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How Do You Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

How Do You Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

We all know that studying for the test is still not quite the same as presenting an exam. So, no matter how much you research you do about sex dolls, chances are you still have some doubts. Sex dolls are designed to be as realistic as possible when it comes to intercourse and this means that it's going to be a lot like it. However, no matter how realistic sex doll sex is you are bound to find some differences. So today we'll be taking a look at the world of sex dolls to learn more about how you have sex with them.


Sex dolls can be about company or aesthetics, but at the end of the day "sex" is what they are listed and designed for. So, if you are curious about how to handle your brand-new sex doll from the moment it reaches your house to the long-awaited bed debut be sure to stick around. You'll learn quite a few things along the way.


In short, having sex with a sex doll is as easy as real sex. There are many different basic positions you can do with a sex doll because of their flexible nature and their anatomy resembles that of a real woman. By reading this article, you’ll find a few inspiring ideas to push your creativity when you have sex with your sex doll for the first time.



Keep in Mind the Weight

Heavy Sex Doll

ILDOLL's Anna: a whopping 59kg sex doll!


If you are a first-time sex doll owner there are quite a few things that might surprise you at first, and those will impact how you handle sex with your doll in the long run. The moment you pick up your doll for the first time be it on location or once it gets delivered something will become very obvious: They are heavy.


In our store we make sure to always list the weight of each unique sex doll model and it's for good reason. High-end sex dolls are made with specialized materials like TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) or Silicone and have functioning skeletons to amount for the mobility that sex demands. All of this is needed for the quality modern sex dolls offer, but it adds some pounds.


In general, you can expect a fully jointed doll to weight around 20 to 35 kilograms, and while that number doesn't sound high, once you pick them up, you'll realize that's roughly half of what a regular woman weights.


Unlike other sex toys dolls take considerable space and will also require effort to move around. Meaning that just like with traditional sex getting everything ready will still take some time and preparation. All things said however weight is not a bad thing. A large part of what separates the feeling of sex and masturbation is the gravity of it all. When you thrust in sex you feel the other person and their weight against yours. In that sense sex dolls help bridge that distance in a way smaller sex toys can't. But the weight is something to keep in mind if you have back problems or the like.


The general idea here is that you need to be ready for a preparation process, and you can't just open your doll and start right there. However, once you get used to the presence of your doll it all will become easier with time.



Knowing your sex doll's anatomy

This is an example of a WM Doll that has a fuckable vagina, anus, and mouth.


Not all sex dolls are made the same and this will affect the way you approach sex with them. You need to understand how your doll is made so you don't cause any harm to the doll along the way.


The first thing you'll notice is the material from which their skin is made. Most high-end dolls in the market nowadays are made with TPE or Silicone, and this applies to our selection as well. TPE and Silicone are very interesting material that can replicate both the texture and warmth of human skin. TPE and Silicone however do come with other perks that are important both for romance and maintenance. Always make sure to check the description first but with TPE and Silicone dolls you can usually wash them. And you really should clean them up as soon as they arrive, it's just common protocol in life and more so in these days.


The next key aspect to consider is the joints. Movement is all when it comes to sex dolls. We've had masturbation toys for decades, but the lifelike texture and motion of current sex dolls are what truly and fully sets them apart. Sex doll skeletons are universally made with steel nowadays meaning that they are durable while remaining fairly limb.


That said do keep in mind that you are moving a skeleton frame. You should expect some resistance when moving the doll and that's good because it means poses will hold. But never force anything. Try to use natural motions and if at any point you feel motion is impeded stop and try to think of other angles you can use. Learning to move around your doll is key to ensure you can enjoy sex with it to the fullest. So always keep in mind the natural limitations its body might have.


Once you are used to the texture, weight and movement of your doll you are ready for penetration. Get settled in as we go over how to best enjoy each hole your sex doll has to offer.



All about the sex doll's holes

Dolls usually have three holes to represent oral, vaginal and anal sex. However, even across the same category there are bound to be differences. The first thing you need to understand is if your doll has a removable or built-in hole. Removable holes are just like they sound, they can fully be removed from the frame for cleaning and potential replacement. This won't affect sex that much but will be relevant post-sex.


Certain dolls come with electrical parts that allow themselves to heat their holes for use, but this won't be the case for every single model. Both holes and skin are designed to contain heat so thankfully you can warm them up relatively easily. There are various tools and accessories sold exclusively for this, such as USB warmers. Technically speaking warming might not be necessary for the doll to function, but you will have an improved experience if you go the extra way.


