Sex Dolls for Women

Sex Dolls for Women

Due to the latest advancements in sex dolls, women are cozying up to the sex doll industry like never before. Dolls are being made lighter, more lifelike, and more adaptable to cater to the needs and wants of women who favor the convenience of realistic dolls over conventional dating.


There are many different type of sex dolls that cater to women, including lightweight female dolls with optional penis attachments, male sex dolls, and male sex doll torsos.


There are numerous things to consider when buying a sex doll, from personal likes and conveniences to getting what you really want out of the experience. But one of the most important factors for many women is the weight and size of the doll.


Doll Sizes and Weight

Angelina, a very short and lightweight sex doll, perfect for a woman wanting something easy to carry to the bedroom.


Weight is a strong consideration for women who may not be able to easily move a larger doll around in the bedroom. However, lightweight dolls and torsos might not give you all that you want in your sex doll experience.


Full-sized sex dolls vary in weight and can range anywhere from 25 kg to 40 kg (50 to 88 pounds). They are the most realistic dolls available, almost lifelike, and give women the full boyfriend experience without the uncomfortable small talks and eventual parent meets. Being over 5 feet tall, they can be dressed in regular clothes and are crafted to look like the user's ideal man. The downside is not only the weight of the full-sized dolls, but also the storage situation. Closet space is essential for storing the doll on a hanging hook to keep it out of sight when company stops by or, heavens forbid, the apartment maintenance guy.


Mid-weight dolls are similar to the full-sized dolls except they tend to be shorter in height. At roughly 4 feet tall, these sex dolls weigh around 20 kg to 25 kg (44 to 50 pounds). They have all the real life features that the full-sized dolls have and they can wear regular clothing.


Male torsos are the lightweight option available to women. These dolls, ranging from 5 kg to 15 kg (11 to 33 pounds), sometimes have changeable private parts and are easier to hide in storage than the full-body dolls. The downside to the convenience is that the skin texture is often less real to the touch and the torsos do not provide women with the full body experience. The torsos also lack the full customization one gets with full-sized and mid-weight dolls.


Knowing the pros and cons upfront will help you choose which doll is best for your needs and situation.


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Customizable Looks


Sex dolls can be customized from head to toe. Women can choose hair, eye, skin color, and even the feet type for their dolls. This is great news for women who have very specific preferences when it comes to their men. And women do not have to stick with traditional looks either. There are anime male sex dolls with chiseled, godlike features and the bad boys of silicone complete with fine abs and pouty man lips.


The Penis Attachment


With sex dolls, women can finally date the right man with the perfectly sized penis, whether that preference is short, fat, long, or lean. The private parts of the male doll can be ordered to fit and a doll can be bought with multiple attachments of different sizes to suit the mood of the moment.


Penis attachments are available in an erect state. They are flesh like and crafted to look like the real thing. You can buy a penis attachment with any sex doll on the website by going into sex doll options and selecting the removable penis option.


Have a Lesbian Experience


One thing that women have been missing out on in the sex doll industry is the versatility of the dolls. Female dolls, which come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, can be fitted with a penis insert. If you want the experience of having a girlfriend, but also prefer the use of a dildo, the penis insert will fulfill both of your fantasies.


For women who are looking for a lightweight sex doll, this can also be the perfect option available for them because there is a larger variety of female dolls available that are easier to lift and store than there are of male dolls at this time.


Women's Advantages of Buying a Sex Doll


Forbes recently published an article on the surge in sex doll sales during quarantine. Sales to men, women, and couples have jumped significantly. 


Sexually evolving attitudes have changed the way we look at sex dolls and the people who buy them, and women are becoming more vocal about what they want in a man doll.


First, there are the emotional needs. Like their male counterparts, there are women who want to be with someone who is incapable of cheating on them. The exclusivity of a sex doll relationship can be intoxicating and also allows the woman to be in full control of her personal life while sharing intimate moments with her silicone lover.


The sexual needs are obvious. The woman is in full control of the sex, whether it happens or doesn't happen, and how often it happens. She can wine and dine her man or just skip all the formalities and crawl into bed with him.


Blogger and Vogue Breathless columnist Karley Sciortino tested out a male sex doll and said, "It feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person except that I am completely in control."


For the few women who are willing to talk about their sex dolls, the experience is far better than going on endless Bumble dates that often lead to disappointment in the bedroom.


As the sex doll industry continues to reach out and uncover the sexual needs of straight women, they are finding that there are women who want sex dolls with more realistic, "dad bod" type bodies. Women also want to be able to interact with their sex dolls and share simple, intimate conversations.


More research is being done by the sex doll industry to capture a larger percentage of women who are considering buying a sex doll, and as the interest for male sex dolls increase, so will the selection and body types increase to meet the demands.


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