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Sex Doll Sex: What Does It REALLY Feel Like?

Sex Doll Sex: What Does It REALLY Feel Like?

If you're reading this, you're probably at least thinking about getting a sex doll. You've probably looked at dozens of pictures and measured your needs against them, both literally and figuratively.

You may have even thought about buying from a specific company. Done some pricing. And if you're smart, you've delved into some of the customer services issues as well.

But none of those things can answer the one question that's paramount: What will it actually feel like to have intercourse with your sex doll?

In short, sex with a sex doll feels very close to sexual intercourse with a woman, the vagina is elastic and tight, built with inner bumps and textures to simulate the textures and tightness of real vaginas, and can be used with some water-based lubricant to mimic the wetness of an actual vagina. The sex is also enhanced by the weight and shape of the sex doll which will give you a feeling of being with an actual other person.


In this article, we'll walk you through it, starting with some of the specific elements. We'll mention a few possible sexual add-ons, followed by a few anatomical specifics and some of the ancillary elements that play into the experience. We'll close by talking about specific features and kissing, and all of this should give you a fairly good idea of what the sex experience will be like.

The Physical Part


There's no one way to answer to this, of course. Sex is different for everyone, whether your partner is a sex doll or a real live human, and the world is full of people who could barely begin to explain what actual sex feels like with a flesh-and-blood partner.


But it is possible to describe some of the physical parameters that will help determine the quality of your sexual experience with your sex doll. So, let's start there, with a brief word about the vagina.


The first thing you need to know is that the vaginas in all sex dolls are made to mimic the feeling of their human counterparts, i.e., they're meant to be soft, enveloping and inviting.


Whether they actually are depends on the quality of the material used, and the specific construction techniques that are involved. Dolls can be made of TPE or silicon, and while TPE is softer and more realistic, silicon is more durable.


The above picture highlights the possible builds of the inner wall of the vagina. The vagina is built to be textured and soft, but also tight and elastic to perfectly simulate the vagina of a real woman. The textures provide the penis with a fleshy feeling similar to the internal cavity of a woman, when she locks up and tightens around the penis when aroused. Coupled with water-based lubricant to simulate the wetness of a woman, the overall experience is very similar and complexly built to make the feeling lifelike.


It's an overall upgrade to masturbation because coupled with the overall simulation of the vagina, and unlike a fleshlight, you will be using your body to use the sex doll versus your hands which also helps immerse you into the experience.

You can get the vagina built into your sex doll, or it can be removable for easier cleaning. The built-in vagina is generally considered more realistic, but some buyers prefer the convenience of a removable vagina that's easier to clean and maintain. Just keep in mind, that there is no better option, both the removable and built-in vagina will feel the same.

Add-Ons to Enhance the Experience


One of the things you'll quickly learn with your sex doll is that you'll need to supply the moisture to enhance the sex.

This can be done in two ways-with water itself if your sex doll has a lubricant-free vagina, or you can use a small amount of water-based lubricant which is usually sold separately.

If you've always dreamed of having a partner who's dripping wet, you can use either water or lube to create that scenario, then enjoy the pleasure it brings you.

Another enhancement that helps increase the pleasure of the sex is the possibility of a built-in heater. This will do exactly what it sounds like-warm up your sex doll to make the experience more pleasurable and increase your enjoyment by creating heat inside the vagina and everywhere on the body of the sex doll, just like an actual sexual partner. A built-in heater is as the name suggests, a built-in device that you cannot see in the sex doll, near the back of the neck there is a hole to plug the sex doll into a wall before your sexual experience. It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of your sex doll (bigger weights = more time).

Otherwise, all our sex dolls come with small usb heaters that you can insert into the holes 15 minutes before sex to warm up that hole to feel the warmth and comfort on your penis.

The Different Holes

One of the things that many potential buyers don't think about beforehand is that the vagina isn't the only source of pleasure during sex. You may want to have oral or anal sex with your doll, and for some, of course, this particular desire can border on a fetish.

But manufacturers have thought this through quite thoroughly. The better companies take extensive pains to make sure the vagina, anus and mouth are all tight and pliable so they can yield the maximum amount of pleasure.

If having a snug fit is a particular turn-on for you, for instance, you can get a level of tightness in a sex doll that would be virtually impossible with any real woman.

How You Use the Sex Doll Will Improve the Sex

Sex isn't just a physical equation, though, so let's get more specific about the experience itself. What are some of the ancillary factors that can act as turn-ons when you make love to your sex doll?

There are a number of them, and they're all important. Start with physical location. Anywhere in your house is obviously fair game, as is any private spot you may have fantasized about.

For many men, one of the biggest turn-ons is the fact that they can literally do anything with their sex doll. All of the limits that pertain to conventional sex can potentially go out the window, and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

This is especially appealing for those with a dominance fetish. If you've always dreamed of controlling a woman in every possible way, a sex doll may turn out to be your ideal "partner."

This is also true with almost any sexual fantasy. The only limit, really, is the range of your imagination. You can engineer almost any fantasy and follow through on it, which is also rarely the case with a real-life partner.

Specific Features and Looks

One of the most unique aspects of buying a sex doll is the way you can get features designed to appeal to your specific needs.

If you like busty women, for instance, you can get whatever cup size you want, with the nipples shaped to fulfill your every desire.

That wish fulfillment possibility pertains to nearly every other feature, too. Like thick lips? You can have them in your doll. Longer legs wrapped around you at the moment of truth? That's possible, too.

Not only that, but there are other limits you can transcend with your sex doll. A girlish-looking sex doll may represent a possibility that isn't really available in real life, and you can fulfill any other taboo fantasy you care to dream up.


Want to see more pictures of the above sex doll? Click here.

Kissing is another part of the sexual experience that's often asked about, and it's very different with a sex doll.

Your doll won't have teeth, of course, so that means you can attain a level of softness and comfort you never thought possible. That pertains to the lips, too, since they can be made as firm and as plump as you'd like.


To sum up, the simple fact is that you can get whatever you want in your sex doll to get the sexual experiences you've dreamed about. She'll always be there for you, too, gorgeous and willing and constantly available as your version of the perfect partner. With the right tools and with some of our high quality sex dolls, you can start feeling this lifelike experience today.


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Do you have more questions about sex dolls? Click here to see our FAQ.

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