Tantaly Renewal Powder Brush

To solve the problem of uneven application of the treatment powder affecting the life of the doll, Tantaly has crafted the Renewal Powder Brush with soft and fluffy bristles and a unique shape design to ensure easy and even application. Let your doll always look its best and give off a natural, delicate and beautiful glow!

High Quality Material

Renewal Powder Brush is made with thickened aluminum tubes and synthetic fiber bristles. The thickened aluminum tube gives the brush sturdiness and durability, so you don't have to worry about damage or deformation. Meanwhile, the synthetic bristles are soft and flexible, gently touching the doll's skin to ensure a smooth and comfortable application every time.

Fluffy and Soft Bristles

The bristles are soft to the touch and have excellent grip for a pleasant application. The fluffiness of the bristles ensures even distribution of the treatment powder, making the doll look more natural and streak-free, as if the doll has real, smooth skin.

Specially Designed Bristle Shape for Torso Dolls

The unique bristles are designed to perfectly fit the curves and details of the torso doll. It makes applying Renewal Powder easy and precise. Whether it's a full body application or a partial touch-up, it's easy to handle, ensuring a satisfying result with every application.

Comfortable Wooden Handle

The handle is carefully ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable and stable grip. Its smooth touch gives you a pleasant tactile sensation. At the same time, the natural texture of the wooden handle adds a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall appearance.

Tantaly Renewal Powder Brush

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