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Best New Sex Dolls in 2022: Advanced Robotics & New Features

Best New Sex Dolls in 2022: Advanced Robotics & New Features

The world is constantly changing, but the past few years have been the clearest example of just how fast the world and the industries can change. As the effects of extended lockdowns and social distancing continue we have found new ways to adapt to these new challenges, and few industries have adapted as fast and as impressively as the sex doll industry.

If there's something that the sex doll industry understands is that physical and emotional intimacy is needed for us to feel at ease and realized, and that's why from retailers to manufacturers we've adapted to provide better services and products in these past few years. 2021 was already a fascinating time for sex dolls, we saw brands pushing forward with new ideologies and technologies that changed the way our clients can enjoy their sex dolls and interact with them.

In the last year, we saw incredible breakthroughs when it came to variety when it came to sex doll models. Diversity played a large role in the way manufacturers approached their sex dolls and we got to see a growing boom in sex dolls meant for the female and LGBTQ+ audience. Male sex dolls saw an increase in production in popularity which means the world of sex dolls is now available for more people with varying orientations.

Sex doll sales as a whole increased all over the board and this meant that brands now had more input on what clients wanted and need to make the most out of their sex dolls. Love holes with different shapes and sizes were introduced to the market based on the feedback received and the wider audience invested in the products and as that boom continues we can expect even further developments and features.

Because at the end of the day even if 2021 was already an impressive year, 2022 is looking even more promising for the industry. Sales aren't going down anytime soon and that means that all of our favorite brands and partners have even more to offer to their growing fanbase. We are talking about completely new engineering techniques, brand new features that involve motion and even easy solutions for storage, and some more surprises that are bound to leave a long-lasting impact in the market for years to come.

2022 is going to be an incredible year for the sex doll industry, and here at Sex Doll Queen we want to make sure that everybody is aware of what is coming up and what new developments and models you should be looking forward to during this year. So today we put together an article that covers it all: The best models you'll want to buy this year 2022, the new features that will redefine clients enjoy their sex dolls, and of course what you can expect of our favorite brands and out the catalog in the upcoming months.

Sex Dolls are more popular than ever

Sex Dolls 2022

If we are going to understand every major change coming up this 2022 it's important to explain why the sex doll is in the middle of this transformative process and what is allowing manufacturers to reinvent themselves and their products during this economy. We touched it above but the need we all have for intimacy shouldn't be underestimated.

Lockdowns were trying for everybody, but nobody could predict the challenge that social distancing itself would prove to be. We had to rediscover how to do our work, how to interact with our friends and family, and of course, we had to rediscover and change the way we approached our sexuality.

When lockdowns first started many manufacturers expected to see sale declines but in fact, the complete opposite happened. During lockdowns and as a direct result of social distancing the sex toy industry saw incredible sales and explosive growth. Now that people mostly had to keep to themselves sex toys became a far more important aspect of sexuality and clients all over the world started to approach them with open arms.

The sex doll industry wasn't that far behind and as a result, some manufacturers have even managed to double their sales during these times. Sex dolls have managed to take even more advantage of these times because not only are they sex toys, they also provide companionship and an emotional connection. A sex doll is a partner and not just any simple toy, and that's something we've all grown to appreciate in these years.

But what does this mean for 2022? The key takeaway here is that sex doll sales are doing great. More people are buying sex dolls and that means that manufacturers can invest more back in their brands. Right now the sex doll industry is seeing one of its best years in decades, and when demand is that high is when creativity reaches an all-time high.

Right now all of your favorite brands are coming up with new ways to keep all of you engaged. More money means that they can take new risks and develop new technologies and that's what 2022 will represent for the industry. We are seeing incredible new motor technologies, smart integration, and even some strokes of genius that are so simple you won't believe they aren't in every single sex doll in the market.

Every single sale in the past 2 years has helped us reach this incredible moment for the industry. So know that every single one of your loyal clients has helped the industry grow and are responsible for all these new incredible features and models that are coming soon. And if you are new and interested in the world of sex dolls then there's no better time than the present to get a sex doll of your own. 2022 is full of variety, innovation, and one of the most impressive selections when it comes to sex dolls. So you can rest assured that our stock has never been as impressive as it is right now.

Lifelike motion enters the Sex Doll scene


Sex dolls have made incredible progress in the last decade, to the point that we can now offer a wide selection of realistic sex dolls with fully realized orifices and a functional skeleton. Back in the 2000s, this would have been unthinkable and we shouldn't underestimate just how far we have come with sex dolls and in creating lifelike partners that cater to every possible taste and preference.

