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How to Choose Clothes for Your Sex Doll

How to Choose Clothes for Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls are designed especially for satisfying sexual needs and fantasies. Though these dolls are manufactured mainly for sex, it doesn't have to be naked all the time. You can add clothes to your sex dolls and dress them up the way you want to make them look aesthetically beautiful and attractive and give them a particular style. You can choose sex doll clothes based on your moods and preferences.

You can set the mood for your bedroom with some lingerie or anything sexy while you can even dress up your sex doll with something casual for a nice non-sexual interaction. You can even choose cosplay costumes for these dolls to give them a look like fictional characters.


In summary, choosing sex doll clothing is simple, you must choose something you like and make sure it is a quality material that will not harm the doll. You must carefully read the measurements of both your sex doll and the clothing website to make sure the item will fit, and you need to be careful for darker clothing, tight fits, or any metal accessories that may damage your sex doll.


Want to know more about sex doll clothing and how to choose the perfect one for your doll? Read on as we have provided a thorough guide on this.

Why do your sex dolls need clothes?

Kyomi: JYDoll Asian Sex Doll

Having a sex doll can be a very exciting feeling for any man or woman. This is because you have a partner who is ready to have sex anytime you want. But if the doll looks the same every time, it can get monotonous or boring for you. How about changing its appearance to make it look or feel different? If you want that, then sex doll clothing can play an important role here. Some of the reasons why you need some clothes for your sex dolls are:

  • To make it look attractive
  • Change the appearance or looks
  • Give the right vibe or feel to it
  • Elevating the sex appeal of the doll
  • Make it look realistic

If you too want these, then you have to choose some of the best clothes for your doll. Are you thinking about what to choose or how to choose? You can buy different types of clothing items for your sex dolls. Whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE doll, you can choose:

  • Underwear
  • Outfits, such as dresses, skirts, tops, etc.
  • Shoes and accessories

You can choose the right clothing items depending on the gender of the doll that you have. The clothing for female sex dolls will be different from the clothing for your male sex dolls.

Clothing for female sex dolls

When you are dressing up your female sex doll, have many options such as lingerie, dresses, tops, skirts, etc.

  • Lingerie for sex dolls


Cortney: JYDoll Asian Sex Doll

One of the most popular clothing items for sex dolls is lingerie. It has to be as the dolls look even more attractive wearing them. These lingerie sets can amplify the sex appeal. A matching set can look beautiful and make you want to relive your wildest fantasies. There are different options in materials and designs when it comes to lingerie. You can choose from lace designs, satin, and more. Do you want full-cut panties or something else? These realistic lingerie sets can make your doll look sexy and quite attractive.

  • Dresses for sex dolls


Daisy: Zelex White Sex Doll (Silicone Head)

When it comes to sex doll clothing, choosing a beautiful and sexy dress can be the best option for you. Whether you need some theme-style dresses or a casual one, it will be your preference. Do you want to dress them up in a vintage look or just a simple casual one? You can get gothic dresses, period pieces, and many more for themes. You can also choose a simple or a sexy dress too.

  • Tops with bottoms

Li Li: Qita Doll Asian Sex Doll

You can even dress up your sex dolls with beautiful tops, skirts, shorts, or other bottoms. Just like the dresses, the tops and bottoms are also available in different themes. You can either choose a themed top and skirt or you can even choose a casual one. You can match the top with the right bottoms whether you want to dress the doll in some office attire or a casual one.

  • Shoes & accessories
Jan: ASDoll White Sex Doll

When it comes to sex doll clothing, shoes and accessories play a major role. A female sex doll can look even more attractive with a perfect pair of shoes and some accessories to accentuate their beauty. For shoes, you can select stilettoes as well as some boots depending on the costume that your doll is wearing. You also have a lot of options for accessories for female sex dolls. You can choose some bling jewelry or some plain and simple ones. You can deck up your doll with chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and more.


Clothing for male sex dolls

Male sex dolls have different outfits and clothing items too. You can choose different types of sex doll clothing items if you have a male sex doll at home.

  • Underwear
Tang: Qita Doll Asian Male Sex Doll

When it comes to underwear, male dolls do not have as many varieties as female ones. You can choose from the briefs and boxers that are available. Also, you can look for thongs for men that are available too. You can find these underwear items in different material choices, such as cotton, silk, and satin.

  • Outfits

Aaron: ASDoll White Male Sex Doll

If you want your male sex dolls to wear something more than just underwear, then you can opt for some male sex doll clothes too. It can be something formal or casual. For male sex dolls, you can buy formal suits to give them a professional look that can accentuate some personality. Also, you can opt for some basic casuals or semi-casuals to keep it attractive and subtle. There are different options available for the male sex doll outfit, such as - a shirt, t-shirt, jacket, jeans, and more.

