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Sexdollqueen.com Reviews


We know that finding online reviews can be sometimes difficult, especially for a sex doll website with hundreds of products like ours. We want to make sure that we are transparent and that you can trust our business, this is why we have decided to aggregate all our online customer reviews (including on our website and off our website).

Below you will find an aggregated list of all our legitimate customer reviews. We have never bought customer reviews nor have we created our own.

We have made a lot of sales on our website but getting someone to review a sex doll can sometimes be hard. We do our best to encourage customers to leave a review (whether positive or negative) so that the next customer can make a more informed decision.

Please find all the reviews for www.sexdollqueen.com below:

External Reviews


1. "I had a good experience with this website. The industry is riddled with scammers but they gave me a really great service. I wasn’t sure at first but the fact that they have all the suppliers listed on their website made it seem legit. I ordered a wm doll which I love. I came with a code that you can check whether it’s legit or not and everything checked out. Would recommend sex doll queen to anyone." Scamadviser

2. "This is one of the better sex doll sites out there. The dolls are of high quality and the customer service is excellent. They have a great selection of dolls to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a sex doll." Trustpilot

3. "I got two hrdolls from them. I loved my experience with sex doll queen! The dolls are incredibly realistic and lifelike, and they feel amazing. They're also very easy to use and care for. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing sexual experience." Trustpilot

4. "I must say that this company has some great customer service. I was looking for a Canadian vendor (I always buy from Canadian companies for personal reasons), and I prefer to do business over the phone. When I contacted them the owner gave me his phone number and I was able to ask my questions directly over the phone. I was not able to find similar services from other Canadian vendors and so I decided to give them a shot. I was very happy with my Irontech doll, I got every exactly as ordered with a cool little gift as well. A+ company." Trustpilot

5. "I wanted a legitimate wm doll and they had the lowest price for the doll I wanted. I was happy with the doll and the service I received" Trustpilot

6. "I had a great experience with SDQ. I found their website through an online search and was unable to find many reviews about them but I got in contact with the owner, Patrice, and I was pleasantly surprised by the purchase experience. They are lightning fast in their responses and when I had an issue with UPS, provided constant support. The doll had no problems when she arrived and I would buy from them again." Trustpilot

7. "SDQ was great to work with. They were responsive to my questions and I received the doll I wanted in 15 days after ordering. They also offer TDF members a very generous discount. Website was easy to use although they encourage you to order the doll as pictured. I think more customization options are available but the doll pictured was fine for me. That is probably why it arrived in lightning speed!" The Doll Forum


Internal Reviews

  1. "The doll is just beautiful. Unbelievable body and face. She feels amazing and fun to play with. I was surprised how much she looks like her pictures...The turnaround time was exactly 2 weeks as indicated... I am very satisfied with Sex Doll Queen and my purchase. Delivery is safe and discrete and SDQ will notify you when the doll is ready, and you can see pictures of the doll in the customer pictures section. Very good and friendly customer service." See Full Review Here.
  2. "There are very cool individuals running things there and we all know this market could use more great individuals. Their help is easy to get in the early part of the day and I found them useful through the entire process of my purchase. The doll itself is amazing as well." See Full Review Here.
  3. "She is considerably more excellent than my ex-gf lol. On the off chance that you are looking for a future deep rooted buddy, look no further!" See Full Review Here.
  4. "I like the doll" See Full Review Here.
  5. "Very satisfied with seller and product. Looks very stylish and overall very happy with transaction." See Review Here.
  6. "I have only the best experience with this store. Moreover, I strongly recommend this doll." See Review Here.
  7. "Bought her back in October, more than happy to this point, her skin jiggles perfectly" See Review Here.
  8. "Very happy with dealer and item. Looks polished and in general exceptionally satisfied with purchase." See Review Here.


Our internal reviews are more focused on the dolls themselves but there are also mentions of our great service and personable attitude. So far, most of our dealings have been excellent. Our customers are happy because we offer a legitimate and authentic quality product from trustworthy sex doll manufacturing brands and we answer all questions in a timely manner. As a Sex Doll Queen customer, you'll always feel comfortable and safe throughout every step of your sex doll journey.


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