Sex Doll Laws in Quebec - Everything You Need to Know

Sex Doll Laws in Quebec - Everything You Need to Know

Many questions arise when you are planning to buy a sex doll, and sometimes these go beyond brand or design. As a retailer we've had to learn everything we could when it came to sex doll laws, and as such we understand you might have questions regarding sex doll legality in Quebec too.

Today we want to go over every possible angle, so you can make conscious choices and order your dolls without worries. Ultimately laws regarding the sex doll Quebec industry is fairly straightforward. But when it comes to law it's always good to be completely clear, so without further ado let's get started.


Are sex dolls legal in Quebec?

Overall yes, you can rest assured that there's no issue with buying or owning a sex doll in Quebec or in any other part of Canada. However, while sex dolls per se are completely legal certain traits that can make the Canadian government declare them "Obscene" and as such will not be declared apt for importation or ownership.

We'll go deeper on the notion of obscenity later but for the time being what you should keep in mind is that adult sex dolls are fully accepted by the government, but child-like sex dolls are completely prohibited.


What makes a sex doll adult or child-like?

In general most sex dolls you'll find either online or directly on Quebec will be considered "adult" sex dolls by the law. So the whole distinction might confuse you at first. An adult sex doll is one that has traits that we commonly associate with adults, and those include:

  • Notorious breasts. Your doll doesn't need to have the largest cup in the market, but clear and defined breasts will confirm its status as an adult.
  • The height of an adult. We all come in various sizes and shapes but there are always averages. Dolls around and above 150cm are considered adult-sized.
  • Pronounced hips. Another common feature of adulthood and one that will help prove the "age" your doll is aiming to represent.

In short, it must be clear that the doll in question fully represents an adult with all the traits that encompasses. All of our dolls fall into this category and we've never had an issue with customs when it comes to our selection so you can rest assured when ordering from us.

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On the other hand, lacking the above traits can cause a doll to be declared as child-like, and that's the point where it becomes illegal. This doesn't mean that any doll that fails to meet a single point of the above criteria will be immediately classified as child-like. Nobody would assume that a flat-chested doll that is also 170cm tall represents anything but an adult. But if you want to order a flat-chested doll or one with reduced hips then make sure the height counters it.


Laws regarding child-like sex dolls

Now the reason that these child-like dolls are illegal lies in the Canada Border Services Agency's Policy on the Classification of Obscene Material. In short all of Canada, Quebec included is okay with sexual depictions and products as long as they don't fall into the category of "obscene".

Various circumstances can cause a product to be declared obscene, but the one that can overlap with the sex doll industry is child pornography. A doll that has traits that could potentially confuse it with a minor is treated as child pornography, will immediately be considered obscene, and will be destroyed by customs.

Dozens of sex dolls have been seized in Quebec to follow these guidelines. So there's a lot of precedent for the seizure of child-like sex dolls and any order that fits this category can be stopped or worse.


Precedent cases in Quebec

In 2017 Antoine Gagnon had to face trials after he purchased a small sex doll that the government classified as child-like. The defendant had a Chinese sex doll delivered to his house, a choice that made him the target of the Border Services. While Gagnon was ultimately declared Not Guilty the jury wouldn't reach this consensus until 2020, and the man not only lost his merchandise but was exposed to the world.

Child pornography is a serious matter all over the world, and Quebec is not the exception. So potential buyers should keep in mind the factors that define a sex doll as "adult" when planning any purchase.

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