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Factory Photos - Sex Doll Queen


These are pictures from our recent sales directly from our factory. We made this page so you can see what to expect from our product before you buy it. 

These are real sales to real customers worldwide.

The first image you see is the promotional material and the three images that follow are ones taken directly from the factory before shipping. You can click on the promotional image to find more information about a particular sex doll.

Please note that sometimes the promotional image will differ slightly depending on customization options such as wig selection, skin color, eye color, body type, etc. Pay attention to how the face resembles the pictures which shows that we use only genuine suppliers that use the same molds as the ones in the promotional material.

For existing customers: Send us beautifully shot pictures of the sex dolls you purchased on our website and we will give you a $50 gift card towards your next purchase if we feature your images on this page.


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