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Best New Sex Dolls in 2023: Buyers Guide and New Technologies

Best New Sex Dolls in 2023: Buyers Guide and New Technologies

Every technology requires that push which gets it moving, and the pandemic proved a blessing in disguise to the sex doll technology and the sexbot industry. It's certain that synthetic partners have traversed a long distance with the blow-up doll coming into being. But what's exactly available for the consumers of the late 21st century? Let's find out.

The global sex tech industry is flourishing at an incredible pace. Intimacy - whether it's remote or physical is more accessible than ever. With dating apps taking the world by storm over the last few years, people are not shying away from hookups. And another facet of the same coin is the generous entrance of the best sex dolls in the bedrooms.

Sex dolls 2023: Artificial Intelligence has made its way

Sex dolls 2023: Artificial Intelligence has made its way

Have you ever fantasized about spending a day with a sex doll with which you can talk for hours or one that can please you for hours on end? The new age humanoid equipped with artificial intelligence is developed to take care of all your pleasure needs.

These dolls will not just know about your favorites but also answer all your questions. Most importantly, they will be right there by your side when you need them. The pioneers of science fiction have thought of a future in which human-like sex robots are likely to rule the prospect of pleasure. But today, sextech isn't restricted to sex robots only.

The AI-enabled humanoid sex doll will never dare decline your requests nor will it accuse you of any sexual harassment. It will take care of your mental and physical stimulation and you can effortlessly possess your very own beautiful, sexy, and intelligent robot companion.

Looking Ahead: A Growing Industry


The market concerning sex doll technology is expected to grow to 595.94 million USD by 2027. It was valued at 382.48 million USD last year and can surge up to 7.67 percent by 2027. From the historical perspective, sex and pleasure industry has always been on the torchbearer of implementing innovative technologies. Thus, integrating artificial intelligence is never an exception. AI-embedded sex dolls are particularly geared to cater to this demand. At present, sex robot capabilities include movement and touch detection, movement of the brows, turning of heads, and even holding conversations.

The rise of the sex doll brothel

It is no secret that the sex doll industry is growing, and with this growth comes innovative new ideas. There have been many sex doll brothels open their doors across the world, from Canada to Finland. Some have been successful, and some have been shut-down by authorities for sanitary reasons; but one thing remains certain, there is always media interest.


Going into 2023, we image more of these brothels popping up across the world. Especially as the AI sex robot movement takes hold, sex robot prostitution and brothels will be more and more common especially for those that cannot afford a full-sized sex doll.



Sex dolls loaded with auto-sucking vaginas

zelex auto sucking vagina

Companies like Zelex now manufacture sex dolls that are armed with an auto-sucking vagina to quadruple your pleasure experience. The sex dolls new in 2023 allow an incredible sexual experience for men. There is a concealed Type-C charging port which makes it easier to charge the battery. This indicates that you will not have to connect it to any charging cables during those vulnerable moments. All you have to do is to charge the device and unplug it. It's obvious that this inspiring technology will also be taken up by other manufacturers and you can expect other companies to adopt it in their sex dolls as well.

Intelligent Cleaning sets for sex dolls

wm doll intelligent cleaning set

When you possess one of the best sex dolls, you are likely to enjoy quality time with them for years to come. But for that, you have to remain at the top of maintenance and pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

Even if you have a habit of wearing condoms during intercourse, you cannot avoid a slight transmission of fluid. For instance, how would you avoid sweat from touch or saliva from kissing? This can be a problem when you have a sex doll in your possession. And if you end up finishing within the doll, you will have some obvious reasons to clean your doll thoroughly. With regular cleaning, you can keep bacteria at bay and it also helps in quelling any damage caused by friction.

You can also invest in an intelligent doll cleaning set that comes with all the necessary instruments. These generally include a control host, water inlet pipe, cleaning jet, power adapter, and diatomite stick rod. If you are short of time, you will be much benefitted from the use of this cleaning set. It's very convenient and safe for use and the automatic cleaning ensures thorough cleaning. Moreover, there are three cleaning modes that incorporate vibration mode, drying, and ultraviolet disinfection mode.

Understanding the social impact of using sex dolls in 2023

According to the research report published in the Journal of Sex Research, a considerable number of users regard their life-size dolls as ideal romantic partners. It's a nerve-wracking revelation that a major percentage of men who attribute humane qualities to their sex dolls are prone to have a hostile opinion towards their female counterparts.

In some parts of the world, a debate driven by morality is making its presence felt. It's probing the ban on these dolls. A study was conducted on 217 users who are active sex doll users. They were 43 years on average and the age of individual participants ranged from 18 and 77 years.

The maximum number of participants amounting to 91.7 percent were male, while a meager 2.3 percent of them were women. Also, 67.7 percent of users were heterosexual and 2.3 percent were non-binary. Each of the participants had to complete an extensive questionnaire for the collection of socio-demographic data along with information about how they use their sex dolls, the objectification of women, anthropomorphizing of the sex dolls, and most importantly, the prospect of hostility towards women.


