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Everything You Need to Know About Sex Doll Laws in Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Doll Laws in Canada

As a Canadian Sex Doll distributor, we had to do our own research on sex doll laws in Canada before starting our business. Although there are many news articles and forum posts about this subject, we decided to make a definitive article about this to inform you about the laws in Canada so you can make some good purchasing decisions and have a stress-free buying experience.

Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?

The answer is yes, adult sex dolls are absolutely legal in Canada, no doubt about it.

However, notice we said “adult” sex dolls. That is because “child” sex dolls are not legal in Canada.

We will first discuss adult sex dolls and then go into why child sex dolls are not legal in Canada.

Adult Sex Dolls

Adult sex dolls are legal in Canada. That is a fact and purchasing an adult sex doll should create zero problems with the government or border agents.

Many stores in Canada have sex dolls on display and there are many sex doll businesses currently operating in Canada.

As a sex doll distributor, we have never encountered any issues with the sex dolls on our website when shipping to our Canadian customers as all our sex dolls have adult features.

As a consumer, you should feel safe ordering an adult looking sex doll from anywhere in the world as it will be within the frame of the law.

Child-like Sex Doll Laws

Child-like sex dolls are not legal in Canada. They fall under the law for child pornography in the Criminal Code of Canada which defines child pornography as:

“Anything that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity".

Sex Dolls by their very names are products used for the purpose of sex. Therefore, it is illegal in Canada.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have an obligation to inspect packages that are classified as mannequins which is often the case for sex dolls. Therefore, it is unlikely that you could get away with importing a child-like sex doll in Canada.

CBSA have seized and will seize your doll if they believe it is child pornography. Per the CBSA, the process begins with the first agent inspecting and suspecting the doll of being child pornography, then a second agent will look at the doll and confirm whether it is child pornography. Then they will make the decision to seize the doll.

Per the CBSA, if you were to challenge their decision, the burden of proof rests on the crown in the case of litigation and not on yourself to determine whether the doll should be considered child pornography.

As a result of these laws, importing a sex doll in Canada could result in being prosecuted for distribution of child pornography and the offender could possibly face 1-14 years in prison. Criminal Code of Canada

What is a Child-Like Sex Doll?

CBC obtained border agent documents that explain how they classify child-like sex dolls as child pornography:

“According to the documents, the silicone dolls resembled pre-pubescent girls under the age of 18 because they were small in stature and had underdeveloped breasts.” CBC

We are a Canadian store, and therefore we cannot use pictures as an example as that could constitute the distribution of child-pornography. However, we can give our general guide for whether your sex doll would be seized at the border or not:

  1. She should be over 140cm

If your doll is over 140cm or 4’6” then we believe you should be fine. That height for a woman is considered adult height. However, it should not be your only consideration as to whether your doll could be seized at the border.

  1. She should not be flat chested

If your doll has no breasts, then this is a primary indicator of child-like features. Your doll should have a minimum of chest size. Now if you are into flat chests and you want to create your ideal woman, that’s okay and we get it. What you should do in that case is get a taller doll, one that is at least 5 foot or 150cm. This way there is no ambiguity for border agents, and you will have some peace of mind.

  1. Her hips should be curvy

The sex doll’s hips are also a primary indicator of child-like features. If her hips are flat like a child, then that is a dead-ringer for child pornography. Again, if you want to get a doll with flat hips, it is recommended that you get a doll that is at least 5 foot or 150cm tall because it will eliminate any hesitation for border agents.

Short Dolls

Now, as a consumer you may want to get a less expensive doll and naturally, the taller and bigger the doll, the pricier she will be. This is a problem as short dolls could be considered child pornography. But not always, what you need to look for are the same indicators we just mentioned.

If you get a doll under 140cm, make sure that she is abundantly curvy. Meaning that there is no way a border agent would misconstrue the doll as a child-like doll. We are talking some big boobs and a big ass with a small waist. This would in no way resemble a child and you will have no problem importing it.

Getting this type of doll would not be illegal as it is not a depiction of a minor.


In 2013, a man was arrested in Canada for ordering a child-like sex doll. "He was charged with possessing child pornography, mailing obscene matter and two charges under the federal Customs Act of smuggling and possession of prohibited goods." Global News

The man had ordered a sex doll from Japan and the doll was seized at the border, he was later arrested and charged.

During the trial, there were questions of morality, freedom of expression, intention, and so forth. However, he was later found not guilty as the crown was unable to prove that he knew the doll was child-like when ordering it. He had never received the package which was a major element of the defense.

This is the only known arrest so far in Canada regarding child-like sex dolls but it goes to show that it is something that the government does take seriously and although the man was acquitted, he was facing severe jail time and his reputation has taken a big hit.

Therefore, ordering a sex doll with child-like features is not legal nor is it a risk to take here in Canada.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful in answering any questions you have regarding sex dolls. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to add a comment below.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes. All circumstances are different, and we take no responsibility for dolls purchased outside of our website. Please do your own research and due diligence before buying a sex doll. We do not work for the government nor do we represent any Canadian governmental agencies. We have no affiliation to any other sex doll websites.

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