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How Long Do Sex Dolls Last? Here's the Answer

How Long Do Sex Dolls Last? Here's the Answer

It’s not an easy question to answer because a sex doll’s life will vary depending on usage and care. Another problem is that sex dolls are a rather new product on the market and there just isn’t enough information out there to be able to reliably estimate the question.


However, here at Sex Doll Queen we want to be able to answer our customer questions as best we can, so we did some research both on doll usage and material degradation.


We figured out an estimate for how long sex dolls will usually last:


Sex dolls will usually last anywhere between 2 to 10 years depending on the material quality as well as how it is used.


Let’s look at some of the common factors that will influence a sex doll’s life expectancy:




The way you use a sex doll is a primary driving factor for how long she will last. It doesn’t matter if she’s made of silicone or TPE if you beat the crap out of her she won’t last very long.


Of course, as a user, you want to use your sex doll and you might have some crazy fantasies and we’re all for it, but how can you play out those fantasies without damaging your beautiful sex doll?


Here are some of our strategies:


  1. Avoid dragging her across the floor or bumping her all over the place when you move her from place to place. This is an easy way to tear your doll our cause damage to her joints. Simply pick her up and put her where she needs to be and be careful when you do it.


  1. Clean your sex doll every time you use her. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes once you get used to it. If you leave your fluids all over the doll you run a real risk of creating bacteria and fungus inside of your doll which will damage the material. It can even become a health risk to you.


  1. Store her in the right position. She can be lying down or standing up, it doesn’t matter, but you always want her joints to be fully extended. This way you’re not keeping pressure on her joints for extended periods of time which can damage your doll and cause the joints to become loose or even break. If the interior skeleton is broken, then you can pretty much say goodbye to your beautiful doll. Good places to store your doll are inside a crate or box or standing in your wardrobe. You want it to be cool and dark as exposure to the sun can discolor your doll and overheating the doll can melt the skin.


Buy Your Doll from A Reputable Seller


No matter what type of material you decide to buy, TPE or silicone, the manufacturer can use different grades of raw goods. It is recommended that you buy your doll from someone that knows what the heck they are doing.


Here at Sex Doll Queen our TPE is a thermoplastic copolyester which is a high grade of TPE that comes with good fatigue resistance and tear strength. We import all our TPE from Japan.


It is important that your store uses a high grade of TPE because it will have a big impact on its overall life. Low grade TPE’s will only last towards the low end of 2 years where higher grade TPE’s can help you keep your doll for many more years.


Makeup Will Fade Quite Quickly


Your doll’s lipstick and makeup will fade away pretty quickly when your start using her. This is normal and will depend on usage. You can apply any type of make-up to your doll and it will not damage her. Time to start watching some YouTube tutorials!


Use Appropriate Clothing


Using appropriate clothing for your doll is essential. If you have large buttons or chains on the clothing this may tear the dolls skin. Try to use clothing that have elastic properties and don’t possess any sort of paraphilia on it.


Another important thing to do is remove the clothing when you are done with the doll. Leaving clothes on your doll for many days may cause the clothes to discolor on your doll. This cannot be undone, and your doll will have weird colored marks on her. Make sure to wash the clothes at least once before your sex doll wears it.


Avoid Baths or Showers


We already wrote an article about this. But in short you should avoid baths or showers altogether if you can.


If you really want to shower or bath with your sex doll, then there are some important things you need to do and consider:


  1. Her Material: TPE is not heat resistant whereas silicone can go in hot water without a problem
  2. Her Head: Don’t submerge her head and hair under water as this can wreck her hair as well as allow water in between the head and body area which can damage the interior exoskeleton
  3. Drying Her: You will want to dry the doll carefully making sure that there is absolutely no water left on her body after a bath or shower. Pat her skin gently using a dry towel.


I hope you found this article useful. Here at Sex Doll Queen we are all about quality products and superior customer service. If you are considering a sex doll, we’d love for you to take a look at some of our beautiful models here.

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