Why You Should Buy a Sex Doll for Your Husband

Why You Should Buy a Sex Doll for Your Husband

Buying a sex doll for your husband has many advantages. Apart from being a very personal and sexually fulfilling gift, it is also a good tool to start rebuilding your marriage or to simply satisfy certain needs that can no longer be met. The number one reason why you should buy a sex doll for your husband is because it can solve specific problems that you may be facing in your partnership.


Throughout this article, I will try and identify some good examples of why you should consider buying a sex doll for your husband. I believe that if you can keep an open mind, you will find a lot of good ideas in this article that can help you make a good decision.


He Won’t Cheat on You


Sometimes in marriage your sex life takes a dive. For whatever reason, things like this do happen.


Men are predatory animals. Meaning that they continually seek out sex to satisfy themselves. It can seem like a very simplistic way to put it, but it is the truth. Men are very basic with their needs and sex is one of the most important things for them. If you are reading this article, there may be a chance that you no longer feel the need or pleasure from sex that you once had and trying to satisfy your man’s desires has proven to become a chore. Thus, leading to a decreased sex life.


If a man gets into a situation like this, it may cause him to seek out a new partner to satisfy his craving. As his partner, you do not want that happening. It can create some tensions in the couple as well as result in him leaving you for that new woman.


Instead, if you offer him a sex doll, your man can fulfill some of those desires with the sex doll instead. If your man is satisfied, then he won’t feel the need to seek out other partners. This will drastically decrease the possibility of him cheating on you as research has shown that people tend to seek out new partners when they are sexually unsatisfied.


Just look at businessman Pieter Steenkamp. He bought a doll for himself and keeps her in his office. Not only does he use the doll for sex, it also helps him relieve some of the stress from his busy days. Sex dolls are great stress relievers for doll owners because they offer both companionship and sexual pleasure.


One of the key things Steenkamp says about his doll is that she is there when her wife is too tired instead of cheating on her. Steenkamp says that if he cheats in his community, he would lose a lot. Cheating is something that can impact much more than your relationship. That is why allowing and purchasing a sex doll for your man is a much better alternative.


You Can’t Satisfy Him Anymore


Another key reason to buy a sex doll is because you may not have the desire to satisfy him anymore. Not that you can’t, but you just don’t feel like it. More and more women are buying sex dolls for their men for this reason.


Just look at China, where the sex doll business is booming because society is much more accepting of dolls and women struggling to satisfy their husband can use them as an alternative.


There is an example of a woman in China who bought a sex doll for her 60-year-old husband called Zhang because they no longer had a passionate sex life. At first, Zhang was reticent of the doll and struggled with feelings of shame, guilt, and regret. However, Zhang got used to his doll and it improved his overall satisfaction bridging an important gap in their marriage and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their relationship.


Honestly, being a wife is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. Some men are very hard to deal with. Why wouldn’t you be allowed the luxury of taking some time off from sex without having to worry about your man cheating on you at every occasion he has. If you’re sick, pregnant, busy, whatever, you should be allowed to take some time off too. You also shouldn’t worry about the sex doll replacing you, a loving wife will always be better for your man than a sex toy.


You Want to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Another popular reason women buy sex dolls for their husbands is to spice up their sex lives. For example, you might have always fantasized about having a threesome but were always worried about bringing a stranger into your love life. This is always a complicated issue and can bring up a whole set of problems you didn't have before. So, a lot of couples like to opt in for a sex doll instead. It can simulate the experience of a threesome without the problems of a threesome.


One of our sex doll customers named Scott told us about how he likes to use his sex doll for threesomes. He says that they don't use the doll on a regular basis, but it is more of a special occasion type thing. Scott says that it's important to treat the sex doll like any other sex toys for their couple because it's not about replacing his wife but about adding new fun things to their plethora of sex objects. Scott's wife stresses that they don't use her like other doll owners would, they treat it like a sex toy, and you wouldn't find it sitting at their table for tea.


Having a sex doll doesn’t always mean getting a companion or a friend. for some people it's just another sex toy in their wardrobe, and it's just not part of the everyday, it's a special thing. It's not because you bought a sex doll that you're all of a sudden, a weird sex-crazed individual.


Most people that have used sex dolls for their sex life would rate it very highly as a cool experience to try at least once.


Your Man Can’t Contract STI’s From a Sex Doll


Another good reason to get your man a sex doll would be because you might want an open relationship. Having an open relationship can be a good thing for a couple but there is always a risk that your partner may bring diseases into the bedroom. Instead of being in an open relationship you may want to consider getting sex dolls as they are disease-free objects that will give you the same pleasure as any relationship.


You Want Nothing to Do with Him


Another good reason to get your man a sex doll would be because you've come to the point where you don't want to divorce but you also just can't stand being around him anymore especially less to have sex with him. Getting him a sex doll might be the solution for you. Let him have a sex doll and f*** it instead of getting the privilege to be inside you, which he clearly doesn't deserve any more. This way he can stop nagging you about having sex and you can go about living your best life.


Suggested Usage


Now that you've read a few reasons as to why you should get a sex doll for your man you may want to think about setting up some ground rules before buying the sex doll for him.


Of course, you don't have to follow our ground rules, but these are just some things to think about before handing the doll to your man.


One thing to think about is what the intended use of the sex doll is. If you're getting him the sex doll purely for gratification, make sure that he uses it only for that purpose. Some men may start seeing their sex dolls as companions. This can only happen if the window for such treatment is opened, but if you tell him right off the bat that the only way he can use the sex doll is if it is for the purpose of masturbation then you are closing that potential window. Make sure he doesn't start talking to the doll or sleeping with it as these are signs that he may be getting attached to the doll.


You should also try to set up a schedule for the sex doll or in other words telling him that he can't use it too much. For example, maybe he could only use the sex doll on specific days or when you are too busy with work.




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