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Different Types of Sex Dolls: Which One is Best for You?

Different Types of Sex Dolls: Which One is Best for You?

Sex dolls are extremely famous and their growth story has been quite impressive. These are artificial humans with the capability of providing fantasies and joys that partners offer to men and women. The technology surrounding sex dolls has improved quite substantially and therefore modern day sex dolls are capable offering realistic and enjoyable sexual experience. They are gorgeous to look at and there have been many occasions when men and even women get attached to them emotionally. For many men, these sex dolls often become a replacement for their wives and girlfriends. Hence, it is quite obvious that there are many advantages associated with sex dolls. Let us spend some time getting to know more about these objects and also have a look at the different types of sex dolls.


We also made this little diagram of each type of sex dolls and their advantages and disadvantages:

silicone sex dolls vs. tpe sex dolls. vs plush sex dolls vs. inflatable sex dollsIn short, there are four types of sex dolls, silicone, TPE, plush, and inflatable. Each one is appropriate for different contexts and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.

These are the four main types of sex dolls:

Silicone Sex Dolls

silicone sex doll
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Silicone sex dolls are perhaps the most common types of love dolls. They are made from quality silicone materials. They are known for their near-natural look and help the men to feel that they are in touch with a woman in flesh and blood. We need to bear in mind that silicone as a material is also used for breast implants. It is durable, soft and is not non-degradable. They are resistant to water and they also cannot be easily stained. If you do some research and buy quality sex dolls from the likes of Sex Doll Queen, you will stand benefitted in many ways. The sex dolls made from silicone are also super smooth.


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TPE Sex Dolls

tpe sex doll
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TPE sex dolls are made from thermoplastic rubber. They belong to a class of copolymers. They are known for their elastomeric as well as thermoplastic properties. They are also extremely soft to touch and end users believe that they have a real-skin-like touch and feel. They are extremely flexible and elastic and are capable of holding up to pressure. The materials that make up TPE sex dolls are also long lasting and durable. They are considered to be more cost effective compared to silicone dolls.


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Blow-Up Sex Doll

blow up sex doll

Blow-sex dolls are made from a mixture of rubber, high quality vinyl, and TPR. All these go in making these sex dolls flexible. Additionally they are cost-effective and durable. They also come with special ticklers as far as the anus and vagina are concerned. They can give extreme pleasure to the men when they indulge in copulation with these sex dolls and make sexual experience memorable and pleasurable. However, they are much less realistic than their TPE and Silicone counterparts and it is difficult for most men to suspend disbelief or "get lost in the moment" with this type of sex doll.

Cloth & Stuffed Sex Dolls

plush sex doll

Cloth and stuffed sex dolls are more like stuffed dolls and animated dolls. Hence, many end users feel that they are more of sex toys than performing sex dolls. They are however, easy to carry, lightweight and extremely soft. They come equipped with vagina insert slits and this prevents the doll from getting damaged. At the same time they may not be considered as real life sex dolls because of they don't have much semblance to real women outside of their shape and likeness.


The above may have helped readers and sex doll enthusiasts to get some basic information about sex dolls. There is no doubt that sex dolls are here to say and they offer much more than value for money and sexual pleasure.

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