However as lifelike and realistic as these sex dolls have become there's always been one last barrier that for years has seemed impossible to overcome. Sex dolls are at the end of the day passive partners, we can change their poses as much as we want and they are ready to satisfy every single one of our dreams, but dolls can't move. Poseable sex dolls were a breakthrough for the industry but once we get our sex doll into our favorite pose it's all up to us. However what if things didn't have to be this way? Can you imagine a future where our sex dolls are active sex partners and can move alongside us? In many ways, it sounds like the greatest step for the world of sex dolls and the best part is that it's already happening.

SEDOLL brings movement to the forefront

Buy a robot sex doll here.


Picture this out: A sex doll that can move her hips forward in the back alongside you in either missionary or doggie style; a sex doll that can bob her head back and forth for oral and that doesn't require you to make any effort of your own. This is exactly what our partner manufacturer SEDOLL is doing with their new line-up Robot Sex Doll line-up.

First and foremost let's try to approach what "sex doll robot" means in this context and how did the company manage to pull this off. At the most basic level, SEDOLL's robot dolls offer everything you already expect out of any high-quality sex doll manufacturer: Their models have a movable steel skeleton covered in TPE for a realistic and lifelike texture which ensures every inch of their sex dolls feels natural to the touch. You can move these sex dolls just like any other model in the market, but the incredible part comes when you get down to the inner mechanics.

On top of the traditional skeleton frame, these sex doll robots have a moving mechanism in their abdomen. This means that with a simple motor mechanism the sex doll can swing her entire body forward and become an active sex partner. Since the moving mechanism is near the core area this single mechanism is useful for multiple positions. A single sex doll can be ready for active missionary sex, swing back her hips during doggy style, and perform proper blowjobs in both sitting and resting positions. This has completely changed the way clients can interact with their sex dolls and is a complete game-changer when it comes both to pleasure and the sense of connection it fosters between a sex doll and its owner.

These revolutionary 2022 models can be ordered from our store right now, so if you want to enjoy the best robot sex dolls in the market and discover a whole new way to enjoy sex dolls make sure to take a look at our selection and choose your dream partner today.

How to move your sex doll

moving sex dolls 2022

If you are interested in a moving sex doll you'll need to understand how to properly handle it and make the most out of it, so we put together some key tips you need to keep in mind to make sure your sex doll can function as intended. Moving sex dolls aren't hard to handle or use, but they do have a few considerations you need to keep in mind so they can operate correctly.

The position of the sex doll is ultimately the most important factor when it comes to the realistic movements these sex dolls provide. We mentioned that these sex dolls have a moving mechanism in their abdomen, and since all of their movement is derived from it the pose you place your doll will determine whether she can move as intended.

Once you first get your moving sex doll you'll want to test her out to find if she's functioning as intended, so make sure to sit her vertically in a chair that gives her legs and body room to move around. SEDOLL's models have different intensities so go over all of them to see if the sex doll is operating as intended. Sitting down isn't necessarily a premier sex position, but it does help to test your sex doll and illustrate how exactly it works.

Movement is fully localized on the abdomen so you need to make sure the legs have moving space otherwise they'll stop the motion altogether. The chair position is a good example of how this works and is a great position to use for oral sex since her body will rock forward and back unimpeded. For penetrative sex, you need to make sure you leave the legs enough room to swing. If you are doing missionary ensure that the legs are lifted above the bed; for doggy, the best way to approach it is to place a soft pillow under the knees. A pillow will ensure the sex doll remains stable but is also a soft surface that will move and bend as needed as the motor does its' work.

So remember, make sure the legs have room to move. As long as you master that single detail you'll be able to enjoy a sex doll that is fully able to move with you and become an active partner in bed.

Sex Doll storage reinvented

sex doll storage 2022

If you are looking for a partner you won't find any that is more discreet, available, and ready than a sex doll. Being able to have a sex doll at any time is an incredible service and that's a huge appeal of the industry as a whole, but what happens when you need to keep your doll away for a while? Maybe you are expecting a visit soon and your sex doll is not a part of your life you wish to make public. Perhaps you are moving and need to store your sex doll to get her to her new home. Or you could be a collector that likes to switch between your favorites every once in a while. Regardless of the case, one thing is for certain; you'll suddenly notice how much space your sex doll takes.

