassment of importing a prohibited item.


Regardless of the law, at Sex Doll Queen we take a firm stance against any sex dolls that display underage attributes. We would never sell or entertain the sale of such a product to any Canadian customer or any worldwide customer regardless of local laws.

What can you do about it as a customer?

It is recommended not to purchase a mini sex doll from a commercial site that doesn't comply with Canada Customs guidelines. Also, beware of cheap love dolls and avoid buying them. That's because there are many underlying problems that you may have to face.

Even if you aren't penalized by Canadian Customs, buying a cheap love doll doesn't give you what you want. Chances are higher that you may receive a vulgar inflatable doll. Hence, if the buyer doesn't indicate the origin of the doll, it is a red flag.

In that case, you are buying a counterfeit doll. Therefore, buy your favorite love doll from a reliable vendor in Canada and avoid all kinds of trouble while having what you need.



Hopefully you found this article informative and it will help you make a safe and secure purchasing decision.

At Sex Doll Queen, we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the sex doll industry and our experience importing thousands of sex dolls for our customers.

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