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How Are Sex Dolls Made?

How Are Sex Dolls Made?

First introduced by the French, sex dolls have undergone a complete renaissance over the last couple of years. Available in multiple variants, these sex dolls are usually made from silicone and a range of other materials. But how exactly are they made in the first place and how were they introduced in the mainstream markets? Well, these are some of the many questions we will answer in this article. So, if you wanted to know how are sex dolls made, here’s everything you need to know.


To keep it simple, sex dolls are first designed in a 3D modelling program, then a mold is built from the software design, a steel skeleton is placed inside the mold and TPE and silicone is poured into the mold to shape the sex doll. Finally, professional artists will paint the finishing touches on the doll before shipping. Over the following article, we will go into more specifics about every step of the sex doll process.


Here is how sex dolls are made:


17th century sex doll

As previously explained, these dolls were first crafted by the Frenchmen during the early sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. At that point, they would be masturbatory toys made from old sewn cloth that men took for their long voyages. Over the years, these dolls have witnessed massive transformation both in their manufacturing conditions and popularity, and right now they are an absolute rage. In the following few sections, we will dive deeper into the step methods in which these dolls are created in the first place.


Making sex dolls is no easy feat and although people are obsessed with these imitative women, they barely have an idea of how they were made in the first place. Following is a list of steps, one needs to follow while creating these dolls. Since this process is followed by factories, it is not recommended to be followed at home.


crafting sex doll skeleton

Since sex dolls are designed to imitate humans, their skeleton structure too is similar to that of a human body. Manufacturers first work on a strong, steel skeleton that covers both the upper and lower parts of the body. As you would probably guess, the bone joints along the skeletons are well connected with a range of gears. It is worth noting here that these gears come with flexible rotation capacities that allow them to rotate for ensuring complete skeletal movement. As with the human body, one can only achieve sheer perfection in crafting the skull when they lay a solid and almost unbreakable foundation while building it. While creating sex dolls, the manufacturers ensure that every part of the doll including its skeleton is arranged and positioned by the human hand. The workers pay maximum attention to detail for ensuring that the assembly is truly flawless.


shrugging shoulder skeleton

As with the human body or any other life-like doll, for instance, these sex dolls are created by assembling the upper and lower parts of the body. Owing to this assembly a completely mechanical skeletal structure is established and this alone plays a major role in simulating/imitating the usual walking patterns of women. In some instances, mechanical structures may not effectively imitate the more complex body movements and that is why reputed online manufacturers use high-quality EVO skeleton for the task. Thanks to this skeleton, the doll can now perform even the most difficult movements along the shoulder. Since the shoulder also expresses a range of body language, sex dolls with shoulder-shrugging features have more resemblance to actual women.


sex doll molds

The third step of creating a sex doll involves positioning the skeleton the correct way. Now, here certain customer requirements will be considered in terms of setting the height and figure. After considering these requirements the skeleton is finally cast in the mold. The workers gently fix the bone at the center of the dying plate attached with wire. This further limits movement and makes way for better casting.

While holding the body of the doll right in the middle, workers ensure that the finger movements are delicately handled. After this, they proceed to get the mold nailed and then go on to start winding the thread along the mold and the nail, individually around the fingers. This ensures that the doll's finger bone is right at the center of the palm.

Certain online manufacturers also go the extra mile to limit the freezing of TPE which may eventually hinder joint movement. To avoid this issue, they wrap a thin material like a fine cloth or a piece of paper, right along the joint. Over time, this makes way for the easy movement of the sex doll.


pouring tpe sex doll

Once the bones are arranged and strategically placed, a new piece of mold is added and then severed to the original structure. TPE is machine heated and the byproduct is then poured on the mold starting from their head structure. Once the TPE achieves the solidification stage, the newly created doll is dipped inside a bucket. They are then rinsed out to get rid of excess dirt. At this stage, the doll is also thoroughly examined for traces of debris or any other form of impurity or contaminant. As you can guess, this ensures that the doll is completely clean, and it also eases the subsequent tasks.


