Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Los Angeles

Where to Buy a Sex Doll in Los Angeles

If you are looking to buy a sex doll of your own then the first thing you need to define is where you'll buy it from. Finding the right shop goes a long way to let you get the best possible products and quality shipping and service, so today we want to help sex doll enthusiasts in Los Angeles by comparing the best options available to get the sex doll of your dreams.

In short, Los Angeles is one of the lucky cities with multiple sex shops including sex stores specifically tailored to the sex doll market, sex doll rental services, & online sex stores that deliver free shipping to the greater Los Angeles area.


So without further ado let's take a look at the Los Angeles sex doll market and find out where clients should take their business to:

Shopping Online

Shopping online is generally speaking the best option when it comes to purchasing sex dolls. Online retailers have a larger catalog, tend to have more competitive prices, and shipping straight to your home is of course one of the most convenient ways to shop nowadays. However, before you start browsing on just any site there are three main factors you need to consider, and those are Availability, Reputation, and Service.

If you are going to purchase a sex doll you deserve to have the chance to order a model that truly suits your tastes and not just settle for what is on stock. Reputation is, of course, a major factor too as not all stores that sell sex dolls are trustworthy and nowadays it's all too easy to build a fake front store online. And last but not least you'll want a store that offers great service, with proper support and good shipping options.

At Sex Doll Queen our catalog is nearly unmatched by any other alternatives, we have partnered with some of the top manufacturers in the industry to provide our clients with the best selection they can ask for. We have a wide variety of dolls including robot sex dolls and beyond, so regardless of where your interest and budget lies you can rest assured Sex Doll Queen has it.

Our reputation is spotless too and our user-provided reviews let you know that business with us is completely transparent and safe. And of course, we made sure our service is as successful too, we ship worldwide and we have ample experience delivering packages to the USA in Los Angeles, making sure items arrive in perfect condition and an inconspicuous packaging. So if you are in Los Angeles and looking for a new sex doll, we are ready to assist you and ship any item in our catalog your way.


Start shopping online for sex dolls in Los Angeles now!

In Stores

On the other hand, we understand that some people prefer to compare items in-person or avoid shipping items of this kind altogether, so we took a look at the local options you have in Los Angeles as a sex doll enthusiast. However, sex dolls are traditionally expensive purchases that take up a lot of inventory space and shop budget so in practice you'll find that not a lot of stores keep them in stock.

Our first stops in the Los Angeles sex doll market were Cupid's Closet, A Touch Of Amour, and Amor Lingerie. These three are some of the best-reviewed sex shops in the area, however, none of them keep sex dolls in their stock or available to order, so you'll only be able to find inflatable dolls on their catalog.

The next stop in our research was AV Toy Shop which does carry sex dolls, however, at the time of writing there were only 4 models in their stock meaning that their selection is incredibly limited and might not fit your tastes. Additionally, they do not include the brand on their website, which means that these sex dolls could be low-quality replicas, if you do visit their store, make sure to find out where they are buying these sex dolls.

Here is their contact info: 


(661) 544-2336


Last but not least we took a look at Great Sex Secrets which does keep more sex dolls in stock, but doesn't state the manufacturer or brand of their items which can be a red flag when it comes to quality; again make sure to check with them where they obtain their sex dolls to ensure proper quality.

Here is their contact info:

437 N Baldwin Park Blvd, City of Industry, California, USA


Sex Doll Rental


Los Angeles is also home to a sex doll rental service. This can be a great way to try out a sex doll if you have never tried before for a low price before committing to a $1000+ purchase.


Vivant Dolls offers 5 different sex dolls for rental services starting at $150/hr at their facility or alternatively, rent them overnight for $300 per night (pick-up or delivery at an additional fee).


Vivant Dolls does not list their address on their website but their phone number is 310-596-5587 (text only).


Second-Hand Marketplace

If you still want to look into other alternatives to get a sex doll of your own then the one remaining option is the second-hand marketplace. Los Angeles residents will find the most listings on Facebook Marketplace and Offerup, but there are nonetheless some things you need to keep in mind.

Sex dolls are at the end of the day a niche market, so don't expect to find a lot of listings as soon as you register for either of these sites. And once you do find a listing you need to make sure to do a thorough checkup to ensure the integrity of the doll. Love hole damage, tears on the skin, and skeleton damage are some of the most common issues you can expect on second-hand sex dolls, so be ready for a long review process to make sure you purchase a good quality doll.



To conclude, there are many different available places in Los Angeles for sex dolls but the best option for sex doll enthusiasts remain the online option. This is because of more choice, personalized service and products, reputable product quality, and better prices. Nonetheless, sex doll rentals are a great choice for first-timers to get an idea of what a sex doll is and what it can offer.


If you would like to start shopping for sex dolls in Los Angeles online, click here.

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  • Clearly the best second hand option is Craigslist for Los Angeles. Seem to have a few choices every time I looked .


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