Ordering a Sex Doll with Loose Joints (Pros & Cons)

Ordering a Sex Doll with Loose Joints (Pros & Cons)

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of modern sex dolls is just how nimble they are. Back in the day sex dolls were largely inflatable products that couldn't do more beyond lying prone. but nowadays the sex doll industry is moving at a great pace and we fully expect all modern dolls to have an internal skeleton.

The introduction of these internal skeletons meant that now dolls could not only go into any pose as you desire but also hold that pose. Suddenly it became possible to change sex positions with a sex doll, cuddle with it or even make your own photo session with one. Opening many doors both in the bedroom and outside of it.

However as with any other aspect of a sex doll, each client is bound to have their preferences, and this also applies to the joints sex dolls use. Lately, we've been seeing a lot of discussion regarding what the perfect tension for sex doll joints is. Traditionally skeletons were shipped with tight joints designed to withstand a lot of use while keeping their tension. But nowadays more people are clamoring for sex doll loose joints as the superior alternative.

So today we'll be going over everything you need to know about sex doll joints, how tightness is classified, why you might want to own a doll with looser joints, and how you can order one. So, keep on reading to find out just how much a sex doll can change just based on your choice of joints.

Understanding joint tightness

Sex Doll Joints

Modern sex dolls have an advanced skeleton with countless individual joints designed to replicate human motion to the best of their capabilities. These skeletons completely changed the market and gave rise to new products and options for our clients, but at the core of it all are joints, and that's the first concept we need to address.

Joint tightness is defined as the tension required to make a given piece in a larger system move, or in short, it tells you how hard it is to move a given joint. Usually, joints are classified as "Loose", "Normal" and "Tight" with most dolls being sold with joints somewhere in the Normal to Tight spectrum.

The best way to understand this classification is with a simple example. Go back to your childhood and think of your toys. Chances are you had toys that were very hard to move and others where the limbs largely flopped on their own. That's what joint tightness comes down to.

When is a joint considered loose?

Sex Doll Loose Joints

When we talk about loose joints in sex dolls, we mainly refer to joints that can move due to the effect of gravity, your own rocking motions during sex, or any other external stimuli.

If you've owned a sex doll already you might already know that a doll is a sturdy product. Getting your brand-new sex doll in a specific pose requires some effort and precise positioning, and once it's posed it will stay firmly in that pose unless you move it.

While the above is usually the case for any doll with normal or tight joints, the experience is very different when you opt for loose joints. A loose sex doll can move just from gravity, the arms will fall down to the sides if you let them go, the legs will be very easy to change from one sex position to another, and the doll will move to a degree from regular sex.

So, to sum it up, a joint is loose if it can move without your explicit intent, and this is what makes loose joints so unique compared to the alternative.

Do joints lose tension with time?

Sex Doll Loose Joints

Generally speaking, yes, any joint will naturally lose some tension with time and as such, they'll get "looser". If you already own a sex doll chances, are you have already noticed this happen, and that it now takes less effort to move its joints compared to the first day you got it.

However, it's important to keep in mind that joints are still designed to last for a long time, and they won't completely change tension through their natural use. So, if you order a doll with tight joints it might lose some tension as the years pass, but it won't suddenly become completely loose, it'll just be slightly less sturdy compared to how it was originally.

What are the main advantages of loose joints?

Sex dolls' loose joints are 100% designed for their comfort during movement, and as such, they offer many benefits during sex itself and other physical activities like cuddling or bathing.

Moving a sex doll around can require some genuine effort, and trying to do so during sex might end up being a turn-off or kill the mood depending on your preferences and personality. But a sex doll with loose joints will be easy to move around with just a hand, so you'll be able to go from missionary to side sex or spoon in a matter of seconds, just like with a real partner.

Loose joints also take out much of the "stiffness" associated with sex dolls, and that might impact your enjoyment of sex. A traditional model with tighter joints will hold its pose and at times this might make you feel like you are pushing into an unmovable object. Loose joints on the other hand reach at every moment, which means you will feel the rocking of another body under you, and many clients prefer this as it feels far more pleasurable and natural to them.

Cuddling is also greatly improved with loose joints since the limbs of your sex doll will naturally fall on you. This means that getting on a cuddling pose itself is much easier and that adjusting takes no effort either, so you'll be able to naturally feel the comfort of its weight on top of you without feeling any stiffness.

Another advantage that a lot of people overlook is that not all sex doll owners are posing or movement experts. Coming up with a sexy pose for your doll can be hard, and it takes a lot of understanding about the movement to nail it. but with loose joints, it's so much easier to adjust poses on a bed. Since the legs and arms will naturally droop with gravity you can easily come up with poses and rearrange them as many times as you want. You might even come up with a great pose by complete accident.

What are the main drawbacks of loose joints?

The main drawback of ordering a doll with loose joints comes down to the fact that holding down a specific pose will become very hard or downright impossible depending on which one you are trying.

Don't expect sex doll loose joints to hold down a standing pose at all, there are just too many factors involved going against it. It just takes one knee or ankle shifting to fall, and they just aren't designed with it in mind. So, standing sex, or prone against a wall is not possible if you opt for loose joints.

Outside of standing poses your experience will vary a lot on a case-to-case basis. Sitting poses will be easy to pull off with the right support, so it's not like posing is completely off the gate.

But at the end of the day, loose joints are fully thought out for sex itself, so those who prefer the dressing-up or posing aspects of sex dolls might prefer to stick to tighter joints.

How do I order a doll with loose joints?

By now you should have a clear idea of what sex dolls loose joints offer, and how they can improve your sex sessions or even more intimate moments like cuddling. But you might still be a bit confused as to how you can go about ordering one, after all, it's not the kind of option you see listed on most of our products.

To all of you interested in buying a sex doll with loose joints we are happy to announce that it is an option we offer on our products. So, you can acquire them right here at Sex Doll Queen and continue shopping just as usual.

However, you might have noticed by now that this is not a listed option in our catalog, so you'll need to request it directly for us to provide this joint option to you. The reason why we go through this extra step is that this option can be a bit confusing for first-time customers, and we want to make sure every client on our site is having the best possible experience we can provide.

But rest assured we do offer this option to our customers, and if you are interested in buying a doll with loose joints, we can provide it. Just contact us and we'll make all the needed arrangements so you can get a sex doll you are fully satisfied with.


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