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Showering with Your Sex Doll (The Do’s and Dont’s)

Showering with Your Sex Doll (The Do’s and Dont’s)


Our customers are often wondering if they can have showers with their sex dolls. So we wanted to put it to the test and did a little bit of research to find out if you could have a shower with a sex doll and what you needed to think about before doing it. 

So the question is, can you actually take a shower with your sex doll?

Yes you can take a shower with your sex doll but there are certain considerations you want to have before doing it for example you won't want to submerge her head or hair fully in the water.

Another consideration you want to have is whether your doll is made of silicone or TPE:


A TPE doll is very sensitive to high heat water, therefore you will not want to have her in the shower at over 35 degrees celsius as this will likely cause extreme damage to the doll including skin color discoloration and damage to the TPE material as it will start melting.

If you were to take a shower with a TPE doll it would be recommended to have lukewarm to warm water instead of taking a very hot shower.

If you can avoid it altogether please do, TPE dolls are not the best type of dolls to have a shower with, you have to be so careful with TPE dolls underwater that it almost may not be worth the risk.


Silicone dolls are heat resistant and will react like normal human skin which means that they can handle high heat as well as boiling water (Although I wouldn’t boil your doll, unless you hate her or something!). Therefore you should not have a problem with water temperature for your silicone doll.

Use a Plastic Bag During Shower

Using a plastic bag between the removable head and the body may protect the interior exoskeleton it is also important to protect any open wounds on the doll and to make sure that after the shower you empty the open wounds from any excess water that may build up in the wound hole.

Again, if your doll does have open wounds, it would not be recommended to shower with her as this may cause rust and fungus build up inside the wounds and may damage both the exoskeleton and the silicone or TPE skin. These dolls are expensive and you should do everything you can to keep them alive as long as possible.

Dry After Shower

After showering with your sex doll. It is very important to dry her thoroughly. You could use a towel to dry her skin and hair and make sure not to forget to dry hidden areas such as under the breast and between the thighs.

You may use a dryer after the shower on your sex doll, but you would have to use a very low setting and be a very good distance from the sex doll as you do not want to melt her hair nor do you want to melt the permanent make-up on her face.

Avoid Putting Her Head Under Water

Although you may be able to put the head under water if you use the plastic bag rule above, you don't know how the makeup will react when submerged in hot water nor do you know how the hair will react with some hot water. If you were to take a shower with your sex though it is highly recommended that you try to avoid putting her head underwater all together as it would avoid future issues with your very expensive sex doll.

What to Consider Before Buying a Doll

If you haven’t bought a sex doll yet and you absolutely want to shower with her than I would opt for a silicone doll as it is a much better material for that purpose. You will have more freedom and it may be more of a pleasurable experience than a stressful one.

Another important consideration is weight. To shower with a doll you have to carry her into the shower and hold her and move her yourself. This might be more of a workout than a fun shower sex session and nobody likes working out. So I would recommend opting for smaller less heavy dolls.


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