6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Realistic Sex Doll

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Realistic Sex Doll

There was a time when sex dolls were taboo – a sexual stigma reserved only for the freaks and the fetishists. You maybe remember the days of blowup sex dolls at frat parties and in teen movies. Nowadays, however, as sex dolls get even more and more realistic, they are also coming out of the closet of shame and are being more widely accepted, among both men and women.


Historically used to cure loneliness or out of mere curiosity, realistic sex dolls are now becoming a staple in many people’s toy collections. The beauty in sex dolls is that you can make love to whoever you want to that night – not only in appearance, but you can also create a fantasy of who this person is to you.


So, if you’re still considering whether you should take the leap and buy your first realistic sex doll, we’re here to put all your objections at bay – here are 6 reasons why you should buy a realistic sex doll today.


  1. Great for solo masturbation


Unsurprisingly, sex dolls are meant to bring you utmost sexual pleasure, without the need of a human partner. In fact, many men have praised sex dolls for their ability to provide the visual and physical stimulation they need to have an “affair” without cheating on their partner, particularly when going through periods where sex just isn’t happening.


With a sex doll, you can have whatever kind of sex you like, without any questions or judgement. Whether it’s for a quick fix or to get back on track after a bad breakup, a sex doll can be the perfect alternative to a real-life partner while you go through any transition period. Plus, there’s no need to worry about getting anyone pregnant!


No strings attached, realistic sex dolls are basically the closest alternative to the real thing as you can get. You can indulge in almost any type of masturbation that you enjoy – oral, vaginal, anal…and everything in between. Your only limit is your imagination. Try your hand at everything from anal, hand jobs, foot jobs, soft breasts, to an ass that shakes like the girl of your dreams.


  1. Perfect for trying new positions


Experimenting with new positions in bed can be tricky the first time around. You can feel an immense amount of pressure when it comes to performing, and anxiety about disappointing your partner.


That’s where realistic sex dolls come in. Since they are the closest thing to real sex that you can get without an actual human – each doll has a realistic pussy, along with other realistic orifices and a full-sized woman’s body – you can practice new positions, new moves, and even work on your oral skills without any performance pressure.


With the extra practice, you’ll be able to master your partner’s clitoris, and different sex positions that will blow your partner’s mind.


  1. To spice up your sex life with your partner


The longer you’ve been with a partner, the more likely you are to fall into a routine in the bedroom, or always rely on the tried and true positions. It’s hard to get inventive and spontaneous when you’ve slept with the same person hundreds of times.


But when you let things get stale in the bedroom, this could lead to even bigger problems in your relationship. To spice things up, you could benefit from some help from a sex doll. They’re highly flexible and submissive, so they are ready to flex and submit to all the dirty things you can your partner want to do. And there are no feelings involved – no one feels used or discarded afterwards.


Threesomes can get messy when you bring in a third party. But if you bring in a realistic sex doll, there’s no jealousy, no drama, and no STI’s. You and your partner can enjoy the sexiness of a threesome without any hurt or disrespect, in any positions that you two desire. Just make sure to be sensitive when suggesting it to your partner, in case they think you’re trying to replace them.


  1. For your sexual wellness


Believe it or not, sex dolls can contribute in a very positive way to your sexual wellness. A healthy and regular sex life has been proven to increase your body’s ability to fight against viruses, germs and even sickness altogether.


From boosting your immunity, to lowering your risk of prostate cancer, to improving heart health, there’s no arguing that frequent masturbation can be great for your health.


In addition to physical health, masturbation in general can be great for your mental health as well. Staying sexually active with your sex doll can help you destress after a long, tense day and can help you have a brighter outlook on life.


  1. They’re safe and hygienic


When trying to fulfill our sexual needs, we may sometimes do things that can compromise our sexual health, such as having unprotected sex with strangers. The risks that come with that are tenfold – how many people has that person slept with? When was the last time they got tested?


A huge perk of having sex with a doll instead of another human is the ability to avoid transmitted diseases such as HIV and other STI’s. As long as you’re keeping your toy clean and hygienic, you’ll be having safe, healthy sex every single time. With the added bonus of no unplanned pregnancies, either!


Thanks to new technology, you can have sex with a hyper-realistic sex doll when you want to, how you want to, and with no worries. Not to mention that you’ll be able to save some money on condoms, too.


  1. You can personalize your doll


Throughout the years, companies have almost perfected the creation of these love dolls. Not only are they becoming more realistic, easier to clean, and hotter than ever before, but there are also plenty on the market to choose from.


You can’t help who you fall in love with, but you can certainly choose who you want to make love to that night…at least, you can with a sex doll. Whatever your style or preference, there will be a doll to match. Everyone has their type of gal – brunette, blonde, redhead, big boobs, small boobs, huge ass, curvy body, freckles, big lips…the world is truly your oyster. You can try out different ethnicities, different sizes, dress her up in different outfits, and even opt for fantasy dolls for an added element of kink.


Not only do you have the option of ready-made dolls, but many companies actually give you the option to customize your doll exactly to your liking. So maybe you have an ex that you miss that you still fantasize about, or a celebrity you can’t have – you’re able to send in a request with all their attributes and receive a doll that looks just like them.


So, you don’t have to worry about chasing that hot girl at the bar for her number for the chance to potentially sleep with her that night – no begging, no desperation. You’ve got your own ultra-realistic, ultra-hot girl waiting for you at home. So that when you date, you can focus more on finding someone who appeals to you on a deeper level, and not just a hot piece of ass.

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