Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Vancouver

Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Vancouver

When it comes to any specialized purchase, knowing where to start can be hard and sex dolls are not the exception. A quality sex doll can be a large investment so knowing which stores are trustworthy is vital before making a purchase. Of course, beyond that, the simple fact is that your location will also affect things. That's why for today's article we will focus on sharing what are the best places to buy a sex doll in Vancouver.


We made sure to cover all the possible angles and directly contacted the stores when possible, so all our information is thorough and up to date. So, without further ado let's take a look at the best locations to purchase a sex doll in Vancouver:


Online retailers

While the internet offers no shortage of options when it comes to buying anything, it's important to keep various details in mind when making a purchase. A local provider is ideal for these purchases due to the cost and size of sex dolls. Similarly, it's important to consider a shop's reputation before making any purchase. Unfortunately, many websites focused on sex dolls are located in other countries or are shady, with broken English and ambiguous policies. This is exactly what we aimed to change with Sex Doll Queen.


At Sex Doll Queen our focus is to offer all our clients the best possible experience without having to rely on international providers. Our team is located in Canada, but we have built working relationships with high-profile providers from multiple countries like China and Japan. This means our selection is both incredibly vast and easily customizable as we work directly with the manufacturing companies.


The main perks of relying on us is having more control and access to better rates. Our catalog is not only incredibly thorough but also covers any specific interest or preference you might have. You can browse by height, nationality or even weight and then continue to customize your order from there.


As a Canadian-based retailer our prices reflect our market and aren't dependent on the flux of external currencies. This means you'll have all the advantages that come from dealing with manufacturers while keeping the process simple and the cost as affordable as possible. We save you time as well as the need to hunt down the right sex doll model for you in person. You can simply order from our catalog and get your sex doll shipped to your home with no further hassle.

Click here to start browsing our huge amount of sex dolls that can be quickly shipped to Vancouver.


Purchasing in person

Buying in person is more often than not our first instinct when it comes to large orders and we understand that a sex doll fits the bill. However, finding a proper sex doll in physical stores is definitely a challenge in the Vancouver area. Sex shops themselves are fairly common with retailers like Honey Gifts and Art of Loving being some of the largest names in the area. However, after checking their catalogs and contacting them we found that sex dolls were omitted from most of these stores.


As a specialty item in an already niche market sex dolls weren't a priority for most stores. The average sex shop in Vancouver focuses on lingerie and smaller sex toys. So, plugs and vibrators really make the biggest percentage of their offering.


We did however finally find a retailer that offered sex dolls in the form of xOx Toys. With a physical location in Vancouver xOx Toys first appeared as the best option to buy in person but a simple issue became obvious once we took a look at their catalog: Their selection. xOx Toys' selection of sex dolls isn't really made of sex dolls. Their stock is mostly inflatable dolls and Fuck Me Silly masturbators. If you haven't heard of Fuck Me Silly it's a line of accessories that only replicate a single body part at a time, so it's not quite a sex doll.


Currently xOx Toys only offers 3 complete sex doll models from Pipedream's Ultimate Fantasy line-up. This selection isn't customizable which means your range of choice will be heavily limited when buying in person. However, if you want to see what a sex doll looks and feels like in person, then this can be a great option for you.



Other options

When it comes to Vancouver the main alternative left to find a sex doll is to find a secondhand product. Of course, ordering this way leads to wildly fluctuating prices and availability, but the market in the area doesn't leave us with other options. Craigslist as usual remains one of the most popular websites to find just about anything you can think of. However, Facebook Marketplace is also an option that has rapidly gained traction and ensures you can find local sellers; something important when it comes to large packages like sex dolls.


Once again, the issue with these options is that sex dolls are not the most common product in the platform so finding a deal, much less a good deal can take a long time. Nonetheless they are by far the most reputable options to look for a secondhand sex doll and Craigslist's wide selection means that while it might take some time it's not an impossible task.


That said make sure to always confirm the seller's reputation first, and make sure the doll's condition is properly listed. Tears on the skin and the integrity of the skeleton are vital things to consider when making a purchase.


Additionally while Vancouver briefly counted with a sex doll rental service in the form of Natrl Dolls their service and website has largely vanished without a trace. This means that a personal purchase remains the only way to enjoy a sex doll in the area.


Hopefully this article is enough for you to get your ideal sex doll. Vancouver's sex doll market is not exactly the largest in Canada, but we made sure to cover every possible angle with our research. And hopefully this information is enough for you to know where to start when making your next purchase.


If you want more information on sex dolls in Canada, check out this article about sex doll laws in Canada.


All our sex dolls on our website can be shipped to you within an average of 2 weeks time. If you're ready to make a purchase or just want to browse some of our best deals, click here.

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