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Top 15 Sex Dolls with Long Hair (With Pictures!)

Top 15 Sex Dolls with Long Hair (With Pictures!)

Today we want to celebrate long hair. There’s something about a sex doll with long hair that make her irresistibly sexy.

Long hair is often associated with femininity and beauty. For sex doll owners, it’s something that can add realism to the experience. We all know a beautiful woman with amazing long hair. Long hair is the object of many fantasies and with reason.

In this article, you will find some of our best sex dolls with long hair. Each of these sex dolls are available right here on the website as well, just click any of the pictures or the links provided to see more of her precious beautiful long hair.

Here are 15 sex dolls with long hair:

1. Quennie: Long Hair Red Head Sex Doll


There is definitely something special about red-haired sex dolls. Red hair exudes beauty, class, and spirit. What makes Quennie so special is her long luscious red hair. Everyone of her curls tell a unique spirited story. Red hair is often associated with eroticism and sex. This is why many people are lustful of red hair. In this case, Quennie definitely has some of the best hair on our website.


Click here to see more pictures of Quennie.


2. Wilma: Long Hair Blonde Sex Doll


Say hello to Wilma. One of the most attractive sex dolls on our website thanks in part to her irresistibly beautiful locks of blonde hair. Blonde women are often seen as the archetype of the pretty lady. Often the pretty, popular girls in school, blondes are perceived as the out-of-this league type of gal. No matter how you see blondes, you can't deny that Wilma has one of the most beautiful long set of hairs you can find in a sex doll.


Click here to see more pictures of Wilma.


3. Agnes: Long Purple Hair Sex Doll


If anything can get your eyes off DAT ASS, it's definitely her unique style of long hair. With hair like that, you can tell that Agnes is fringe. She's got her unique style that any reasonable man can appreciate. One of the best things about beautiful long hair is when it touches the butt, and in her case it does just that. Agnes deserves all the attention she gets.


Click here to see more pictures of Agnes.


4. Marie: Long Black Hair Sex Doll


There's something about Marie, and it probably has something to do with that head of hair of hers. We absolutely love her unique classical oriental style of hair. She pulls it off in a spectacular way that is both mysterious and alluring.


Click here to see more pictures of Marie.


5. Aoife: Long Blonde Hair Sex Doll


Everybody loves a girl in a hat. Well Aoife is a sex doll in a hat and she pulls it off quite nicely. What is especially appealing is her great head of hair that perfectly compliments the unique skiier girl vibe. She's got perfect platinum blonde hair and she obviously loves showing and stylizing it.


Click here to see more pictures of Aoife.


6. Leyla: Long Curly Hair Sex Doll


You can't write a hair article without mentioning our beautiful Leyla. She has the look of a Maxim cover girl and the hair of a princess. We love her long voluminous hair that reach halfway down her body. One might say she's the sex doll version of Rapunzel if there ever was one.


Click here to see more pictures of Leyla.


7. Tiffany: Long Blue Hair Sex Doll


Tiffany ain't no ordinary girl and she knows it. She rocks that anime cosplay look with that amazing set of blue hair of hers. We love the unique look that her very long hair brings to the table. If you're into anime and manga looking girls, Tiffany is definitely the one for you.


Click here to see more pictures of Tiffany.


8. Wonder Woman: Long Black Hair Sex Doll


You can't write an article about long black hair without including Wonder Woman can you? She's been known for her amazing feminine like long hair for almost a hundred years! Wonder Woman sports one of the classic voluminous amazonian-like black hairstyles that all men love.


Click here to see more pictures of Wonder Woman.


9. Shukie: Long Hair Brunette Sex Doll


We love the way Shukie's long curly brunette hair was stylized for this photo-shoot. She has a real college girl vibe that we simply adore here. If you're into a perfect bod with even better hair then you've got to get see more pictures of this lovely piece of sex doll perfection.


Click here to see more pictures of Shukie.


10. Erica: Long Black Hair Sex Doll


This is my personal favorite sex doll so I might be a bit biased but that hair is so beautiful and perfect I just can't stop looking at it. She has one of the best bodies you'll ever find which is only made even better by her long perfectly straight hair. On top of that, she's got some amazing volume that makes it just the right amount of damn. Erica has a very middle-eastern, latina look that I just can't help myself but be mesmerized with.


Click here to see more pictures of Erica.


11. Elaine: Long Curly Hair Sex Doll


If you appreciate long hair, you'll appreciate Elaine. Besides being a literal f'in Queen, she's got one of the best head of hairs I've ever seen. She's got volume, curls, length, shine, and a unique color which looks like a blend of red and brown.


Click here to see more pictures of Elaine.


12. Dianne: Long Hair Blonde Sex Doll


Dianne isn't your typical sex doll. She's a bit chubby and more on the realistic side. However, that doesn't take anything away from her classic blonde styled hair. She could be the equivalent of the girl next door. Always looking her best and putting a lot of emphasis on her best qualities, her headpiece.


Click here to see more pictures of Dianne.


13. Leslie: Long Hair Curly Brunette Sex Doll


Leslie has hands down one of the best hairstyles on the entire website. She's got lovely curly hair with a beautiful brown finish. These are the types of locks you could, and want to, get lost in all night long.


Click here to see more pictures of Leslie.


14. Jessica: Long Black and White Hair Sex Doll


Coming all the way from our friends at EXDOLL, Jessica has a unique style of hair that leaves you wanting to see more. She has the asian Cruella de Vil vibe, only sexier. She's not a cheap doll though and will set you back a bit, but we think that she's more than worth it.


Click here to see more pictures of Jessica.


15. Camila: Long Hair Blonde Sex Doll


Last but not least, the Queen herself, Camila. She has one of the most beautiful looks on the entire website and is a personal favorite of mine. Her curls are amazing and would be the envy of any woman. She's got a whole lot to play with and that includes her amazing hair.


Click here to see more pictures of Camila.


Hopefully you enjoyed this article.

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