Sex Dolls with Payment Plans (How to Use a Payment Plan with Pictures)

Sex Dolls with Payment Plans (How to Use a Payment Plan with Pictures)

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So you’re interested in buying a quality doll for yourself but wondering about the possible payment options? This article is for you, we’ve decided to highlight some of the ways you can get your doll TODAY without spending a penny TODAY.

There a many types of payment plans for sex dolls but the best one would have to be Paypal Credit. Paypal Credit is a risk-free way to get your sex doll at no additional cost to you. The way it works is you check out on our website using Paypal and then, with your account you apply for a Paypal Credit for your purchase. It will take you a few seconds to get approved and voila! Your doll is on the way.

Best of all, Paypal Credit offers a 6 month grace period where you don’t have to pay any interest at all! That means you can get your sex doll today and only pay in six months time without any interest.

So let’s dig in so I can show you exactly how to use Paypal Credit to purchase your sex doll.

Benefits of The Payment Plan:

First of all, let’s highlight some of the advantages of the payment plan method using Paypal Credit:

  • You’ll get your sex doll right now instead of waiting and you can pay small amounts you can afford over time
  • Paypal approves customers in seconds, make sure create an account and it should be a breeze
  • Our prices are always changing, if you want to take advantage of a deal before it’s gone, this is a great method to get the deal now and pay later

How do I checkout using a payment plan?

Now we get into the nitty-gritty. We’ll try our best to go through the process so it can be easy for you.

1. Choose your doll

I want Vanilla, I think she’s fine as hell and I can’t wait to spend my nights with her. What I need to do is click the “Add To Cart” button.


2. Checkout with Paypal

Clicking add to cart brought me to the checkout page. Here, I want to make sure to click the “Paypal” yellow button at the bottom to check out with Paypal.


3. Log-in to your account and change the payment method

Once I’m logged in, Paypal is going to show me what method of payment I want to check out with. Click the little “Manage” button on the right of the “Pay with” header.

4. Now if you’ve followed the instructions you should have an option to check out with Paypal Credit.

If you don’t see the option then there are two possible scenarios:

  1. You aren’t a US citizen, unfortunately Paypal Credit can only be used by US customers. We are looking for alternatives for our other customers.
  2. You need to apply directly with Paypal using this link:

Hopefully, this small guide will help you get the doll of your dreams today. If you want more information about Paypal Credit make sure to click here.

Start Shopping for a Sex Doll here.

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