What Happens When You Fall in Love with Your Sex Doll

What Happens When You Fall in Love with Your Sex Doll

A lot of people tell us that their first encounters with sex dolls are often awkward. When you get over that, something else also happens, people can fall in love with their sex dolls. So, what happens if you fell in love with your sex doll?

We compiled some of the most common reasons people fall in love with their dolls:

1. Linking intimacy to love

2. Feeling of emotional safety

3. Humanlike appearance

These features are often the primary indicators for why someone would fall in love with a sex doll.

So, what does happen to someone who falls in love with a doll?

Emotional Wellbeing

The first thing we can observe in a person who falls in love with a sex doll is the feeling of emotional wellbeing that is often associated to love.

Having your own personal doll can give you everything you need for a relationship. Having a partner is often quite demanding, some partners can be abusive, manipulating, and bring you down. On the other hand, if you can suspend your disbelief, confiding and making love to your doll can be an enriching experience. You will feel listened to, you will feel good around the doll, and you will be able to make love to her the way you want to instead of the way someone else expects you to. To be yourself is a truly freeing experience that a doll may be able to provide.

Newfound Confidence

Much like emotional wellbeing, separating yourself from a bad partner and putting your energy into a doll free of judgement is an experience that can leave you more confident.

Most people who fall in love with dolls report feeling more confident in attacking their daily goals. The idea is that a doll is a partner that you use when you need to use them, therefore, leaving time to focus on yourself and your life goals. Having the freedom of independence from a partner is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as it gives a boost to your self-esteem as you can now see yourself being able to do things on your own.

This can leave a person feeling like a doll is the reason for the confidence and it may make you feel love towards the doll when you are doing these things and you are the reason that life is getting so much better.

Indifference Towards Potential Partners

When you fall in love with your sex doll you may soon find yourself to stop caring about the dating scene.

Most people who fall in love with their dolls stop focusing so much attention on the opposite sex. Trying to find a partner can often be invalidating and heartbreaking as you must deal with rejection and toxic individuals.

Being in love with a sex doll helps you overcome the need for love from others and instead gives you the opportunity to love yourself.

Lots of Cuddling

This is probably the number one reason people fall in love with their sex dolls and is also one of the main reasons why someone would buy a sex doll over a fleshlight or silicone butt.

Sleeping with a sex doll can give you a feeling of intimacy that everyone craves. It feels like sleeping with a real person. As humans, it is very easy to fall in love with someone or something that makes us feel warm, safe, happy, and content. These are positive emotions that are linked to cuddling in bed. That is why as a person who fell in love with your sex doll, you should expect lots and lots of time spent cuddling and transferring all the negative energy you feel inside into your love doll.

Taking Care of Her

This is another common happening of falling in love with a sex doll. When you fall in love with your doll you will find yourself buying things for her such as clothes, accessories, new wigs, etc.

Buying things for her gives a sense of reality to the situation which can help reduce a feeling of self-shame towards falling in love with a doll.

That is why a lot of doll owners do buy all sorts of things for their doll as it keeps things fresh and it gives them something to do other than cuddling and sex with their doll.


It is not weird nor is it a bad thing to fall in love with a doll. This is something that a lot of people go through. If you do not feel good about it just know that we get dozens of e-mails about it all the time and it is very normal. Some people go through many things in life and coping with another relationship is not the best for them. Having a sex doll is much more than sex and we hope this article helped you feel better about the situation.

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