Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Toronto

Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Toronto

The first step to any successful purchase is to be as informed as you can, however, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start your research. The world of sex dolls is vast, so if you are a first-time purchaser or recently moved into Toronto it can be a challenge to start your collection.

That's why today we liked to share a practical guide on the best websites and retailers you can rely on to buy a sex doll in Toronto. We went through every possible location in Toronto and managed to come back with the most important stores in the city. All of them have been contacted, reviewed and analyzed by ourselves so you can rest assured that you will be reading the definitive sex doll Toronto guide.


Basically, online retailers are the best option for buying a sex doll in Toronto. You will get more customization options and get free shipping right to your home. However, we made sure to list all relevant local stores so you know your options.


So, let's dive into the world of sex dolls in Toronto:



Shopping online will always be an enticing alternative and it's easy to see why. Shopping online saves you the effort of a potentially uncomfortable visit to the stores, and just a quick google search is enough to show just how many dolls are available on the internet.

That said shopping online has a few potential pitfalls that you need to keep into consideration before making an order. The first thing you need to keep in mind is location; it's always important to find a reputable distributor in your area. A lot of websites specializing in sex dolls can be shady, withholding information or selling products that don't match their descriptions. So if you are going to buy online you need to make sure the store is located in Canada and has a great reputation.

With those considerations in place, the best online store for you to purchase sex dolls in Toronto is Sex Doll Queen. Sex Doll Queen is a Canadian-based retailer which means all the products will be listed in CAD and will arrive at your door without issues. Canadian sex dolls laws are intricate and complex, so ordering directly from us simplifies the process and ensures you'll get your product without issues.

Our selection is also largely unmatched in the market. While Sex Doll Queen might be based in Canada we still have working relations with suppliers from all over the world, and our site is designed to reflect that. You can browse and search dolls based on a wide variety of criteria until you find a model that is just perfect for your tastes.

Last but far from least our site and staff are clear and communicative all the way through. Once you find your dream sex doll all you need to do is order it and you'll receive exactly the product you ordered in no time at all.

In Stores

While online shopping is generally the most convenient option when it comes to sex doll purchases, we understand that a lot of clients still prefer to buy in person. That's why we made sure to browse and research the main sex shops in Toronto and compare them to offer you a thorough guide on the sex doll Toronto market.

Unfortunately, we are sad to inform you that finding a sex shop in Toronto that sells sex dolls in location is a considerable challenge. We visited and contacted three of the biggest sex shops in the Toronto area in the form of Cupid Boutique, Love Shop and Easy Toys. And none of them offer sex dolls. They only carried blow-up dolls and even those had a limited stock.

The simple fact is that Toronto doesn't count with any specialized sex doll stores, nor with any rental services. The fact of the matter is that sex dolls are admittedly a niche market, and this means that it's hard to find dedicated stores for them. On top of that since sex dolls are at the end of the day a relatively large investment keeping these items in stock can be a considerable risk for most retail locations.

Ultimately we were able to find a store that stocked sex dolls in the form of Stag Shop. Stag Shop is a Canadian that has operated since the 70s and has multiple locations across the country. Checking their website reveals they do carry jointed sex dolls, with roughly a dozen of models available for sale.

While this was a breakthrough compared to the alternatives it still might not work as you'd wish. The fact is that while Stag Shop does count with 3 locations in Toronto this doesn't mean all of them have sex dolls in stock. These high-end items are usually kept in a warehouse or on the main store location unless a client requests them in person. So even if you choose to visit Stag Shop they won't have the same stock you saw online, assuming they have any, to begin with.

Second Hand Marketplace

With online and physical stores covered the only remaining option left to purchase sex dolls in Toronto is the second-hand market. For Toronto, the most popular applications and websites are Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace and Karrot. However, you should keep your expectations tempered and be ready to refresh a lot, as sex doll listings are still considerably scarce.

Additionally, if you do find a good deal there are a few things we recommend you pay close attention to before finalizing any deal:

  • Check the condition of the holes, make sure they are clean and in perfect shape.
  • Look out for any potential tears on the skin.
  • Check the range of articulation and the integrity of the joints, you want to make sure the inner frame is intact.
  • Bring a large enough vehicle to carry your doll, you don't want to cause damage during transportation.
  • Make sure to ask for further pictures or information if you have any doubts, don't leave anything to chance when it comes to second-hand purchases.

By now we've covered in detail all the options the sex doll Toronto market has to offer. We hope this guide helped you in the process of finding the perfect sex doll, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Hopefully this guide helped you learn more about the sex doll market in Toronto. Now you have all the information you need to make a purchase and get started in the world of sex dolls. We wish you the best going forward and hope to see you again soon.

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