How to Pierce a Sex Doll (Step-by-Step)

How to Pierce a Sex Doll (Step-by-Step)

The sex doll experience is ultimately about designing you own dream woman, and while we have talked at length about body customization in the past, accessories are also important. How your sex doll looks represents your tastes and while getting new clothes is no trouble to all some other accessories offer a bigger challenge, for example piercings.


Earrings, navel piercings or even nipple piercings are all accessories that we closely associate with how we want women to look. But most sex dolls won't come with any piercings by default. So in order to fill that gap today we'll go over piercings and how you can successfully pierce your sex doll to achieve the perfect look you have in mind.


Can sex dolls get piercings?


As most high-end dolls are made from thermoplastic elastomer or silicone, materials that are designed to imitate human skin; piercing a sex doll is totally possible. Unlike our skin, TPE and silicone won't try to fix itself and there's no pain involved, so in many ways it is easier to pierce a doll than a human. However it's important to keep in mind that the perforation will be permanent. So make sure you have no doubts left in your mind before attempting to pierce your doll.


Piercing a sex doll step by step


The area where you plan to pierce your doll will affect some details of the process, but we'll go over the two main methods "Piercing" and "Pinching" and explain just why we are calling them that way.


ear peircing sex doll


Method One "Piercing": This method is meant for areas where there's a clear entry and exit point and all you have to do is pierce right through it.

  • Choose the area where your will pierce your doll (maybe draw a small circle with a pencil on the area).
  • Measure the width of your piercing's needle and find a longer one to pierce the doll (make sure your piercing needle is the same width or slightly smaller)
  • With the area defined take the needle and firmly press down until the tip of the needle passes it.
  • Add the piercing to your doll through the new hole.


belly button piercing sex doll


Method Two: "Pinching" is a technique you will need for areas such as the belly button, where there's no defined exit point for your needle.

  • Once again choose the area where you'll pierce the doll.
  • Measure the length of the piercing and try to mentally mark the exit point and entry point
  • Grab each point with your thumb and index respectively and pinch on it.
  • Pass the needled through the pinched area.
  • Now that both holes are open you can place the piercing on the punctured area.



Things to keep in mind


While thermoplastic elastomer is an incredible material it doesn't mean it's invulnerable. You aren't likely to tear your doll with a simple needle, but piercings do bring their own set of risks to the table. Not all metals will react perfectly with TPE and this can result in unexpected reactions that might look not unlike a rash. Which metals cause this reaction and which don't isn't yet fully researched, but there's a simple guideline you can follow. Stay away from cheap piercings, your doll is a luxury item and should be treated as such. The theory is that some metals have cheap paints on them that leak into the sex doll skin. Silver or gold are some of the safest metals you can pick, if you take one of those, you should have no issues.


Also, if you're considering purchasing a sex doll, consider asking to have us do the piercing for you. Most of our brands offer ready-made sex doll piercings on all our sex dolls.


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