trimming sex doll

While creating a sex doll, the mold is often impossible to close correctly as there will always be some type of fluid around the edges or along the openings of the doll’s body. This is especially common in the area around the finger and the area surrounding the lower parts of the body. When solidified, they ruin the otherwise aesthetic appeal of the doll and that is why it is vital to get them trimmed once the doll is ready. This is usually made possible by dissolving the entire doll in an electric bar which then ensures that the skin transition appears to be completely flawless and organic. Since the minutest blemishes need to be worked on for the perfect kind of skin, this process is often repeated until the doll achieves perfection.

The scratches stemming from the production process are locally heated and then smoothened with sandpaper. It is important to note here that the sandpaper is rubbed constantly on the doll’s body until it achieves the desired shimmer and the completely smooth consistency.

Usually, it takes a day or two days to fully complete a doll. Right after that, the repair professionals spend one or two more days adding the final touches that make the dolls appear so completely lifelike. The job is exhausting, and it requires ample patience to get it done.


powdering sex doll

Once the hard parts from the doll are perfectly trimmed, it is then thoroughly checked for any chemicals or additional stains. The doll is thoroughly cleaned and heated up a couple of more times to ensure both cleanliness and safety. While bathing the doll, most manufacturers follow three simple steps. The first one involves perfectly washing the doll. Next, it is heavily air dried to remove every trace of water. Finally, it goes through another round of air drying to render complete freshness.

Once the high-pressure drying part is complete, factory workers powder the doll to smoothen up the body. This is also an excellent method to limit oil from seeping out of the doll's body. Since this is also one of the last few stages of decking the doll, we have almost neared the end in terms of caring for the doll.


decking sex doll

Depending on the varying requirements of the customers, the doll will now be customized with absolute detail. In some instances, the nails of the doll may need to be manicured and a certain color or nail paint needs to be applied. In other instances, customers ask for real hair, which is then added to the doll.


The face care process mostly deals with the makeup which again depends on the character of the doll. The usual makeup focuses on the doll's eyebrows, their overall eye makeup, blushes, lip gloss, contouring, and any other form of highlight. The body parts too undergo several rounds of makeup. For instance, many a times, companies hire professional artists for brushing up on the color of the areola or improving the feel of the body parts.


factory photo sex doll

The above is an actual picture of a sex doll built for a Sex Doll Queen customer. See more here.

With the final step of makeup, the doll is ready for sale. It will now be covered in a thick plastic bag for preventing the buildup of dust or debris.


As with everything else, sex dolls can be categorized into multiple types. Here’s a brief list:


silicone sex doll

These were the dolls we were talking about and they are primarily crafted from high quality silicone for rendering a more appealing feel. It is worth noting here that silicone is the chosen material because it is also often used during breast implantation surgeries. Thanks to its durability, softness, and non-degradable properties- silicone dolls are a popular choice for many.

As you would probably guess, these dolls effectively resist water and a range of other stains unlike any other material. They are also extremely smooth and realistic in their appearance and structure. Having been in the market for several years, these dolls are one of your best bets to make fantasies a reality.

Shop Silicone Dolls here.


tpe sex doll

Alternatively known as thermoplastic rubber, this material is created through a perfect blend of co-polymers which is again a physical blend of polymer items having thermo and elastomeric elements. Not only is it extremely soft as you touch it, but it also resembles and appears like human skin. These dolls also rank high terms of elasticity and pressure holding capacities. Their material is extremely durable and the product itself is economical.