Around half the people who took part in the poll have conveyed that the doll has served to be a temporary substitute for a human partner, they feel emotionally attached to their sex doll, and that the doll is the ideal partner for them. Some users are in absolute love with their dolls and it has contributed to improving their mental health. Also, these participants are mostly divorced or single and they find their prospective sexual partners unattractive.

The researchers opined that the concept of anthropomorphizing of sex dolls had a link with hostility towards women and objectification of women. In simpler words, those people who were highly satisfied with their sex dolls are likely to notice the body of a woman in the first place. Some of them also opine that women flirt with men with an intention of teasing or hurting them. But this is true in the case of the users who believe that they share an emotional bonding with their sex dolls.

Thankfully, around 70 percent of users reported that they are respectful towards women even after using sex dolls. Some of them say that they consider sex dolls no different from masturbators or flashlights. Around 6 percent of users opined a positive change while only 2.3 percent showed a negative change. Even though 10 percent have become less interested in real-life interaction with women.


The benefits of sex dolls on the society

It's difficult to answer whether sex doll owners are going to treat their future lovers with care or only as sex objects. But at the same time, some men are overly selfish and are thinking about their sexual gratification only even when they do not have any interaction with sex dolls.

The situation here is similar to pornography. While there are dire warnings regarding the negative impact on society, many pieces of research show that instances of social ills are less in places where pornography is legalized. This is also the case with the ownership of sex dolls. Men who have had hard luck in love or have lost their partner can have a safe place to vent their feelings and frustration.

AI Sex Robots for Sale Today

AI Sex Robots for Sale Today

Talking about the integration of AI tech and sex dolls, the industry is witnessing a major drift in terms of artificial emotional intimacy powered by artificial intelligence. AI tech has induced some breathtaking technologies in the form of actuators, sensors, and hi-tech programs. All these components work together to create a sensation that you haven't imagined before.

The introduction of an AI sex robot gives you the perfect alternative partner with whom you can have the best moments, unlike TPE or silicone love dolls. AI tech is the newest thing in the sex doll industry and the technology would likely bring more intimacy at affordable prices.

Even Sexdollqueen has a unique collection of AI-tech sex dolls for you to choose from. In short, everything that you would find in an AI-tech sex doll will satisfy both your physiological and psychological needs to a great extent. The best part is that the doll has self-learning abilities. And, it would know about your likes and dislikes.

That way, it would give you more pleasing interaction. Furthermore, the information that you share with the doll is encrypted. So, there is no need to worry about data or identity theft. There is no denying AI robots can be your companion and they are here to fulfill you in every way possible. Here are some of the intuitive features that you can expect from these AI sex robots:

  • Internal heating abilities
  • Voice recognition
  • Eye movements including winking
  • Neck movements
  • Robotic mouth
  • Lip syncs when talking
  • Can interact with you
  • Face movement
  • Learning Technologies

Although not all companies produced robot sex dolls with similar features, ie. Irontech, AI-tech, and SEDOLL all produce different types of sex robots.


The future of sex robots

the future of sex robots

The long wait for sex robots is now over. These life-size dolls are now imbued with artificial intelligence as well as animatronics have now started hitting the worldwide market. Most of these are in the stage of development but they showcase attributes of what a completely functional sex robot should look like.

Testing is conducted regularly and public opinion is likely to impact the design as well as the appearance of the pleasure devices or sex dolls. At present, it's possible to take home a love robot doll who will not only indulge in physical intimacy but also involve in an emotional conversation. RealDoll, a popular maker of sex dolls has noticed a 60 percent rise in sales. Lisa Ling has also explored how artificial intelligence and virtual reality have put an end to some individuals' loneliness. Sex robots are complicated where artificial intelligence is blended with traditional as well as novel technologies.

BedBible had researched and found that around 17.2 percent of individuals around the globe enjoy or indulge in sex with a doll or sex bot. As per the gender dynamics, 17.8 percent of men and 16.5 percent of women own and have physical intimacy with mechanical human beings. If you are looking for such an experience, the next segment is right for you:

Top picks for sex dolls in 2023


Sex doll technology has already pioneered the pleasure revolution across the globe. Sexdollqueen has crafted some of the best sex dolls in 2023 so that your loneliness isn't hard on your pleasure. This has led to an unprecedented demand for sex dolls which has propelled the company to make some of the best products available today. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Francesca: Latina Sex Doll

Francesca: 6YE Latina Sex Doll

The first one on the list is from the house of 6YE premium who's regarded as a forerunner among high-end sex dolls. The company manufactures some of the best sex dolls in the industry yet keeps the pricing competitive. She has black hair and black eyes and you will simply love her smooth arms and fingers. The height of this doll is 157 cm and weighs only 52 kg. You can enjoy vaginal, oral, and anal sex with the doll and it's quite a remarkable companion in lonely times.


  • Allows vaginal, anal, and oral sex
  • F-cup TPE sex doll
  • Movable joints made of steel skeleton

  1. Haruko FJ Doll Asian Sex Doll

Haruko FJ Doll Asian Sex Doll

FJ Doll is one of the premium brands working under Guangdong Bionic Doll and the focus is the reborn dolls, sex robots, sex dolls, and manufacturing wax statues. They have created FJ dolls for catering to your pleasure needs which can be afforded by most people.