If we think about it sex dolls are after all life-sized, and that's a lot of space that isn't easy to just place anywhere. You probably noticed it when you first received your sex doll from us, as discreet as the shipping is there's no way around the fact that these boxes are large. So the next time you need to store your sex doll chances is that it'll be something of a challenge. This is particularly true if you are the kind of owner that only takes their sex doll out occasionally, which means a lot of planning, navigating, and usually making a lot of space in your closet.

Of course, manufacturers are aware of this fact, and 6YE has come up with a way to reduce the space dolls take both for storage and shipping. The best part? It's such a simple solution that you'll be surprised it's not present on every single sex doll in the market.

No room? Just remove the legs

sex dolls removable legs

As we've established by now "lifelike" can be a lot of space to store at home. Most drawers don't have human-sized spaces, and even closets can struggle to fit something so large inside. So how did 6YE manage to offer a solution to this issue? Well, it's a simple matter of handling it the way Lego would make sure your sex doll can come apart.

If you are already a sex doll owner then you are likely used to the idea of certain models having a detachable head, or have had experience with removable love holes. However, a head on its own won't reduce the height of a sex doll by a considerable amount. If we think about what provides a sex doll with most of its height there's no doubt that it's the legs that add up the most, and that's exactly where 6YE decided to improve their sex dolls.

As part of their premium sex doll line, 6YE has started to offer sex dolls that quite simply are built with detachable legs. That simple design change is enough to reduce the overall height of any sex doll by almost half its overall size. And in this more portable presentation, any of their sex dolls can easily fit on a travel case. With such a simple fix 6YE has completely nipped any storage challenges for owners, and with such a simple and clean solution you start to wonder why this isn't a more common feature.

Function and form are both ensured

leg creases removable legs 2022

Of course, removable parts can be a valid concern on their own so we want to clear up some doubts and worries that you might have in regards to this 2022 sex doll development.

The potential issues most clients expect when it comes to detachable parts are divided into two key areas: Form and function. When it comes to forming it's easy to assume that a detachable part will impact the overall look of the sex doll. It's easy to get worried about potential creases, lines, or even misshaped pieces. Legs are of course a major appeal of any woman, and it's not an area where any design slights should be present. However, all you need to do is to take a quick look at our 6YE premium catalog to notice that the leg area looks perfect even with this feature in place. The high-quality TPE that is used for the skin of these sex dolls is used both on the outside and the inside of the legs, so when they are connected in place the look isn't compromised and the sex doll has a natural look.

The function of course is important, nobody wants a leg to fall off mid-sex or for the range of motion to be affected for a feature that isn't needed at all times. However once again 6YE has made sure to use a system that doesn't affect in any shape or way the overall performance of the sex doll. Once the leg is locked in it won't detach on its own or accidentally, and you have to follow the instructions for it to come off. Similarly, the leg attaches on steel to steel connection, which means that the connection point is as sturdy as any other part of the sex doll.

6YE's solution to storage is honestly an impressive one and it shows how sex dolls can improve in more ways than just realism and movement. Storage might not be a concern for every single sex doll owner out there, but for the people who do need to store their sex dolls, this is a simple solution that works perfectly.

2022 promises even more changes

ai robot sex dolls

Sometimes surprises are the most exciting of developments when it comes to our favorite hobbies and pastimes, and that's how 2022 is shaping up to be for the world of sex dolls. Think about it, we are just starting the year 2022 and we already have a boom in sex doll production, new features that make sex dolls easier to manage, and even fully moving sex dolls. And the most incredible part? We can assure you this is just the beginning of an incredible year for the market.

We are just a few days into 2022 and the industry is already in its best shape. However, even this isn't enough for manufacturers and news keeps pouring out day after day. That said few news have been as exciting, widely reported, and mysterious as Real Doll's announcement that they are planning to metaphorically blow our minds this 2022 with their new line-up.

While Real Doll is known for it's high prices and scarcity compared to the stock you'll find in our website or the sex dolls we'll be listing below, it's important to notice that we are reaching a point where these announcements are making a media splash. Other leading manufacturers we have partnered with in Sex Doll Queen have been able to match the quality Real Doll offers at far more reasonable prices. But the real takeaway is that he sex doll market is growing rapidly, and as it does media outlets and the world, in general, are starting to embrace this industry and participate in it. Sex doll advancements and developments now are an important piece of news that get picked up and shared by multiple sites. But interest in sex dolls as a whole has increased all over the internet. Sex doll unboxings have become a legitimate YouTube trend in the past few years and the view numbers only continue to increase.

Sex dolls are more popular than ever, and that can only mean more exciting news and developments as we enter one of the most exciting times this industry has ever seen.