Shop TPE dolls here.


blow up doll

Made from a perfect blend of vinyl, TPR, and some parts of rubber, these dolls are yet another extremely flexible variant. As you would guess, they are quite affordable and also extremely durable. While these dolls do not offer much customization options, the vaginal area often comes with specific ticklers that are designed to enhance pleasure.


clothes doll

The oldest dolls in the hood, these are the cheapest and less popular variant of the entire lot. At the outset, they resemble small, animated toys instead of the more realistic dolls as you would expect when compared to their silicone and TPE counterparts. The dolls are smooth and super soft. What’s more, they are also extremely lightweight and can be carried around everywhere. The dolls also feature slits for making vaginal insertions, further ensuring that the materials are left undamaged. With that said, they barely resemble a human face or body in the first place.


Very often amateur DIY enthusiasts are keen on making their sex dolls at home. To make the product more realistic they add the color powder to silicone material and then proceed to pour the entire thing in a mold. After this, the fleshed-out structure of the body can be removed from the mold. The excess dust is shoved off from the silicone and the face, legs, and several other body parts are then joined. Finally, the mannequin is dressed according to their size.

Although this method appears to be simple, it is far from reality. Building a sex doll from scratch doesn’t merely take time, but it also takes plenty of effort. If you really have the money for buying these tools to create a final sex doll, consider using them to buy the doll from a reputed online store. We suggest this option because reproducing every minute detail in the face and body of the doll is not an easy task and unless you are a seasoned professional, you won’t end up achieving the desired degree of accuracy.

The realistic versions of the sex dolls are almost unputdownable. Not only are they large, but they also completely resemble a human body. What’s more, you cannot dismantle them either. That is why we recommend you purchasing these dolls only when you have ample space in your apartment. While space may not be an issue when you are living alone, in case you are living with your family, they are likely to unearth your secret sooner than you think.

While many propose using inflatable sex dolls due to privacy and space constraints, we wouldn’t vote for it. While inflatable versions can be significantly cheaper, they do not offer the same quality and nor do they resemble human dolls. For a life-like experience, there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a silicone sex doll.

Since these dolls are created keeping every minute detail in mind, you can expect a final product that duly and quite effectively meets and exceeds your requirements. What’s more, many online retailers allow you to customize these dolls according to specific requirements. So, if you want the breasts to be of a certain shape or the vagina to resemble a certain kind of structure, you can always get that by informing your dealer about the requirements.

Finally, these realistic dolls fare far better also because they are available in a range of options. You will never find such extensive variety while purchasing any other type of sex dolls.


While sex dolls are made of various components, their most expensive variant is crafted from Silicon or silicon-based products like TPE. The dolls crafted from these materials almost resemble a human being and more often than not, their faces and bodies are based on real individuals. The more higher-priced dolls also use high-quality skin material that you would otherwise find in sci-fi movies. In some cases, the dolls also come with hair from real people. As previously explained, these dolls come with flexible joint and shoulder movement thanks to the articulated PVC that is used for meeting this purpose. Owing to the flexibility, one can use these dolls for performing a range of sexual tasks. Some manufacturers also use this as a point of flexing and display these dolls outside their stores.

As already discussed, silicone and TPE dolls are the higher-priced variant of the sex dolls. In cheaper options, you will find vinyl and latex dolls that are usually inflatable and almost half the size of silicone dolls. That is also one of the reasons why several individuals opt for silicone and TPE variants over anything else. Since silicone dolls may also be used for replicating a range of poses, sometimes artists and photography enthusiasts consider using them as a model.


Well, now that you are aware of how sex dolls are made, you probably understand the amount of accuracy and skill that goes behind the process. Silicone dolls aren’t regular mannequins. They are rather advanced toys that are designed keeping all your requirements in mind. Not only do they resemble humans, but they also exhibit a range of body functions that you would otherwise only expect from a human. They are exceptional in the way they look and feel and are certainly a worthy investment. This may also be the reason why they are priced so steep. But nowadays, you find quality sex dolls in almost every price range and design. Since they also come with plenty of customizable components, the final product is an absolute treat.


If you are ready to start looking at the finished product because you would like to own your first sex doll. Click here to start browsing.

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