And of course, you just can't forget the lube. Lubricant is vital for sex and with a sex doll you can't expect natural lubrication. Grab a water-based lubricant and apply it to your liking. You will learn with time what is the perfect amount for you, but for your first time it's better to use a fair amount. You want to be comfortable and truly enjoy the experience after all.


Now you need to know how to handle each hole. Generally speaking, build and material for each one will be roughly the same, but their design does change each experience. The mouth hole is the narrowest and can often be the largest difference between traditional sex and sex with a sex doll. To access the mouth hole, open the doll's mouth and explore with your fingers. What you want to know at this point is how far it goes. Mouth holes always are the narrowest and shortest in a doll so by exploring you can be sure of how far you can thrust.


Something that might affect your perception of oral sex with a doll is the angle of the cavity. Usually with oral sex you would angle downward, but sex dolls tend to have their cavity aiming upwards. The reason for this is so that the hole doesn't impede neck movement, it's not a huge difference but keep it in mind so you don't misuse your doll.


Anal holes are the second deepest, while vaginal holes are the overall winners when it comes to depth. Generally, the positioning will be the main difference you'll see between these two holes. You can expect anal holes to be tighter to better replicate anal sex, but both are vertically angled holes so you can handle them more or less the same.


As with real sex you can expect some resistance when attempting penetration, but you shouldn't be too afraid to push forward. Provided your doll is properly lubricated there should be no issue with penetration, and once you get used to the force needed it'll become second nature. As we mentioned for your first time, we recommend abundant lubrication, but also to opt for the vaginal hole. All you need to do is pick a comfortable position, which is exactly what we'll be looking at next.



Finding your favorite position


While sex positions don't change whether you are having sex with a woman or a doll how comfortable each position is will change. Since dolls can't move on their own positions that keep the woman on top are out of the picture. You need to rely on positions where the man is doing all the moving, thankfully there's no shortage of these.



Missionary remains as reliable as always. All you need to do is angle your leg's doll in a v position to start. Missionary has a lot of advantages for sex doll owners: First, it gives clear and unobstructed access to the vaginal hole, it's a position where all movement depends on the man and dolls won't get tired of keeping their legs up. Missionary is a great beginner's position and reliable for any quick sex session.



On the other hand, doggy is something of a mixed bag. Many people claim it's one of the best positions since it allows the man to remain standing, however others complain about how hard it is to perform with a doll. On one hand doggy is known to be one of the most pleasurable positions for men, on the other, it does require a more elaborate pose for the doll. Additionally, some dolls will tend to slide during sex. All in all, this position will vary with model, but thankfully there's another great standing position.



Legs on shoulder or pro-bono is another great option because it grants a great range of movement to the man. Pro-bono can be done laying down like missionary, but you can also be crouched, on your knees for power or even standing. Your doll won't even need to have her legs on top of you and keeping them upright provides an easy support point. This position is great because it offers you many options from a simple pose. And your doll won't get tired of keeping her legs up so there's no need to worry about that.



When it comes to oral sex sitting and kneeling will be your best friends. While laying down position might be tempting you need to remember that oral holes aren't angled the same way as throats. So ultimately you won't get a benefit from such a position. Kneeling is a classic because it provides the perfect height to reach the penis, but it will require more folding joints than sitting. If you have a stool or a low step you can try it in a sitting position. You'll likely reach the perfect height with much less effort involved.


All in all, you can easily try out any variant of missionary and should have no problem with them. There's a lot of positions that rely on the man for movement and with some experimentation you'll come to find your personal favorite.



After Care


Remember when we mentioned that some holes were removable and others not? This is where it becomes relevant, Dolls in general will require oiling and powdering from time to time based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Like any good product maintenance is important to keep your investment. But the most constant cleaning you will be doing is after sex.


If the holes are removable simply take them out according to the instructions and rinse them in warm water or soap. If removing them isn't possible, you'll largely be doing the same but will need to spend some more time to reach each orifice. Don't use any other cleaning products or anything that might be abrasive. And once you are done make sure to wipe out any excess moisture with a towel.


As usual, make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations before trying out any cleaning product on your sex doll. But by now you are a certified sex doll master. You have learned all the tricks and tips needed to have great sex with your doll. So, we hope you are having a great time and continue to enjoy yourself with your new purchase.

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