Our Top Picks: Best New Sex Dolls for 2022

By now we've discussed at length every single trend and development you can look forward to this 2022 when it comes to sex dolls, so it's time we get down to it and show you some of the best sex dolls that you can purchase right now or look forward to in these upcoming months. 2022 is poised to become a historic year for the industry, and the sex doll selection we have for you is ready to back that up.

The best robot sex dolls of 2022

Yuuna: SEDOLL Asian Sex Doll (Robot)

sex dolls 2022

Yuuna is the first face you'll see when you browse SEDOLL's selection and it leaves a strong impression. Her cherry pink hair and delicate facial features offer an alluring look that is going to stay in your head for a long time. She looks subtle and elegant but has a supple body that is going to leave you craving for her.

Yuuna is one of SEDOLL's most beautiful releases that is going to impress any fan of elegant beauties and delicate body shapes.

Key Features

  • E-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 3 inches tall (163 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Caroline: SEDOLL White Sex Doll (Robot)

sex doll 2022

If you are a fan of bombshells then you don't have to look any further than Caroline. Blonde hair and blue eyes are a combination that has captured the passions of men for generations, and Caroline could very well be the physical incarnation of the American dream. Whether you want her to be a cowgirl, a cheerleader, or even a pop singer her unique look is perfectly suited for that classic image of the all-American beauty that has proven to be a heartthrob for countless generations.

Caroline has a beautiful face, but her body is every bit as lovely and intoxicating. Wide hips and E-Cup breasts make sure her curves stand out in every single pose and angle. Caroline is ready to be your partner anytime and for fans of blonde bombshells, there's no model in the market that can offer more features than SEDOLL's Caroline robot sex doll.

Key Features

  • E-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 1 inch tall (158 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

6YE Premium picks for you

Yannie: 6YE White Sex Doll

sex dolls 2022

Variety and diversity have been a major trend in the past few months for the sex doll market, and few sex dolls demonstrate it as well as Yannie. The moment you take a look at her you'll notice an exotic air about Yannie that you won't be able to put your finger on. She looks unique, different, slightly foreign but not necessarily from anywhere in specific. Yannie is quite simply the quintessential exotic beauty and her delicately sculpted silicone head has been masterfully made to offer a style that is alluring and tempting and will keep you asking just where Yannie is from.

If you want to add some spice to your life with a new beauty that isn't quite like anything else you've seen before then Yannie is the girl for you.

Key Features

  • E-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 4 feet 11 inches tall (151 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Kendra: 6Ye Red Head Sex Doll

sex dolls 2022

Gingers have long been a dream of men. That fiery color of passions that simply shines against the sun has driven countless men wild and Kendra is undeniably one of the most beautiful redheads that we've seen in the store. Her bold red hair with those slight curls are the perfect representation of the redhead neighbor's dream, and fans of a certain spy superhero will be able to fulfill all their fantasies with Kendra.

Kendra is also a busty girl with an F-cup that is a cut above the standard amongst sex dolls. She's a curvy beauty, but the shape of her breasts has been masterfully handled to make sure she looks proportionate and attractive from every single angle. The redhead fantasy will always light a fire on men's hearts, and Kendra is simply one of the most stunning gingers you'll ever see.

Key Features

  • F-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

The highest-quality dolls for this 2022

Krys: ILDOLL Asian Sex Doll

sex dolls 2022

Sometimes size does matter and for lovers of big breasts, Krys is one unbeatable proposition. With a D-Cup bust, Krys is packing a lot of front weight, and her sizeable breasts will always be at the center of attention whether she's fully clothed or waiting for you at the bed. However Krys offers more than just a large bust, her proportions have been carefully crafted and she has similarly seductive hips and a large rear that looks perfect in doggy style. Krys has just been beautifully designed from every possible angle, and she offers an incredible silhouette while looking realistic and balanced.

Key Features

  • D-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 1 inch tall (155 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Audrey: HRDOLL White Sex Doll

sex dolls 2022

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Audrey, a sex doll for those that prefer more subtle curves. Audrey is a sporty type, tall, lean with long hair that immediately makes one think of fashion models and those blonde beauties on the screen. A flat stomach, subtle yet beautifully shaped breasts, and a firm ass are Audrey's main selling points. She's a stunning beauty that knows that less can be more, and if you love athletic beauties you can't do better than Audrey.

Key Features

  • B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 5 inches tall (166 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints



Hopefully you found this article for 2022 sex dolls useful. There is so much excitement to be had regarding the future of sex dolls both now and beyond. It has never been a better time for someone to purchase their first sex doll.


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