  • The doll comes with a hair comb, cleaning kit, and sexy lingerie
  • Customizable options
  • Natural hands and nails

  1. Kimberly: Jarliet Sex Doll

Kimberly: Jarliet Sex Doll

Over the past 4 years, Jariet has become a renowned name in the sex doll industry, particularly in the field of research and production of adult pleasure toys. They have a professional team of researchers, sculptors, cosmeticians, and engineers to incorporate the best formula and materials. This sex doll has a wide array of options for users starting from the heads to the body to eye color, fingernails, and wigs. All the dolls are loved by consumers for their high quality, amazing smell, and real touch.


  • Height 170 cm
  • Vaginal, anal, and oral sex is possible
  • Movable joints made of steel skeleton

  1. Quiet: Game Lady White Sex Doll

Quiet: Game Lady White Sex Doll

Game Lady specializes in manufacturing and developing ultra-realistic pleasure toys. The professional R&D team of the company has the purpose of designing high-end sex toys for providing consumers with an unmatched experience. This sex doll is handcrafted by artists with a realistic shape coupled with fine makeup.


  • Silicone sex doll
  • Impressive depth of holes
  • Movable joints

  1. Ursula: Starpery White Sex Doll

Ursula: Starpery White Sex Doll

The notable manufacturer of TPE and silicone sex dolls, Starpery is based in China. The company has devoted itself to improving the appearance of sex dolls to such an extent that the user hardly feels any difference between a real human and this sex doll. The doll comes with a cleaning kit, a hair comb, and sexy lingerie.


  • Customizable options
  • Movable joints
  • Complete satisfaction

  1. Savannah: White Climax Doll

Savannah: White Climax Doll

Climax Doll is one of the notable mainstream manufacturers that produce full-size pleasure toys for the masses. The USP of this sex doll is that you will feel that you are with your girl - the touch feels so real. You can rest assured that every product is thoroughly inspected and checked for quality before it leaves the factory. If you have any questions or concerns after purchase, the staff is ready to assist you as well.


  • Height - 158 cm
  • Steel skeleton
  • Anal and vaginal sex is possible

  1. Candyce: AI-Tech White Sex Doll

Candyce: AI-Tech White Sex Doll

AI-tech is a company founded in 2016 and is a proficient producer of sex dolls. The company develops as well as produces various pleasure products and services integrated with artificial intelligence. The height of the doll is 168 CM and they weight 41 kg. With the doll capable of talking, facial function, moaning system, heating system, AI robotic eyes, moving mouth and neck, you can experience an unmatched pleasure with your sex doll Candyce.


  • D-cup sex doll made of TPE
  • Allows anal and vaginal sex
  • Customization available

  1. Yuuka: Sedoll Asian Sex Doll

Yuuka: SEDOLL Asian Sex Doll(Robot)

Sedoll is a renowned brand in the sex doll industry and it was established in 2016. The company not only manufactures sex doll but it is also an MNC with the primary production facility based on Shenzhen city in China. The company offers competitive pricing as one of the premium brands in the area of sex doll. Each time you use the doll, you will have a memorable experience. The added benefit of AI-integrated sex doll is that you get additional robotic movements.


  • E-cup TPE sex doll
  • Vaginal, anal, and oral sex is possible
  • A host of free promo services

  1. Sophia: JYDoll White Sex Doll

Sophia: JYDoll White Sex Doll

JYDoll Brand is one of the most proficient brands for making life-like sex dolls. The company is always focusing on the production and design of several kinds of dolls. JYDoll has good expertise in the pursuit of beauty. And to materialize this objective, the brand has over 20 experts working in the field of sculpting, model designing, electronic engineering, and dressing. The products are compliant with the necessary safety and ecological standards set by the authorities


  • Height - 170 cm
  • Comes with FDA and CE certification
  • Customization is available

Final thoughts

Dr. Erik Brilling and Kathleen Richardson who are notable robot ethicists are currently setting up a Campaign Against Sex Robots to raise queries on the long-term impact of artificial intelligence and technological advancement on real-life problems. These experts are worried that humanoid robots will only add to the rising trend of human isolation and contact. According to Kathleen, we are heading towards a society where we believe that we can live alone.

It's clear that a lot of people are wondering what the future of love, sex, and physical intimacy would look like in the coming decades. On the flip side, a large sect of engineers and robotic experts are performing on a critical aspect around sex and technology.

With the falling off taboo, will some people opt for the best sex dolls rather than connecting with fellow humans? Well, it's likely that we should prepare ourselves for such a day. The remedy is not to ban sexbots or sex dolls, but to value human feelings and responses above all.


Hopefully you enjoyed this well thought-out, objective analysis of the current state of the sex doll market today. Whether you believe in a sex bot future like we do, or are avidly against it, I hope you learned something valuable from our article.


If you want to get your own sex doll, start shopping here for the best selection of sex dolls at the best price.

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