  • Accessories & shoes

Jack: Irontech Male Sex Doll

Make sex dolls too can wear accessories as it can help in accentuating the sex appeal and beauty. Along with that, a pair of perfect shoes can complete the look. For accessories, you can choose sunglasses, watches, or even studs and necklaces for male sex dolls. If you are dressing up the doll with something formal, you can even add ties and belts to complete the overall look. The choice of accessories and shoes depends completely on your preferences and outfit choices.

How to choose clothes for sex dolls?

Now that you know about the choices of sex doll clothing items that you can buy, you have to know how to choose the best. When it comes to sex dolls, it is more like a real partner to the owner as they play a huge role in their life. Hence, you will like to dress it up in the best way possible. Here are some of the ways to choose the clothes for your sex doll:

  • Body proportions

Ursula: Starpery White Sex Doll (Full Silicone)

When you buy your clothes, the most important thing that you look for is the size or measurements. Of course, you need to determine the correct size or measurement so that the clothing items can fit perfectly. Consider the sizes properly while you are choosing the clothes for your sex dolls. What are the measurements that you need to know?

  1. Waist size
  2. Height of the sex doll
  3. Size of the breast/chest
  4. Hip size

When you buy a sex doll, the sizes are generally mentioned by the seller. If you do not have that chart with you, then you can measure on your own. It is easy to take with a measuring tape. Make sure to take the measurements correctly to determine the right size of clothes that will fit your sex doll.

  • Materials to consider

Savannah (Silicone Head) - AD158CM L: White Climax Doll Sex Doll

When you are buying clothes for your sex dolls, you have to consider the materials as well. Some of the cheap quality materials can leave a stain behind on your sex dolls if it is made up of TPE. Though sex dolls made up of silicone are not susceptible to stains, it is not impossible. But getting rid of those stains can be difficult.

Also, you need to make sure that the material feels good against your body. Otherwise, it cannot provide you with the satisfaction or feeling you are expecting. Hence, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right quality when it comes to materials. Some of the materials that you can choose for your sex dolls are:

  1. Satin
  2. Cotton
  3. Silk
  4. Lace

But if you want to make a safe choice, it is better to limit the sex doll clothing options to light-colored only. Thus, the risk of getting stains on sex dolls reduces.

  • Style or Design

Scarlet: Irontech White Sex Doll

When you are choosing clothes for your sex doll, you have to consider the style. In this case, you have to determine in which style you want to dress up the doll. There are many options that you can consider for styling and these are:

  1. BDSM
  2. Casual
  3. Sexy and attractive
  4. Formal or professional look
  5. Theme styles

These are the most popular choices that people consider when it comes to styling sex dolls. You can even add accessories, wigs, shoes, etc. to accentuate the clothes and make your doll look even more appealing.

Tips to Choose the Best Sex Doll Clothes

While you are choosing the right clothes for your sex doll, you need to keep certain things in your mind. These are:

Tip #1: Avoid tight clothes

You need to make sure that the clothes are of the right size. You must avoid clothes that are too tight as they can harm the shape of the sex doll.

Tip #2: Avoid dark colors

As mentioned above, avoiding dark colors is a better choice. The dark-colored fabrics can stain the dolls easily. These stains are quite hard to get rid of.

Tip #3: Avoid underwired bra

When shopping for lingerie to dress up your sex doll, avoid the bra that comes with wires under the cup. This can ruin the shape of the doll.

Tip #4: Back/front open

Make sure to buy clothes that can easily be opened either from the front or back. Otherwise, it can ruin the hair or even the face shape.

Best places to buy sex doll clothes

It is quite evident that sex doll clothing items need to be selected very carefully. Hence, you need to shop from the best places. There are two options from where you can buy the clothing items for your sex dolls - online clothing stores and offline clothing stores.

The best option to consider is online stores as many people prefer to remain discreet while shopping for sex doll clothes. You can avoid those judging eyes and awkwardness while browsing through hundreds of products from the comfort of your home. Now that you know exactly how you can choose the right sex doll clothing items, it will not be difficult for you to choose them. But you have to pick the right store.

Here are some tips for you to choose the best place to shop for sex doll clothing items:

  1. Look for a reliable and reputed online store
  2. Make sure the store has an incredible collection with amazing varieties
  3. The store must offer a return or exchange policy in case of any issues
  4. Look for the quality of the customer service that they offer
  5. Find a store that offers clothing items of different sizes for both male and female dolls
  6. The online store must have some good customer feedback and reviews

Finding the right online store will not be a difficult job for you. You just have to research a bit and find the most reliable online store to shop at.


Hopefully, it will be easier for you to choose the right sex doll clothes now. Make sure to keep all the tips, criteria, and essential points that are mentioned above. As sex dolls are expensive, you need to make sure that you are not ruining them or causing any harm to the shape while dressing them up. Determining the right shape and size of the clothing items is essential to choose the right and the best clothes for these dolls. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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