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About Us

Who We Are

We're a small team from Montreal, Canada. We first got into this business about a year ago with the intention of creating a difference in the sex doll market.

There's so much shady websites out there, we just knew that if we could provide a better product and a better service than everyone else by building trust and making ourselves available 24/7, that we could build a long lasting business.

The idea for Sex Doll Queen came about because the owners of the business actually wanted to buy some dolls for themselves. What they soon discovered is that the sex doll industry was filled with scammers, fake products, or companies that just didn't seem to care. Some companies just didn't even answer their e-mails. They both knew that there was potential because they were from a business background and customers, just like them, were starving for some decent service and a company that actually gave a shit.

Who Our Suppliers Are

Finding a decent supplier wasn't easy. A lot of searching and a lot of back and forth led to a few very good suppliers from places like China, Korea, and Japan.

Here's what we promise from our suppliers:

  • All dolls will be personally inspected before shipment, we aim for QUALITY CONTROL, you will never get a damaged or used product, that's a guarantee.
  • All supplier's are registered companies and have certifications for their facilities. All dolls produced are premium medical grade, phthalate-free and extremely safe for regular use.
  • Our suppliers all have a track record of quality and service, some have been featured in Vice, The New York Times, Futurism, Reddit, NBC News, Vogue Magazine, Vox and more.

What We Promise

We want to make sure you feel comfortable purchasing a doll from our website. That's why we want to make these promises to you before you buy a doll:

  • We're a service first company, we'll always choose 100% satisfaction over profits
  • We will always be as honest and forthcoming as possible
  • We'll always answer within 24 hours guarantee, whether it's the weekend or a holiday


Our mission is to provide value, to help customers feel comfortable when purchasing a sex doll, and to provide a quality service at every step of the purchase process including after the sale for repair, questions, or any other request.

Our vision is to become a leading sex doll distributor. We hope to have thousands of dolls on our website from all reputable suppliers in the world. We hope to have 24/7 employees to assist our customers with any needs, and we hope to eventually have some physical locations in all major cities across North America.



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